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Momania 5-Year-Flashback: What were your favorite blogs?

It is hard to believe, but Saturday will mark the five-year anniversary of the Momania blog!

We have decided to celebrate by flashing back to our favorite columns and blogs, which we will run each day next week.

I spent the weekend picking through old blogs and columns trying to find ones worth sharing with you again. I was looking for ones that were particularly funny, crazy, or created a fuss! (You know my complaining about Michael heading off to the UGA games and leaving me at home with the kids every week will be among the finalists!) I was also looking for ones where the discussion changed my opinion on something or changed the way I was parenting.

I wanted to give you guys a chance to weigh in on which blogs or columns were your favorite and ones that you would like to see again. I suspect you’ll remember the ones that really stood out to you, but you can also search the archive on the right-hand side. We have extended the memory back to 2008. We’re trying to get the …

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