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Secret baptisms and other grandparent No-Nos!

So my friend who is a grandmother was telling me about another set of grandmothers who secretly BAPTIZED their grandchild without the parents’ approval!

The grandmothers were both Catholic and very active in their respective churches. The child is a toddler.

My friend wasn’t bothered by the secret baptism but I think it’s just crazy! You can’t go around baptizing kids without the parents knowing. Now they did tell the mother after the fact but I’m not clear on how much later.

So my questions are:

Do we all agree that you cannot secretly baptize your grandchild?

Can you secretly take them to your church if the parents aren’t practicing?

What are other no-nos for grandparents that they may think are perfectly OK because they did them with their own kids but they are NOT OK?

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New school year: Resolutions for more structure

In my continual quest for a more calm and organized home life, I am trying to institute more structure to our days.

Michael felt like it would help us to have a posted schedule this summer instead of just floating through our days.

I tend to resist structure and go more with how I am feeling. I work out at different times. I work at different times. But I realize this may not be the best structure for my kids.

So I went to the school supply store and got gigantic poster-board size laminated sheets to post a daily schedule and some family rules. The idea being that the kids will know what to expect and there will be less arguing about getting off the computer and getting exercise for example.

We’ve traveled a lot this summer so I don’t think I can evaluate yet how effective it’s been but I will be updating with the fall daily schedule.

For the fall each day has some variation so I created an Excel file for each day that I will print out and post for the kids so they can check …

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Is it OK for parents to Facebook private message new teachers?

I was having dinner with a Gwinnett County teacher last week and throughout the entire meal, her phone kept dinging with messages.

We finally asked her what was going on and she said her school posted the class lists that day and parents from her new class were  private messaging her on Facebook.

Some were saying they were excited to be in her class and others were explaining other concerns or situations.

And while I understand parents needing to communicate with teachers, I just think it’s rather presumptuous to track down the teacher through social media and bother her on her summer break.

Next week that teacher will be at school preparing for the year, and I have no issue with the parents emailing her at her school account before the first day of school. I think that’s totally appropriate, but the private messaging on FB seemed rude.

What do you think: Is private messaging your future or current teacher on FB or Twitter presumptuous and stalker-like? Or are their social …

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Did Kate leave the hospital too early? How long did you stay?

I think Duchess Kate and Prince William were trying to be considerate of others leaving the hospital so soon after the birth of the baby – barely more than 24 hours later. I am sure their presence created quite a lot of logistical difficulties for the other patients and their families. And I know Diana left similarly early.

(The AJC just posted a great slide show with some close ups of the baby. Many of the best photos from AP!)

However, I just think it’s too soon!! The poor girl is most likely still recovering. (The morning after I gave birth to my first I nearly passed out walking down the hall from blood loss.)

I would doubt that Kate’s milk has come in yet and she may need help with all of that.

Also things like jaundice sometimes don’t show up until 24 to 48 hours after birth. I had a good friend that took her baby home after one day and then had serious issues with jaundice.

I know some moms just want to get to the peace and quiet of their homes. They don’t like the …

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I’m in Atlanta enjoying rain, family and friends

I don’t think I will be posting this week because I am in Atlanta with my kids visiting my parents for my father’s 70th birthday. The kids haven’t been here in two years, and we are thoroughly enjoying being with family and seeing some old friends. I also am enjoying the rain. (My mother is not happy about it because her roof is leaking.)

We took Lilina to see the American Girl store on Saturday and went to my parent’s church on Sunday to see all their friends. We are hoping to hit Lake Lanier’s water park on Wednesday with my brother’s family. And then we will be celebrating my dad’s big birthday at the end of the week. I am making him the best coconut birthday cake! (We used to make the Rich’s coconut cake but it was so complicated, and I think this one tastes even better.)

Michael is home in Phoenix — having the best time ever being alone! What I wouldn’t do for 10 days alone in our house. I would CLEAN and de-clutter! What would you do with 10 days alone in your …

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Where’s that Royal Baby? The Queen and I are tired of waiting!

Poor Kate Middleton. Her due date is believed to have been July 14, and she is now overdue (if that date was right).

I feel terrible for her. It’s awful to miss your due date, and I should know. I was 10 days late with my first and was so anxious for her to arrive. But at least I didn’t have the Queen breathing down my neck. Talk about pressure!

I did have my mother calling with updates about my sister-in-law. She was due later in that same month and apparently was already dilating as my mother enjoyed telling me. That didn’t help my anxiety level.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, said the family expects the Duchess of Cambridge to give birth by the end of the week. The Queen was planning to leave for her vacation but is trying to hold off until the baby arrives.

The Duchess may choose to be induced but that’s no picnic either. Depending on how overdue you are, the Pitocin can make the contractions quite painful. (I had to be induced twice and the first time was far worse because …

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Do you comment on your exes’ FB photos of the kids? What about the ex-in-laws?

I was scrolling through Facebook a few weeks back and noticed the ex-in-law of a divorced couple commenting on the former daughter-in-law’s page. It was photos of the kids but she is remarried. They’re obviously still the kids’ grandparents, and I guess they stayed on good terms but it was just odd to see the former husbands’ parents commenting on her page.

Another odd situation I’ve noticed lately is when you’ve stayed on FB with both parents even after they’ve gotten divorced and watching one the parents take a romantic trip with someone else. I stayed on FB with this one person so I could communicate easily about the kids coming over to play but I wasn’t thrilled to see him enjoy a romantic trip with some lady.

What do you think? Is it weird to see ex-in-laws commenting on FB photos? Do you guys see that? Do you unfriend at least one of the people when a couple gets divorced or do you stay on with both? Have you had the same experience of seeing the man or woman taking a …

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When does your transplanted state become home?

While visiting Yellowstone National Park, people would ask me “Where are you from?”

I have a pat answer: “I currently live in Arizona but I am from Georgia.” Then I add, “I don’t really claim Arizona yet.”

We’ve been here three years so I’m not sure at what point I will claim Arizona. I think the kids already do. They talk about going to Arizona State University sometimes and that nearly kills Michael. He still envisions them walking around north campus at Georgia.

I went with Michael in the spring to an awards dinner, and we were talking to some industry people. Michael was amazing talking about the politics, roads, towns and just all these small details about Arizona.

I told Michael after “You did a really good job talking about this state. It’s like you live here.” He’s like I do and so do you.

I know a lot of families in Atlanta are transplants, and I am wondering at what point did you feel like you were from Atlanta? At what point did you start claiming Georgia as …

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Did you follow Tripp Halstead’s recovery on FB? Do you follow other sick kids?

For much of this year I have been following Tripp Halstead’s recovery via Facebook. I started following him because I saw him on my sister-in-law’s feed after she left words of encouragement for the family. Then I noticed my 70-something neighbor in Arizona was following Tripp as well.

And we are not alone. More than 796,000 other people have liked Tripp’s FB page and get an almost daily update of his condition through it. Often more than 300,000 of those people are commenting or talking about his parents’ entries with their friends on FB.

For those who don’t know, Tripp is a 2-year-old boy who was hit on the head by a large tree branch last October. He was critically injured and has been in the hospital trying to recover from brain injuries for most of this year. Tripp finally went to his own home this weekend. (See the story from AJC reporter Greg Bluestein here. There are photos and videos of his homecoming.) The Sunshine on a Ranney Day charity organized a complete remodel …

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Do college women just want sex and not relationships?

Over the course of a year The New York Times interviewed 60 women at the University of Pennsylvania to delve into what is happening sexually on college campuses these days.

From The New York Times (Please read the whole article. I can only pull so much, and it is worth your time.):

“It is by now pretty well understood that traditional dating in college has mostly gone the way of the landline, replaced by “hooking up” — an ambiguous term that can signify anything from making out to oral sex to intercourse — without the emotional entanglement of a relationship.

“Until recently, those who studied the rise of hookup culture had generally assumed that it was driven by men, and that women were reluctant participants, more interested in romance than in casual sexual encounters. But there is an increasing realization that young women are propelling it, too.”

“Hanna Rosin, in her recent book, “The End of Men,” argues that hooking up is a functional strategy for today’s …

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