Braves moving: Do families want to go downtown for games/cultural events?

Growing up in Gwinnett County in the 1970s and 1980s you didn’t have much choice but go downtown for activities, and we loved going!

Going downtown was a big deal. It meant you were doing something special with your family. You dressed up and looked your best. Whether it was a Tech game and lunch at the Varsity or a Braves games with neighbors, we always loved heading downtown for special events.

I remember going to Braves and Hawks games. I remember ice skating at the Omni and going to The World of Sid and Marty Krofft in the Omni. (That was odd place!) Sometimes we drove in and sometimes we took MARTA.

I don’t think I ever went to a Falcons game downtown, but we did go downtown for a ton of cultural events.

We went to the Fox Theater frequently for plays, movies and the ballet. We would go to the Civic Center and the Alliance for performances and speeches. We also went for concerts at the Omni — including “Earth Wind & Fire.”

We always went to downtown Rich’s for the lighting of the Great Tree, Santa and the Pink Pig. We even used to shop at the downtown Rich’s because that’s where my mother grew up shopping.

It was special to head downtown as a family and enjoy an event together.

So I am wondering do families NOT want to go downtown for special events anymore? Would you rather see the Gwinnett Braves play in Buford or go to the Gwinnett Center for ‘The Nutcracker’ or to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis or to see the Gladators play?

Do you care if the Braves move from downtown Atlanta to Cobb County? (Here’s the full story on the move.)

Is this move about convenience for the fans or is it about which city was willing to kick in more money for a new stadium? (This is an interesting map showing where Braves ticket buyers live.)

Are downtown events not “special” anymore? Does traffic just make them a pain? Do you think traffic will be better at the new stadium in Cobb?

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November 12th, 2013
10:34 pm

Well jan, it’s 9:20. Go to effing bed.


November 12th, 2013
10:36 pm

@MJG – oh yes, please add me to your contacts :) that would be fun. Ooooh Bemidji is awfully cold. I’m not a fan of being here. There are no immediate plans to leave so I put on the down coat today and just dealt with it.


November 13th, 2013
12:18 am

I’ve never felt uncomfortable or unsafe on MARTA — I’ve often been amazed and surprised at the people watching, but I never felt in danger. MARTA is just such an extremely limited system. We use it a lot to go to the airport, because we have easy access to the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs/North Springs stations. However, compared to other large metro areas, such as DC, London, Chicago, etc. — it’s almost useless for any serious travel around the city. While I was in China this summer, I was completely blown away by the scope and use of the public transportation system. The metro trains, the bus system, even the taxis were all wrapped up into the same transportation card. 291 miles of metro track, 303 stations, and 7 million riders a year just on the metro, all built since 1993! (of course, when the government owns all the land, it’s easier to get building permits. :-) It makes our 48 miles of track and 38 stations look like it’s not even trying very hard. :-) Of course, Shanghai does have 24 million people — so maybe proportionally, it’s the same thing . . . But it covers an area only 3/4 the size of Atlanta, and the metro extends to places that would be consistent with almost going from downtown Atlanta to Athens. Atlanta has a LOT of catching up to do in the public transportation department.


November 13th, 2013
10:03 am

TWG – feel free to share my contact details with MJG :) Thanks


November 13th, 2013
11:25 am

Hope to meet you someday malleesmom. Even if I have to wear boots and gloves :). I ate at the Mall of America this past Th night…alone. I am fine eating along but love the company…haha! I had to drive 2 hours to my venue the next day.


November 13th, 2013
2:27 pm

“Cannot imagine people that attend games on a regular basis are going to look for things to do before and / or after a game.”

I’m sorry that you guys can’t imagine this scenario, but actually lots and lots of people do indeed want to do something before and after a game. Maybe not YOUR family, but many people want to go out for dinner, a drink, a place to socialize etc.
Parking is dubious, access to the highway is totally illogical, and developments have been nil. Maybe this is what is needed to give Atlanta a kick in the pants to pull their city together.

@ Jess

November 13th, 2013
10:40 pm

Your post that many are looking for something to do before and after a baseball game is not factual. The Braves did not want you to go for drinks elsewhere, they want you to hit the Budweiser Pavillion or 755 Club. The Braves want you to eat on site, at their many celebrity branded resturants like Rathbuns, the Club level dining options, etc. Family entertainment is found on the upper level kid zone, Scout’s Alley, etc. The Braves will still want you to spent Inside their new stadium. Someone has to help pay for this outrageous adventure, and they want you to be a captive audience. They are not going to go out of there way to make permanent and convenient venues outside their walled compound. Be prepared for the disappointment of a small upgrade of the current in a new money pit that you and your family will pay dearly for. Parking will only be convenient and secure for those that hold season tickets, just like they do now. The new stadium is being talked up to sell the masses on the back room taxpayer theft, while trashing Turner Field like it is the ghetto of MLB.

Many of us will be glad to return here in 2017 with a crowd roaring I TOLD YOU SO!

GO Braves …. Jess is ready to hand over her money!


November 14th, 2013
8:08 am

Cobb has cut the budget for education to the point that all the classrooms are overcrowded and teachers haven’t had updated math curriculum in eight years with no plans by the county to provide it in the near future. They finally ordered some math curriculum on the cheap, nothing that can be utilized in the elementary classroom. Cobb no longer has the best schools in the area and now it appears funding a stadium is more important so I don’t see any improvement in the education situation.