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Shocking photo: Mom appears to potty train at restaurant table

A photo that is circulating the internet shows a mom letting her two toddlers potty train at a restaurant table. According to reports, she brought the potty in, stripped the twins down and let them take turns eating while on the potty. A mother of three witnessed the event and snapped a photo hat she posted on Facebook. There is a video interview with that mom on the link.

See the photo here.

It was so shocking that some people question if it was even real or a prank.

From The Huffington Post:

“It happened at the Thanksgiving Point Deli in Utah. The mom in question brought her family’s potty to the restaurant, placed it on a chair and let each of her two children sit on it. While eating. At a table. In the middle of the dining room.”

“Kimberly Decker, a mother of three, saw the incident as it was happening. She took a picture with her phone and shared it on her Facebook wall, KXNT reports. The photo has since been taken down.”

” ‘She had to undo the jumpsuits, and …

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Are you watching the political conventions with your kids? What do they think?

Our 11-year-old has sat down with us several times during the last two weeks to watch the conventions.  The 9-year old is in and out of the room and doesn’t really stop to watch.  The 5-year-old has not interest at all.

It’s fascinating to see what speakers and speeches resonate with our sixth grader.

She was funny last night. She said, “Well last week I was for the Republicans but this week I’m liking the Democrats.” Michael tried to explain to her about post-convention bounces. He told her that’s what the conventions are designed to do — sway you.

I’m glad she’s interested in our country’s future and is willing to sit and listen and form her own opinions.

Are your kids watching the conventions with you? Do they ask questions? Do you discuss the issues? What speakers are resonating with them? Have they bounced around in their opinions?

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Daniel Tiger takes over Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

PBS premiered this week a mostly-animated sequel to the beloved “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” The new show is called “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” Daniel is the son of the show’s puppet Daniel Striped Tiger. Daniel sings a version of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” and zips up a hoodie instead of a cardigan.

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” ran for 33 years until Fred Rogers’ retirement in 2000. He died in 2003.

From People Magazine:

“Fred’s widow Joanne Rogers tells The Times that her late husband had quietly searched for a successor to take over his show, but that he could never find one – and she figured that if he couldn’t, no one else could, either…. “

“I must say I spent a very nervous time thinking about what Daniel would be like,” said Joanne Rogers. “I’m in my 80s now, and I grew up with cartoons, the slapstick kind of things that went on, and I never much cared for it.”

“Only Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is nothing like that. According …

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How much are you willing to spend on a dorm room?

Good Morning America took a look at blinged out dorm rooms this week, and I wanted to share the video with you. ( I am having to embed the AOL report on it because I can’t embed the GMA video. Here’s the link to the full video if you want to see it.) The suite mates add drapes, a chandelier, and custom monograms. They have coordinated linens and a cute little couch.


“Good Morning America” reports on one St. Louis family that spent $2,500 on decorating their daughter’s dorm room. The daughter explained why saying, “The more comfortable the environment, the more comfortable you’re going to be.” The family used Decor2UrDoor, a website where students can find things like shag rugs, couches, wall art, monograms and even chandeliers for their dorm room. “GMA” reports these tricked out dorms are becoming a nationwide trend.

I lived in the dorm all four years. (Make fun if you must but it was stumbling distance to the journalism school and inexpensive.) We had …

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