Conservative group finds gay agenda in anti-bullying day

“Mix It Up at Lunch Day” is a national program that asks school kids to eat lunch with someone they don’t normally speak to.

The day, which is Oct. 30, was created by the Southern Poverty Law Center 11 years ago and now has more than 2,500 schools involved.

Maureen Costello, the director of the center’s Teaching Tolerance project, says the idea of the day is to break up cliques and prevent bullying.

But “the American Family Association, , a conservative evangelical group, has called the project ‘a nationwide push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in public schools’ and is urging parents to keep their children home from school on Oct. 30, the day most of the schools plan to participate this year.”

The group sent an email that has caused several schools to cancel this year.

From The New York Times via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (This article is fairly long so click the link to read all the details. I can only pull a few graphs.):

“The swirl around Mix It Up at Lunch Day reflects a deeper battle between the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights group founded 41 years ago in Montgomery, Ala., and the American Family Association, a Bible-based cultural watchdog organization in Tupelo, Miss. The association says its mission is to fight what it calls the “increasing ungodliness” in America.

The law center recently added the group to its national list of active hate groups, which also includes neo-Nazis, black separatists and holocaust deniers….”

“Anti-bullying legislation is exactly the same,” Mr. Fischer said. “It’s just another thinly veiled attempt to promote the homosexual agenda. No one is in favor of anyone getting bullied for any reason, but these anti-bullying policies become a mechanism for punishing Christian students who believe that homosexual behavior is not something that should be normalized.”

“The program is not about sexual orientation but rather about breaking up social cliques, which are especially evident in a school cafeteria, Ms. Costello said.”

So what do you think? Is there any justification to cancelling the day? Any veiled agenda or just trying to make kids meet other kids and be nice to each other?

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Jerome Horwitz

October 15th, 2012
3:54 pm

Attended the Gay Pride Parade yesterday and of course there was plenty that would feed the strereotypes and reinforce the bigotry of many so called Christains. It’s that attitide that has driven me away from the church because I just can’t stand to associate with hypocrites. I was raised to accept all and appreciate them for thier good points. Not worry about an agenda. Anyway, there had to be at least leat ten different church organizations, including the Oakhurst Baptist Church (way to go folks), supporting the rights of Christains who happen to be gay. The Love form these people is re-newing my faith. Thank You.


October 15th, 2012
3:58 pm

more mythology, oh please!! I think it was great when the christians attempted to sack the celtics and other pagans, but then had to incorporated those pagan things into their things, in order to attract more of them to become christians. Well, maybe the christians should open their arms to the gay community in order to raise more money and members of their blessed group.


October 15th, 2012
5:08 pm

The SPLC is a insidious cultural marxist outfit that endlessly demonizes traditional, Biblical values.

DJ Sniper

October 15th, 2012
5:17 pm

People like the AFA and Focus on the Family need to come to grips with this little tidbit of info: Gay people are here, they always have been, and they aren’t going anywhere. If you don’t approve of homosexuality, then fine, but stop trying to come down on people who don’t feel the same way.

I’ve worked with enough gay people to know that most of them aren’t trying to promote any sort of “agenda”. Most of them just want to live their lives as the rest of us. Lastly, how much you wanna bet that some of these anti-gay zealots have some skeletons of their own.

First time poster

October 15th, 2012
6:05 pm

@ Reality, but what purpose does it serve? It’s not like either side is going to change their minds right? It just causes unnecessary tension. Live and let live.

Native Atlantan

October 15th, 2012
6:43 pm

I too would love to find out what the “gay agenda” is all about. Being over 50 and gay, I seem to have missed it somehow. Anyway, we’ve strayed a bit from the actual article and question presented by our host. It appears the “Mix it up…” group is simply asking children to participate, there is no requirement to participate. So, not interested….don’t participate. Done.


October 15th, 2012
7:58 pm

Gay agenda or not, it is another leftist idea that should be tanked before it gains a foot hold. This is where the idea fails ““The program is not about sexual orientation but rather about breaking up social cliques, which are especially evident in a school cafeteria, Ms. Costello said.”. Why do many on the left want to butt into the lives of others ? If kids eat together it is because they want to but the SPLC wants to tell them they should pick someone else, even for a day. Get a life people, mind your own business and quit telling others what to do. This thinking of mixing it up got us busing which screwed over many kids by ripping them from a neighborhood school and friends and sent them to schools they had no biz going to. Since many inner city schools graduate only 50% of the kids, can’t the SPLC help those that need it and stay out of people’s lives that don’t want or need their help ?


October 15th, 2012
8:48 pm

It must be ok, Mitt Romney did it!


October 15th, 2012
10:26 pm

TWG, the SPLC gets a foot in the door of public schools and what THEY now want is expected to flow as freely as a spring rain on …….fill in the blank here. I would choose “cow sh$$. It stinks. Their beliefs should not prevail over the beliefs of others. I am, as a parent, responsible for teaching my children about bullying. Do not need a 3rd party supported by gov to “educate” my child regarding socializing. The SPLC should not be surprised about being confronted. Why do people feel their personal lifestyle or religion is up for discussion?


October 15th, 2012
11:58 pm

I wonder how many of y’all who claim to be upset by this are still eating at Chick-fil-a. You do realize the AFA is the same group who has received millions of dollars in Chick-fil-a money…


October 16th, 2012
12:05 am

“Mix-it-up Day.” Sounds great to a li’l gal who always had to sit alone simply because she was new to school.


October 16th, 2012
8:04 am

Tiffany, I think you meant the FRC, not the AFA.

Believe me, if Chick-Fil-A was giving money to the AFA and their over-the-top brand of lunacy, it’d be much bigger news. Those folks make the FRC look (almost) sensible.


October 16th, 2012
9:49 am

@First Time Poster..

Not neccessarily so, people change their ideaology all the time… communication is the key here, and keeping an open dialogue. It’s God’s chosen means to reach people, people talking to people. Ad Hominem attacks against the AFA ( Calling them a Hate Group) closes down the communication, and in my opinion is in itself Hate speech.

The AFA is not a hate group, they do so many great things and in this particular case they are trying to let their constituants know what’s going on and to not show up to show that they do not agree with promoting that lifestyle.

They are not specifically slandering any Gay person just because they are Gay, you will not find them doing that, it’s just not evangelical christian theology to slander someone’s character because of their particular sin, but it’s important to stand up and acknoweledge sin itself. Just like I would stand up and say divorce, abortion, stealing, murder, are all in themselves wrong however; at the same time reach out to people trapped by the damage these things can inflict on people..

That is not hate, that is love… ( hate against what is wrong, and love all people enough to reach out in this way to express the dangers ) Not everone will agree, that’s fine and it’s reality…


October 16th, 2012
10:12 am

Yes, Reality, that’s why they tried to get people to email sponsors asking them to stop advertising on a show on Teen Nick which had the temerity to promote “The Trevor Project”, a hotline that gay teens considering suicide could call for support……..becuase they don’t like anyone telling teens “it’s ok to be gay”.

Apparently, the AFA believes suicide is a better alternative for gay teens.


October 16th, 2012
3:07 pm

@Tom- you are right about the FRC, but forgive me if I am mistaken, but I have read quite a few articles about the American Family Association and they do have very close ties with Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A. It is quite shocking what the AFA really is all about. They are a hate group- and there is nothing about them that represents family values or anything that Jesus would be proud of.