Planning a Minecraft party! I need your ideas

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

Every year my little trailblazer wants a birthday theme that is not readily available at Party City. Long before you could find anything at the store, even the Turner Store, Walsh wanted a Ben 10 Party. Then it was Moshi Monsters. Last year it was Skylanders.

This year, he wants Minecraft. Luckly we now have Pinterest where I can gather ideas for a makeshift Minecraft party.

He basically wants everyone to bring their laptops and play on a server together, but I want it to be more festive and active than that.

I have three activities in mind. One lady showed a painting craft on nylon bags. She let the kids paint a creeper face using a plastic stencil. I think you could do T-shirts or bags if you found the right color.

Another mom used Jello and Rice Krispies Treats and icing to make Minecraft party food, but I think it would be fun to give them those tools and see what kind of real Minecraft world they could make.  You could add different color gumballs for the elements such as gold or diamonds.

I also liked a Minecraft piñata that I think you could paint pretty easily.

(My fall back activity is always swimming if they need to burn some sugar. )

So check out my Pinterest board for the Minecraft party and add in some of your good ideas to help me through.

Also what birthday party themes did you have to make up out of thin air? Are your little people ahead of trends like Walsh?

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May 15th, 2013
11:25 am


You’ve blogged about the Minecraft birthday party thing before, TWG (within the last year).


May 15th, 2013
3:31 pm

In Atlanta we have this thing called Game Truck. Up to 16 kids can play at one time on 4 different flat pannel HD sets and the game system is built in. It has it’s own power source even.

Highly recommend you look and see if there is one in AZ.

@catmom the Minecraft party she blogged about last time was one that Walsh attended. She wanted to know if you would lug your laptop to a party etc…Honestly, not if I can get Game Truck to do it.

As to food and whatever looks like Pintrest has you covered. You don’t really need input from the bloggers here.


May 15th, 2013
3:34 pm

One other thing….this bother’s me a great deal…you said “He wants….but I want” your wants (other than how much sugar, number of kids, cost) is irrelevent. This is WALSH’s birthday party not Mom and Dads. You really need to let him plan it.

Bob Loblaw

May 15th, 2013
4:40 pm


May 20th, 2013
10:29 am

What happened to having some food, cake and let kids run in the backyard and have good time?

I never understand why we need so perfectly planned birthday parties for kids. It gets to the point that it is like planning a wedding. It is all marketing and unfortunately we raise our kids in a way that we let the type of cake, decorations, etc. to define happiness.

Does the theme really matter for the kids? No – it matters for moms that turn it into competitive insanity. I have a friend who plans her kid’s b-day parties for months down to invitations, colors, cake, boat rentals, etc. And there was not a single b-day party where her daughter did not cry, because it is just too much to handle.

My idea of kids b-day party is some steak and burgers on a grill, cake (any cake is good as perfectly decorated one) and a bouncy house rental for kids to have some fun. Takes 2- 3 hours to plan and it never fails.

Blue Fish in a Red Lake

May 21st, 2013
9:21 am

Don’t know when your party is/was scheduled, but Thinkgeek has a whole section of Minecraft things. They are by and large not things you could get as party favors, but perhaps as decor or a gift for the birthday boy?