‘Muppets Most Wanted’: Are you still Waka, Waka, Waka for the Muppets?

We are so excited about new Muppets movie opening today, and we are definitely going to see it this weekend. We are having an open house so the kids and I are escaping to the movies!

Every time the kids see a preview for it, they are cracking up. I am glad my kids love the Muppets like I did when I was little.

I love Tina Fey’s Russian accent in the movie and love Ty Burrell’s mustache. They are two of my favorite actors. I also love all the physical comedy they show in the preview. I am a sucker for anyone falling down.

The USA Today review said they have brought the wacky back to the film. I liked the 2011 reintroduction of “The Muppets” but I think I am going to like this one better. USA Today gave it 3 out of 4 stars and Entertainment Weekly gave it a B, which surprises me. EW said the 2011 one was better.

From USA Today:

“The Muppets’ winning style of self-referential, pun-filled, fast-paced comedy ventures further afield as the duplicitous Dominic (Gervais) persuades the colorful crew to go on a European tour, performing in some of the grandest theaters. The world’s most famous puppets are wildly enthusiastic. Kermit (voiced by Steve Whitmire) hesitates. Worrying that they need more rehearsal time, the levelheaded frog is the lone naysayer. Dazzled by global stardom, the other Muppets drown out Kermit’s objections.”

“Once they arrive overseas, Kermit is replaced by his evil twin. The Slavic-accented Constantine, “the world’s No. 1 criminal,” has escaped from a Siberian labor camp and kidnapped the stolid Kermit. Constantine and Dominic have a dastardly plan to steal the crown jewels. Constantine’s striking likeness makes it easy enough to impersonate Kermit — despite their glaring linguistic differences….

“Director James Bobin deftly balances the talents of the comic actors with the ridiculously lovable Muppet gang. Though not as sweetly nostalgic as 2011’s The Muppets, this sequel is wackier. The musical numbers’ lyrics are a hoot, and the parade of cameos (from Celine Dion to Usher) is a bonus.”

Are you heading out to see “Muppets Most Wanted” this weekend? Have your kids embraced the Muppets even though they are old-school? Did they embrace “Peabody and Sherman?” (I used the love the Peabody shorts but I fell asleep in the new movie. The kids gave it a meh.)

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March 21st, 2014
7:06 am

Love, love, LOVE the Muppets. I have the entire Muppet Show series on DVD (TV show from the 70’s). My parents like the Muppets too…we grew up with them….

Mother of 2

March 21st, 2014
7:16 am

The muppets keep all of us young! Will absolutely see this movie with my older kids and husband.

Sam the Bald Eagle

March 21st, 2014
7:56 am

Write 15 sentences…. cut & paste…. “Are you going to see the movie?” Get paid for this junk. Worse, teach this junk to young minds. Are you kidding me?

Aside from Monday’s Blog, look at the reduced level of production and the lack of effort. Good grief.


March 21st, 2014
8:27 am

14 yo is a no on Muppets (but likes Fraggles). 12 yo wants to see the movie. Probably wait for the cheap seats theater and let 14yo and a friend go see something different at the same time.

However this weekend those in East Cobb looking for fun: Dodgen Middle School is hosting a Blake Cooper Production of Disney’s High School Musical. $10 tickets at the door. Show times: Fri and Sat at 7 pm Sun at 3pm

I have seen a couple of Mr. Cooper’s productions and they never fail to entertain. The kids put in a great deal of work and really love to be doing it! No my 2 are not in the show.


March 21st, 2014
8:40 am

our kids love them & we love that! don’t know if they still do but one of the Disney cruise ships we went on has a fun interactive Muppets detective game. some of the artwork on the ship is actually LCDs that animate w/clues when you hold a badge in front of them.

anyway, kids are definitely reminding us of premiere this weekend!


March 21st, 2014
9:34 am

Talking animals is against the bible. Everyone knows only snakes could talk before God split their tongues. Heathens!


March 21st, 2014
9:52 am

My kid loves the Muppets. We actually own the first 3 seasons of the original show. Muppets from Space is one of my an my husband’s favorites.


March 21st, 2014
10:45 am

Have loved The Muppets since the original Muppet Show, and my 11-year-old loves them too. Going to see it on Sunday!


March 21st, 2014
10:49 am

I like the old guys in the stands and Beaker.


March 21st, 2014
11:00 am

Love the Muppets? Are you kidding? My 34 year old son still wears Kermit bedroom shoes!

Native Atantan

March 21st, 2014
12:30 pm

Appears Sam thinks he writes your check TWG……


March 21st, 2014
1:47 pm

Not a Muppet fan and never have been. But, seriously hoping all of you who do enjoy the movie!
As for “Sam”, I’m not on the “cut and paste” bandwagon as it isn’t “my” blog but I will admit to really enjoying the NYC blog and ideas, etc.


March 21st, 2014
4:59 pm

@Charles Am 33, Brother is 36, we both still love the Muppets. Anyone born before about 1985 or after 2005 can still think the Muppets are cool.


March 21st, 2014
9:22 pm

34yrs old… I came up at the plateau of the Muppets. I still like them. I don’t have kids…so I will be that lone guy in the theater looking. Please don’t stare I’m not after your children…I’m a big kid in a big man’s body. :) lol