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Licking and twerking: Should concerts have ratings for parents?

A friend and her 13-year-old daughter are debating whether concerts should have a rating system or warnings like albums, video games and movies.

The Daily Beast looked specifically at Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour.

From The Daily Beast:

“Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour kicked off in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day. While critical reviews have been mixed, there is universal consensus that the 21-year-old pop star’s biggest tour to date is pushing the boundaries of age appropriateness.  Between skin-laden video montages, mocking oral sex on a man in a Bill Clinton mask, on-stage masturbation, and grinding with her back-up singers, it’s a tween parent’s worst nightmare.

“In response to that bad trip, parents are walking out of the show, 9-year-olds in tow, flooding Cyrus’s record company with complaints and calling for the entire tour to be cancelled. While that is not likely to happen, her record label and tour staff have been discussing ways to tone the show down. If they’re not able to …

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Are you using period/ovulation apps? How helpful are they?

My Samsung Galaxy IIs died about a week ago. I wasn’t that upset about losing some of my contacts but I was upset about losing my period tracking app. I had no idea when I was going to start again.

I was using a free app that only allowed you to store three months at a time. It was great to help me remember when I would start next but with only three months of data for free it didn’t help me show my doctor trends – like my cycles getting shorter or spotting that wasn’t mid-cycle, which can be bad.

At one point I transferred some of the older data to a paper calendar, which I promptly lost.  And it doesn’t work as well on just your Google calendar because you have to hunt for it. The apps are usually color coded and make it easy to see when you’re ovulating or when your period should start.

So I’m on a new phone with a different operating system – iPhone so I can Face Time with Michael in Russia – and have a new app called Period Log. (Tells you exactly what it is.)

This one …

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Disney World hikes daily pass price to $99

If you’re heading to Disney World for spring break or this summer expect to pay more for a single-day admission for your family members that are 10 or older. The rate went from $95 a day to $99, according to USA Today.

Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are also raising prices – up $4 to $94 for a single-day pass.

According to USA Today Disney just raised the daily admission last June from $89 to $95.

From USA Today:

“When one central Florida theme park hikes entry fees, the others typically follow suit. Last year, Universal Orlando Resort became the first Orlando theme park to break the $90 threshold for a single-day, single-park ticket when it raised its prices to $92. Two weeks later, Disney announced a price jump from $89 to $95.”

“Industry observer Robert Niles of isn’t surprised by the increase, though its timing is a bit unusual.”

“It almost seems as if Disney is daring Universal to go over the $100 barrier,” he says. “We thought there’d be …

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Gwinnett to make up snow days by extending days: Good or bad idea?

Gwinnett County Public Schools has announced that to make up snow days it will be extending the school day by 30 minutes from March 3 to May 14.

From the Gwinnett County Public School website:

“To date, GCPS students have missed 7 days due to inclement weather. Three make-up days (Feb. 17, March 14, and May 22) were built in the 2013-14 school calendar. The additional lost instructional time will be made up by extending the school day by 30 minutes for 48 days. This means that all schools will dismiss a half-hour later than their regular time, from March 3 through May 14.

This plan allows the district to maintain 180 days of instruction, making up the time in a manner that has the most positive impact on instruction. Click here to learn more.”

What do you think? Good plan, bad plan? Does is screw up carefully orchestrated after-school activities? Will those be pushed back as well?

I actually think this makes sense. They are already there, and it doesn’t mess up …

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New book: Internet safer for teens than parents may think

A new book, It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, suggests that internet may be safer for teens than moms and dads may think.

The author of the book is Danah Boyd, who holds positions at Microsoft Research, New York University, and Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

The Time Heath reporter Randye Hoder had four three big takeaways from the book, and here they are. From Time Healthland:

The internet is not making teens social misfits — The writer says that teens would love to go out and be with their peers but often are not allowed to wander about so instead they congregate on social media.

“To make up for this lost freedom, teens have turned to their computers. “The success of social media must be understood partly in relation to this shrinking social landscape,” Boyd explains. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other sites “are not only new public spaces; they are in many cases the only ‘public’ spaces in which teens can easily …

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Mean or OK fun? Dad tapes kids falling on ice at school pickup

This video is making the rounds on Facebook. It’s from a dad who is waiting for his daughter at school pick up. He starts video taping on his phone kids slipping and falling on an ice patch near his car. He chuckles through the whole five minutes and likes to try to predict who is going to bite it. About 3.5 minutes in the daughter joins him in the car and also finds it very amusing. The daughter says at the end “We’re kind of bad people.”

I wonder if a mom were sitting there would she would tape it or get out and warn the kids “Hey this is really slippery here. Be careful!” I have no doubt that if i was sitting there I would feel obligated to warn the kids so no one gets hurt.

So what do you think: Bad dad or just clean winter fun? Would a mom have handled it differently? Would all dads tape it or would some dads warn the kids?

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Is gender bias preventing approval of ‘Female Viagra’?

Men have 24 approved drugs to treat their sexual dysfunction. Women have none, and now some women’s groups are wondering if this is because of gender bias and a societal squeamishness in talking about women’s sexual pleasure.

According to the Washington Post, a 2008 study showed that 12 percent of women may suffer from female sexual problems.

From The Washington Post:

“Low sex drive in women has been studied since the 1970s, but developing a treatment has proved more difficult than addressing male dysfunction, which often involves poor blood flow to the penis.

“The principal problem for men is plumbing. They don’t have low libido,” said Jan Shifren, director of the Midlife Women’s Health program at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Women don’t have a problem with anatomy. They have a much more complex problem.”…”

Some drugs have been invented but have not made it through the approval process. For example, there’s flibanserin.

“A drug called flibanserin, touted by some as the …

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Would you give chronically ill child medical marijuana?

USA Today wrote a fascinating story about chronically ill children moving to Colorado to be able to use medical marijuana to treat their condition.

The story specifically looks at children who are having massive amounts of Epileptic seizures each day.

Seven-year-old Greta Botker has had 15 or so seizures every day since she was five months old, according to the USA Today article. She couldn’t walk steadily, feed herself or talk.  Her family lives in Minnesota but the parents decided that one parent should move with Greta to Colorado so they could try a specific medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web, which comes in a liquid form.  (The parents, Maria and Mark, switch off so they can also be with their kids in Minnesota too.)

From USA Today:

“Realm of Caring, a Colorado foundation started by the family that grows Charlotte’s Web, has 100 patients whose families have moved to Colorado from 43 states and two countries, says executive director Heather Jackson. It has a waiting …

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Should we rethink spend-the-night parties?

A friend shared an interesting article about whether or not you should let your kids spend the night at friends’ houses or even family members’ houses for that matter.

The article is featured on a Mormon lifestyle website (LDS Living), but I don’t think people should disregard the information because it comes from a religious publication. I think it should be viewed as a conservative parent publication.

Here is what the mom argues. From LDS

“For us, the sleepover issue actually began at a stake conference fireside in late 1995. Our stake president at the time, Larry Lawrence, counseled our stake to beware of sleepovers and slumber parties. He explained that many children have drunk their first beer, sworn for the first time or lost their virtue “on a night when they did not have to look their parents in the eye when the night was over.” He advised us to take comfort in knowing our families were safe under the same roof at the end of each night.”

“His own children …

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Should teachers give snow day assignments?

I am hearing via Facebook that some teachers in Georgia sent home two days worth of homework so students won’t waste their snow days.

Some of the friends are pro assignments saying it gives them something to do other than video games, but others say the kids should just be able to enjoy the day.

(Get Schooled has a list of online study sites provided by DeKalb County that kids can use during their snow days to prepare for standardized testing.)

So kids in Georgia have already missed several days of school (I’m reading five but don’t think that is accurate for all counties), how should they spend these snow days? Should they have assignments due? Should they practice for standardized tests? Should they just be able to read a book or play games with their marooned families?

Are schools within their rights and responsible to send home assignments or should a snow day should be a snow day?

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