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Favorite water park: LanierWorld or White Water?

We are coming to visit my parents next week for my dad’s 70th birthday, and we want to take the kids to a water park.

We used to go to Lake Lanier all the time as kids. We went to the water slides when they first opened but I am sure they have been reconfigured since then. I think we only went to White Water a couple of times when it first opened. I haven’t been to either in a really long time.

Price-wise they are pretty comparable. You can buy ahead to save money at White Water and LanierWorld has a 2-for-1 deal on Wednesdays.

LanierWorld –all-day, all-attractions passes

Adult/Child over 42 inches tall – $35

Under 42 inches and Seniors 55 plus – $20

Now it also says that on Wednesdays you can get in 2 for 1 with a coupon from Chick-Fil-A.

White Water’s website says:

Daily Tickets


Save $10 when you buy tickets online at least three days before your visit, pay just $29.99! Print at home and go straight to the gate.


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What’s appropriate punishment for man convicted of whipping toddler?

A Cobb County man is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday for repeatedly whipping a toddler over potty training. He was convicted of first-degree child cruelty on Wednesday and could get up to 20 years. Here’s the story

From the AJC:

Andrew Charles Pride, 31, is set to be sentenced Thursday and could be put behind bars for up to 20 years for whipping a 22-month old boy on his genitals, causing bleeding and welts. Pride’s relationship to the child was not disclosed.

“This wasn’t an accident,” Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring said. “This was malicious, and it was all because of potty training. Mr. Pride struck a 22-month-old baby in the groin multiple times because he wouldn’t pee in the potty. This man’s actions are the definition of malice.”

Evidence presented at trial this week showed the whipping took place in August 2012 at an Austell residence.

Although Pride was convicted of one count of cruelty to children in the first degree, the jury deadlocked on a …

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No new close friends: You’re not alone and here’s why!

Since moving to Arizona three years ago, I have only made one close friend that I actually talk to regularly on the phone in this area code. And she is moving to China this summer.

I still talk every day to my friends around Atlanta but now I will have not a single close friend in my actual area code.

I have made lots of acquaintances here. We can’t go to the Y, library or grocery store without seeing somebody we know from school or church. But it’s not the same as my friends from childhood or college.

The ladies on my block almost all work so it’s hard to hang out with them. When they’re at home, they are either taking their kids to activities or happy just to be at home with family. I feel guilty asking anything of their free time.

My friend that is leaving town kept asking me to join her mom’s group but they all had preschool-age kids. My kids are older now. We’ve got periods, dating and driving cars to worry about, not potty training. So other than that one mom I haven’t …

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Holiday weekend: Holing up with ‘Homeland’

After nine-days on the road, six days of tent camping in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, and 2,600 miles, we were pretty darn excited to wash clothes and hole up with second season of “Homeland” over the long weekend. (More on the camping trip soon. It was fantastic but we are pooped!)

For some odd reason Showtime gave away the entire second season of “Homeland” on their free weekend, and we DVR’d it all for a later date.

Our plan had been to watch “Homeland” July 4 but we actually got sucked into 10 hours of “Revolution” about the Revolutionary War on the History 2 channel. They kept showing each major battle in one-hour segments, and we just kept on watching. I am a sucker for a history documentary. (We were washing and folding clothes and unpacking suitcases the whole time.)

We ended up hitting “Homeland” in three and four-hour segments after the kids went to bed.  It is the perfect show for binge watching because you want to know immediately what happens. It would be so …

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Minions beat Lone Ranger: Which did you see?

“Despicable Me 2” left “The Lone Ranger” in the dust this holiday weekend thanks in large part to the adorable mischievous yellow minions. “The Lone Ranger” didn’t get great reviews but neither did “Despicable Me 2” (Entertainment Weekly gave both Cs.)

From Entertainment Weekly:

“The $76 million animated film from Universal and Illumination Entertainment crushed the competition in its first five days in theaters, earning a jaw-dropping $142 million — $82.5 million of which came in during the traditional Friday-to-Sunday frame. In fact, Despicable Me 2, which features the voice work of Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig, led the box office to the best July 4th weekend of all time. Over the Friday-to-Sunday period, the Top 12 movies grossed $220.7 million, which marks the 10th-strongest weekend in box office history.

“Despicable Me 2‘s $82.5 million start just barely beat Monsters University‘s $82.4 million debut (though that film opened on a Friday, not a Wednesday), and its $142.5 …

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What constitutes a ‘family’ meal?

A mother of two admits in a recent New York Times article that her family rarely eats a traditional family dinner sitting at a table with all the members present at one time. Here’s part of what she wrote.

From The New York Times Motherlode:

“Ten years later, my daughter is on the brink of middle school, my son is well into his grade-school years and both are athletes. They play club sports, which means they practice two to three times a week, with a game or three most weekends. My son’s choir differs from a club sport only in that it doesn’t require him to run. When you factor in their seasonal, recreational activities, managing the after-school schedule requires skills familiar to advanced Tetris players. Some seasons, one or the other of them will have a weekday or two off, but I never do. The schedule is intense, relentless and year-round. I can’t say, “This will be over in three months,” because it’s never over. Once a week, from now until forever, my son has 20 minutes …

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