Food Trends for 2013: What will your family be eating? put together a list of food trends for 2013. Cauliflower is in. Kale is out, according to the list.

Vegetable plates are in and meatballs are out. (Hmm.)

Toronto is in as the foodie city and Portland is out.

Exercising to eat is in (as in I need to burn XXX calories to enjoy that ridiculous desert so I will run first and then eat) and dieting is out. But healthy eating in moderation is in. (I actually do see a lot of people on Facebook writing about not diet resolutions, just eating in moderation.)

About the only trend that Michael bought on this list was that Brazilian food would be very hot due to the upcoming World Cup being held there in 18 months. (Wasn’t it hot a few years ago with that meat restaurant where they carved meat off the stick onto your plate – Fogo de Chao?)

Also according to, Southern comfort foods are OUT! (Stab to my heart!)

But the oddest trend from

“Comodo’s Instagram menu (full disclosure: Carolina moonlights there) and the rise of the iPad in the dining room mean it’s only a matter of time before more restaurants opt for pixilation over paper.”

Have you seen an Instagram menu? Have you seen people using their iPads in a restaurant. I have no doubt people are shooting with their phones but iPads seem bulky for that purpose.

Retailers want the iPad to be the next big cooking accessory selling equipment to hold the iPads in the kitchen as well as amplify the sound of the cooking video you are watching but I don’t like using Michael’s iPad to cook.

My printer wasn’t working the other day so I had to use the iPad for a recipe and it kept going black and then I had to touch it with my dirty hands to bring it back on to see what I was supposed to add next. It was very annoying! I prefer my print-outs from recipe sites that way it doesn’t matter if my fingers are wet or dirty.

So what do you think? What will the next big food trend be at your house? Will you use the iPad to cook? Are you excited about Brazilian food? Will you be casting aside meatballs and mac and cheese for vegetable plates? What will you be serving in 2013? What food trends will be seen in your home?

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Dianne Evans

January 7th, 2013
1:22 pm

You are certainly right about a printed recipes…I like to make notes on my recipes as I cook…especially when trying out a new recipe. Those little hand written notes help me tremendously so I can cook it exactly the same way next time (or not!) Hate to see our Southern comfort food decline in popularity….not in this house….not for my husband or extended family!!!! With times being tough, those “comfort” foods are indeed, “comforting”!!!!!


January 7th, 2013
1:28 pm

The next big food trend for us will be integrating veggies, fruits, and herbs grown from our own garden. I’m in the process of building some gardening boxes – the soil at our new house isn’t fit to grow rocks.

On top of that, my wife and boys will be exposed to venison. If all goes well, I’ll be a-hunting next season.


January 7th, 2013
1:53 pm

My 8-year-old isn’t eating anything. She has quite eating everything but chicken (this is limited to grilled, out of the crock pot with salsa and chicken wings of a all things) , pasta (plain with parm), pepperoni and fruit (grapes, strawberries and apples).

What the hell?

It defies logic.


January 7th, 2013
1:53 pm

quit not quite


January 7th, 2013
2:29 pm

I changed my eating habits about three years ago and have managed to go from a size 18 to a size 10. The key for me was watching when I ate my carbs on any given day. Still occasionally eat fried and burgers but have kept the weight off. This year, I want to take my body to the next level, so I will have two days a week of strictly fruits and veggies all day. One or both of those days will be all raw. This isn’t any diet, its just something I believe my body wants anyway, so I don’t have to worry about getting tired of doing it. I think what discourages most folks is when they think of diet, they think they can’t have stuff. If you train your body right, I believe you can eat a big ole slice of loaded pizza and not gain an ounce. I actually went through the holidays of eating cookies, cake, and a lot of butter filled foods and did not gain any weight. You have to make lifestyle changes and not be sucked into the fads. Kale and other veggies should always be in!


January 7th, 2013
2:44 pm

We are not trendy about food. Since we have lived and traveled all over the country, we enjoy a variety of things. I am open to new ideas and love fresh fruits and veggies. I am trying to serve more fish and less beef. We are also using ground turkey. Just went to Costco today and 1 gallon of lowfat milk was $2.39. I was impressed.

@Koolkids2…I would go for the two days of fruits and veggies. I may need to try it. I like Cauliflower but may be the only one here.

press release writer

January 7th, 2013
3:07 pm

We’ll be eating less red meat and more beans. See my own website later for great, economical yet protein rich, bean dishes:

Metro Coach

January 7th, 2013
3:34 pm

I’m glad all you folks will be eating less red meat, because that means the selection at the grocery store will be better for me and my family.


January 7th, 2013
4:39 pm

Well, because my 401K plan is toast, I’m going to start investing in edible underwear. Something you can really sink your teeth into if it tanks.


January 7th, 2013
7:33 pm

@press release writer – very tacky to add your website address, which has NOTHING to do with food trends. I also own my own business, and while I have mentioned that in this blog (rarely – only when someone asks for job-related advice, which may have happened 2-3 times a year in this blog), I have never or would never push my business by listing my website. I bet you do this on all the blogs, right?

Mother of 2

January 7th, 2013
8:08 pm

We’ll be eating real food as opposed to processed. We’ll eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, with a side of meat/chicken/fish. Looking forward to growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


January 8th, 2013
1:45 pm

I had no idea food was trendy. We don’t follow trends, and we eat very healthy in my home. Kale is VERY IN at my house.


January 8th, 2013
2:58 pm

We also aren’t trendy when it comes to food..In fact, we had meatloaf yesterday..We eat veggies with every meal and the boy eats fruit every day..I’m with you Theresa on the printed recipes, I like them much better than trying to read them off of the internet..

@misawa..We eat venison all the time..I’m lucky that my two love it..My BIL hunts and if he gets a deer that he doesn’t want, I pay to have it processed, so the first day of the season, I got a deer..

Question for folks..The girl wants to try lamb meat..She saw something about it on Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives last night..I have never cooked any, so does anyone on here know how or what to start out with? Thanks for any suggestions..