One Direction dolls, retro Ninja Turtles, Furby hot for Christmas!

Toys R Us-Hot Toy List

One Direction dolls are hot for this Christmas. Will you be buying them? (AP)

I know what I am getting my niece for Christmas: One Direction dolls! (Well maybe only three of them at $19.99 each.)

Toys R Us has released its list of expected hot toys for Christmas and the boy band was on the list along with many throw-back toys such as the Ninja Turtles.

Toys R Us releases a hot list each year, but this year you can now reserve a hot toy with a 20 percent down payment. (See details below.) I bolded the hot toy list at the end.

From The Associated Press:

“Knowing early what will be popular during the holiday shopping season is crucial to retailers seeking to have the right mix of toys at the right prices. The holiday season can account for about 40 percent of a toy seller’s annual profit.

Last year, U.S. retail sales of toys fell 2 percent to $21.18 billion, according to research firm NPD Group.

This year, Toys R Us, is introducing a “hot toy” reservation program. Starting Sept. 19, the Wayne, N.J.-based retailer will let customers reserve the 50 toys on its list. The reservation system will run through the end of October. Toys must be reserved in stores and customers have to put down 20 percent of the toys’ cost.

The Toys R Us hot toy list has a mix of items that it carries exclusively, as well as toys available everywhere. Toys on the list come from both established companies as well as from some lesser-known toy makers in the U.K. and Australia.

There’s no indication yet of a runaway success like 2009’s Zhu Zhu Pets stuffed hamsters and last year’s Leapfrog LeapPad tablet. But Toys R Us executives are betting that if there is, it is on their list.

“We have an incredibly skilled team of merchants here that track new products and identify toys,” said Lisa Harnisch, the company’s general merchandising manager.

Here are the top 15 toys on Toys R Us’ list. The complete list of 50 can be found at

Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check Up doll by Just Play, $39.99: Doctor doll based on Disney Jr. show character.

Furby by Hasbro, $59.99: Update on hit 1998 furry interactive toy robot.

Gelarti Designer Studio by Moose Toys, $24.99: Sticker set that lets kids paint and customize reusable stickers.

Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister by Mattel, $99.99: Radio-controlled car that takes on all terrains.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky by Mattel’s Fisher-Price, $44.99: Ship from Disney Jr. animated series.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Stars Harmony B. Sharp by MGA Entertainment, $69.99: Version of popular button-eyed dolls that talks and sings.

LeapPad2 Explorer by LeapFrog, $99.99: Latest iteration of LeapFrog’s kids tablet with faster processor and more memory.

Micro Chargers TimeTrack by Moose Toys, $34.99: Miniature car racing track set.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset by Playmates, $119.99: 42-inch playset that recreates TMNT’s lair.

Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle by Lego Systems Inc., $139.99: Ninja-themed Lego board game.

One Direction collector dolls by Hasbro, $19.99: Dolls of each of the five members of One Direction.

Skylanders Giants Starter Pack by Activision Publishing Inc., not yet priced: A sequel to Skylanders Spyro’s adventure that combines real-life action figures with a video game.

Tabeo by Toys R Us, $149.99: Toys R Us’ own tablet offering with enhanced safety features and 50 preloaded apps.

Wii U by Nintendo, not yet priced: Nintendo’s new two-screen gaming console.

Y Volution Fliker F1 Flow Series Scooter by Atomic Sports, $99.99: A three-wheeled scooter that is self-propelled by the rider’s movement.”

Are you excited about any of the hot toys? Do you think your kids will want any of them in particular? What do you think will be hot?

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September 20th, 2012
6:01 am

new dolls!! with the right clothing this time!! yay! they look more like the boys than the official ones do, thank goodness!

Voice of Reason

September 20th, 2012
7:53 am

The WiiU Basic White console comes with 8GB of internal built in storage, storage IS expandable with an SD card) and will retail for $299.99.

The WiiU Deluxe console will come with everything that the Basic WiiU console has except it will be black, have 32GB of internal built-in storage and will come packaged with a game (Nintendo Land) for $349.99.

The WiiU is backwards compatible with all of your existing Wii games and will also be able to utilize your existing Wii remotes to play games with.

If you do not know this, Nintendo is like the Apple of the video game world. My advice to you if you plan to get one before Christmas is to pre-order it now. GameStop has a pre-order plan where you pay $50 now and the rest when the you pick it up in the store. The WiiU will be available in stores on Sunday, November 18th.

Video games are my hobby……don’t judge!


September 20th, 2012
8:17 am

What the heck is a One Direction doll? I’m lost! My son wants the new NBA 2K13 PS3 game. The price is outrageous, but it’s all he asked for. He’s pretty simple. Just give him the game(s) he wants and he’s a happy camper.


September 20th, 2012
8:22 am

I miss Toys R Us . . . my kids and my nieces and nephews are all too old for it, now! As they get older, the “toys” get soooo much more expensive!!

What, you let the toy store TELL YOU what is "hot" and what is not?

September 20th, 2012
8:39 am

And then you buy it? My, my, my…


September 20th, 2012
8:59 am

VOR…what known issues are expected with the new system? What is the difference than the Wii I already have (I have the Mario Special Edition). I cannot just go buy a new Wii to have the latest so is it worth the buck bang? Since you are a video game hobbist I respect your opinon.

I was looking at the Nexus 7 as a family gift. We have the Kindle (the one that retails $69). My folks have the iPad. I don’t like Apple’s price point. Anyone heard anything on that?

Mine may have some Toy R Us type wish lists…but Santa is not likely to be checking that out. Neither am I or my “side” of the family. They usually get pleanty of Toys R Us stuff from their Dad & his “side”. Then they ignore most of it. The video games (Wii and DSi) are big hits though.

@Ks Mom…I posted again to the 2nd topic yesterday a couple of ideas that I used with my (then) toddlers and chores. Just in case you hadn’t thought them up already. Your on a good track with K & L.


September 20th, 2012
9:02 am

i’ve seen this hotwheels set where track affixes to the wall with 3M command strips and you race the cars that way. i actually thought this was a good idea, especially for any child with a disability where they cannot get down on the floor to play with the toy.

Voice of Reason

September 20th, 2012
9:31 am


There are not any “known issues” with the new system that I know of and we won’t know of any until it is actually released to the public on November 18th. Though given Nintendo’s reputation for quality I would not expect there to be any issues with the new hardware.

The WiiU is basically going to be a Wii on steroids. For lack of a better example it would kind of be like replacing your old iPhone 4 with a new iPhone 5. You get new and better features, better graphics, and a faster processor. Plus any new games that come out from Nintendo and other third-parties will pretty much be only for the new system and not the old one.

A lot of people with Wii’s complained that they could not play the latest, more hardcore games like Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty because the original Wii just did not have the graphic processing power to handle those types of games like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can.

The most unique thing about the WiiU is the new wireless controller that has a built-in 6.2 inch touchscreen in addition to the normal controls you would see on a controller. Think of it as an iPad with a built-in Wii controller. One of the neatest things it can do is that in game you can use it like an additional screen, say you are playing Madden NFL Football and you don’t want your opponent to see the play you are picking on the TV screen, you can just scroll through and select your next play right on the WiiU controller screen. The other cool feature is that if you share a TV in the living room and the WiiU is also hooked up to that same TV if Dad comes in while you are playing a game and wants to watch TV, no big deal, you switch the game to the controller screen, leave the WiiU on and Dad can watch his TV and you can still play your game on the wireless controller screen. It’s really neat.

Plus the WiiU will finally be able to display games in full 1080p HD. The original Wii is only capable of 420i, which is not really considered HD.

I’m planning to get a WiiU. I’ve owned every Nintendo console since the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and it was released in the mid-80s.

Voice of Reason

September 20th, 2012
9:36 am


My original longer post was somehow lost in space so it if miraculously shows up I apologize for posting again but to summarize:

Think of the WiiU as a Wii on steroids. You would want to get one for the same reason people who currently own an iPhone 4 want to upgrade to the iPhone 5. New features, better graphics, and faster processor. Plus all new games being released by Nintendo and other third-parties will more than likely only be compatible with the WiiU and not the original Wii.

I hope that helps.


September 20th, 2012
9:58 am

I don’t usually pay much attention to Toys R Us or shop there. But…DD is crazy about Doc McStuffins, so I might look into that toy and get her more art supplies. Really she doesn’t need any more toys…Hubs doesn’t yet want to give any away any so no one’s feelings get hurt. Le sigh.


September 20th, 2012
11:13 am

Can someone tell the folks at the AJC that the new banner on the main page makes some of us physically ill? The bright orange with Suntrust and todays red in particular.

Voice of Reason

September 20th, 2012
11:20 am


This thing is eating my posts. I tried to post twice and it didn’t take either one. I AM NOT MJG!!!!

The WiiU is like a Wii on steroids. Look at it like you have an iPhone 4 and are upgrading to an iPhone5. More features, better graphics, and faster processor. That, and Nintendo and other third-party publishers of games are probably not going to be releasing any new games for the old Wii.

I hope that helps.

Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

September 20th, 2012
12:25 pm

VoR — i will look for it.


September 20th, 2012
12:49 pm

@ VOR….lol lately I think I have had MJGs gift for long posts :)

TY for the reply.


September 20th, 2012
4:48 pm

117 comments all week….where did everybody go?


September 21st, 2012
9:45 am

I would ask my niece, do you want $60 or three of these stupid OD dolls? That will tell you how smart she is.

[...] Atlanta Journal Constitution notes that Toys R Us releases an annual list of Hot Toys. Surprisingly, this year fans can reserve [...]


September 24th, 2012
4:03 am

I don’t need a toys r us list for hot toys. I just listen to what my 10 year old begs for 4 months before and up til xmas!!! This yr its Furby Furby Furby. That’s all I hear about all day long. She wants a black one so went to Target and WalMart and couldn’t find it they were all sold out of black so got a blue and purple one. Gonna buy the black one on line. Not to mention we went to 4 Targets and each one only had1 OR 2 Furbys. Went to 3 WalMarts and they also only had 1or 2 Furbys each.