2 students accused of sex act at school: What should happen to the students? Are the parents at fault?

Two Cherokee County high school students are facing criminal charges and school disciplinary action after allegedly engaging in a sex act in the middle of the Etowah High School cafeteria last week. The act was between two freshmen following a dare according to Channel 2 Action News.

Here’s more from the AJC’s Mike Morris:

“Some parents questioned why teachers didn’t notice and stop the sex act, but other students told Channel 2 that it was hidden so well that those sitting at the next table had no idea what was going on.

“Cherokee County schools issued a statement that said, “Two juvenile Etowah High School students were charged with misdemeanor public indecency for an incident that occurred on Oct. 10. Appropriate school disciplinary action will also occur.”

“School spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby released more information on the incident Wednesday afternoon.

“A female student “allegedly made a sexual offer to a male classmate during lunch,” Jacoby said in an e-mail. “The male classmate later told administrators that he though this offer was a joke, but when the female student began to act upon it, the male student said he stopped her.”

“Jacoby said students sitting at the same table said that blocked other students and staff from witnessing what occurred.

“Two of those students said they had recorded some of the incident on their cell phones, but deleted the videos when they realized that they might face charges,” she said. “There is no evidence any video was distributed.”

The video from Channel 2 had a student saying she and others were sent the video of the act and did see it. So I’m not sure why spokeswoman said differently.

When the AJC posted the link on its Facebook page, the parents were immediately attacked as being at fault for their child rearing.

One of the girls quoted in the video blamed it on her generation just acting and not thinking before they act.

So I am wondering: What do you think is the appropriate punishment? Should it just be dealt with at a school level or should the police be involved? (They are facing misdemeanor public indecency charges.) Is this just kids being dumb or is it about rearing? Can sex acts be blamed on parents (what about violent acts?)

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October 18th, 2013
8:45 am

i wasn’t calling you a liar but now i am calling you one banana short of a bunch look up the meaning of the word “sarcasm” you silly cow


October 18th, 2013
2:05 pm

Unfortunately, this kind of thing is nothing new. Yes, it does happen in private school, too! When I was a teacher in South Georgia, a teacher took a bathroom break without getting someone to cover the class. When she came back, the eighth grade students had locked her out of the classroom and were all gathered together in one spot concealing the neferous act going on in the middle of the room. By the time the principal came down with the room key, it was all over. The administration (as usual) swept it under the rug but not before telling us that if a teacher had to answer the call of nature while in class, they were to notify the office so they could send someone to cover the class. (This took place in 1989.) When I was in school in the 1960’s we were left to ourselves in class while the teacher went to the lounge to have her 30 minute smoke break. Trouble rarely happened back then because we had been obedience trained almost to the point of drooling submission. ( Besides, we needed a break from her, anyway!) She wouldn’t get a break like that today!


October 18th, 2013
2:59 pm

@Real Life hit the nail on the head. Yes, the students are responsible and face punishment which the charge should stick. However, the parents have to accept some responsibility as well. They must know that there is a problem with her behavior. She just did not decide to perform that act “out of the blue”. Teenagers need to be taught to have respect for themselves and if they do not respect themselves, no one will. Manners, morals and responsibility need to be taught as well. Too many teenagers have no respect for themselves or others. Didn’t these parents say her FB was hacked? Yeah, right. Monitor your children and talk, talk and talk some more in addition to walking the walk with your actions. They deserved to be charged and I hope they get the boy too. He just threw the girl under the bus.


October 18th, 2013
3:00 pm

…and the charge should stick.


October 19th, 2013
11:05 am

@ DB
“And maybe some counseling for the 14-year-old girl, who feels the need to attract attention by offering to engage in sex acts in the first place. The boy needs to be smacked upside the head”

Are you serious? Why do you assume it’s more the boy’s fault than the girl’s fault? From what I understand, she was the one who initiated it…and as a high school teacher, I have no problems believing that. Girls are just as capable as boys of engaging in sexual acts as a statement of status. Girls view sexuality as having power over boys…and you can blame our culture for that. As far as I’m concerned, they BOTH deserve to be smacked upside the head.


October 20th, 2013
10:28 am

What do you think is the appropriate punishment?

Tie ‘em to the flagpole and douse ‘em with a fire hose?