If you liked “50 Shades of Grey,” then try these next …

I got an email a while back for us to discuss “50 Shades of Grey.” I thought I would get it read before I posted on it but I didn’t. But we’re moving forward anyway.

Try to keep it clean but tell me what you liked or didn’t like about he books? Was it worth continuing on through the trilogy? Were some particular better than others?

If you’ve finished all the “50 Shades” books then I found some suggestions for other mommy porn to try.

What other books have you read that scratch the mommy porn itch? What would you recommend?

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June 29th, 2012
1:45 pm

P0rn for women. We sure have come ;) a long way baby.

Have a good weekend all, stay cool (or hot if you’re reading/watching adult stuff).


June 29th, 2012
2:38 pm

I read the trilogy and liked the story. Honestly, I never would have read them were it not for the controversy about them being banned from some libraries (I borrowed them from a friend). To me, it was a love story that was not nearly as graphic as some other books I have gotten from the library. I think the problem is that people don’t like/understand/agree with Christian’s fetish. (Trying hard not to give away anything for those who haven’t but want to read them. I “agree” with the criticism that the storyline is very far fetched but I understand that some people like fantasy and don’t expect everything to be realistic.


June 29th, 2012
2:46 pm

My issues weren’t with the story line or the content or Christian’s “fetish”. My issue is that this is one of the most poorly written adult books I have ever read. At times it was painful to read. And NOT in a good way (and you know what I mean if you read them)

Class of 1990

June 29th, 2012
3:37 pm

Theresa should read the book… seriously.


June 29th, 2012
3:49 pm

Ugh. I ZERO desire to read them. I can’t believe they’re being billed as a love story. From what I’ve surmised, they’re more about domination and power than anything. Twilight for grownups, if you will.


June 29th, 2012
4:15 pm

I agree with mom2alex&max … honestly, the story was fine. The fetish … intriguing, shall we say. But the writing was horrible. I’ve read better writing on a cereal box.


June 29th, 2012
4:39 pm

I wouldn’t pay for them. A good friend was enthralled, and dropped her Kindle off here urging me to give the first book a chance. I can do no more than skim through it. Horrible writing, and I don’t need the titillation boost, thank you very much.


June 29th, 2012
4:44 pm

I should have added, I was at a Barnes and Noble this week, searching for some book I had read reviews of. They had very little on the shelves of new titles, but they had a massive display of the 50 Shades trilogy.

Miss Priss!

June 29th, 2012
5:13 pm

Child of God, by Cormac McCarthy, has some incredible sex scenes. Real southern-fried love between adults.


June 29th, 2012
6:08 pm

Bought the trilogy, read the first book, returned the other two. I like a little trash now and then and I am not one to turn my nose up at amateurish writing, but the inner dialogue in this book seemed written solely to provoke eye rolls. “My inner goddess quivered…” Really? 24-year old virgin falls (literally) into the lap of the handsome, tortured, billionaire. uh-huh. The plot of Twilight was more believable.

Just Sayin'...

June 29th, 2012
6:32 pm

It’s not even the most interesting, or well written Twilight D/s Fanfiction out there.


June 29th, 2012
6:41 pm

You’ve been reading too many articles from people who haven’t read the book.
She’s 21, not 24


June 29th, 2012
7:36 pm

You have to read all three books to appreciate the story. Im not an english major so i dont know about how it was written. Since reading the books, I realized that when my husband married me he took on the responsibility of taking care of me through trying times. All I do is complain about what Im not getting from him.I have learned to honor and respect him. I see him through different eyes and when he looks at me my eyes are smiling. He wants me and with the tips from the book he knows I really do love and appreciate him. I have been married 25 yrs and just now seeing that he is my caretaker and only wants what is best for me because he loves me. He may be the dominate one in the home but I dominate him in the bedroom. He loves it.


June 29th, 2012
10:03 pm

I borrowed my friend’s Kindle for these, so at least I didn’t pay for them. The story was vaguely interesting (at least in the first book, the other two got boring), but the writing really was terrible and the dialogue honestly made me gag. For a dominating male, Christian was laughable, always gasping at something or another. Plus, the whole goddess thing got old fast. Very repetitive. I can’t believe the author is raking it in with this junk.


June 29th, 2012
11:04 pm

I read all three of them – i was curious. I do have a degree in English and the writing itself was terrible. The story and some of the descriptive elements were interesting, but from a critical stand point, it felt like what it was – a rushed job. It is a shame that in the rush to publish, time could not be found for editing.

It will not go down as a great literary work, but it is an important work because of the dialogue it has opened between couples. People are stepping out of their regular comfort zones to discuss new territory in their relationships.

That said, don’t judge unless you have read them. If it does not interest you, fine, but don’t criticize any work out of hand.


June 30th, 2012
6:47 am

I’m not sorry that I read them, but I have to agree that the writing is awful. I’ve read a ton of fluff novels and the writing is usually much better. The inner dialogue was fine at first, but it became tiresome very quickly.

The overall story is pretty good and the anticipation makes it fun to read, but there are much better stories of erotic fiction out there. :)


June 30th, 2012
12:37 pm

The first one, someone gave me as a gift. Wasn’t too bad. The other two were terrible. Not just the writting but the story as well. The author needs to take a long vacation before she writes anything new.


June 30th, 2012
2:49 pm

I read all 3 of them and totally enjoyed the whole 4 days it took me to polish off the trilogy. I was very aware of the things everyone is complaining about (poor writing, etc.) but I still loved them. I had never read anything like that before – I mostly read thrillers and John Irving type dramas – and it was total fluff. I got all caught up in whether they were going to make it or not. I had to know how it ended. And they were hot! I think it is hilarious that everyone is reading them. Bring it on. I have read several of those type books since then (you can get some of them for $3 for your kindle) and a couple were pretty good. I do wish they didn’t have such cheesy names and covers! Good grief, I really don’t want my sons thinking I am reading smut if they happen to pick up my kindle, even if I am :)

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Just Me

July 1st, 2012
7:32 am

I was told by dozens-literally-of people that I “had to” read them. I was told how ’steamy’ they were. Out of curiosity, and it seemed like good beach reading, I read the first one.


I was warned about the awful writing (same trite phrases..over and over)..and as for the steamy? Lots of TALK about this and that…but Sidney Sheldon writes a better steamy novel with great plot lines.

I was given the other two books. I don’t know if I will bother reading them…All I know is that I kept waiting for something to happen..and it just never did.

There are better “snicker books” out there (good fun to read, absolutely no nutritional content). I’ll stick to those.

K's Mom

July 1st, 2012
3:00 pm

I read all three at the end of my pregnancy when I was up every night from 4am on completely unable to sleep. They were completely fun to read and I am glad I did. The 1st one was not great, but the story took off in the 2nd book for me and I really enjoyed them. Do I think that they were well written? No, I do not. But I enjoy movies that are not academy award material, so I can read a book that is not going to win literary awards…


July 1st, 2012
8:42 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 books and look forward to reading the third. That said, it was what I expected-erotic literature. It will not win a Pulitzer, but I’ve read enough of those. This was a great vacation read and made for exciting sex for my husband and I. I have these tendencies and the book gave me more ideas.


July 2nd, 2012
9:33 am

Enjoyed all 3 books. It was light reading. Not everything is going to be Fitzgerald or Bronte…

That being said there are better writers out there like Jess Michaels who writes Victorian romances with a splash of erotica. She is my beach read for this summer.


July 2nd, 2012
9:57 am

Great recreational reading. Loved the 2nd book more than the 1st. 3rd book tied it all together. I enjoyed them all and I am glad that I read them. Took less than 1 week to read all 3 books!


July 2nd, 2012
11:03 am

I simply do not understand the craze over this book! Other erotica, even BDSM erotica geared towards a female audience, has existed for years! I skipped through most of the book and read the “dirty” parts, which were titillating. However, there is FAR better written fan fiction on Tumblr if you search a bit. If you’re into Harlequin romance type writing with some more hardcore sex thrown in, then I guess these books do it for you.

My personal theory is that it seems in the 70s and 80s there were many more regular fiction novels (best seller types like “Princess Daisy”, any Harold Robbins book, etc.) that were very popular with women and that also contained REALLY steamy, graphic sex -all different types. They weren’t written as well as literary classics, but they were definitely a grade or two above “Fifty Shades”. These days it seems that sex in popular fiction novels is often very perfunctory, a bit glossed-over or even rushed through (as though the writer just isn’t comfortable writing it, so they don’t give it much room). Women have always enjoyed a sexy read, but I think they’ve largely been lacking over the last 20 or 30 years.


July 2nd, 2012
12:50 pm

Sorry, but BDSM is NOT a turn-on for me, why would I want to read a book, much less a trilogy, about it? I don’t have any judgments on it — consenting adults, etc., etc. — it’s just not something I’m at all interested in. I was at a dinner party last week when the topic of the book came up — the hostess brought it out and I ended up reading “the contract” out loud as a “dramatic reading”, we were laughing like loons at it. Honestly, reading about almost any kind of sex is kinda boring, it seems to me, especially if you’ve got a reasonably active sex life of your own — there are only so many ways you can describe Tab A/Slot B. *yawn*. Same with porn, as far as I’m concerned. I know some people are excited by it, but from what I can tell, it’s basically the same thing over and over and over again, with REALLY bad acting . . . *yawn*.

I love to read — there are so many other GOOD books out there. And most written sex isn’t nearly as good as what I can dream up in my own head :-) One of the very best “romance” series (even though it’s not really considered a romance, B&N finally moved it from Romance to Fiction) I’ve ever read is Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series — she’s been writing it since 1991. As she said early on, “it’s the story of a marriage” — with lots of twists and turns :-) The story doesn’t end with a wedding — it begins with one.


July 2nd, 2012
4:07 pm

I am not sure why i have no desire to read the “Grey” books. I read just about everything else. Maybe it was hearing the post from my daughter’s friends? Or it was all the hype, like the oprah books (speciffically Nicholas Sparks) the story was good, but not as good as the hype lead me to believe.

I was reading trashy novels when I was 13. My mom always felt as long as I was reading it didn’t matter what I read, and she would say the more I read the more my taste would develope. I have to say she was right. I still enjoy a chic book, but I like so many genres I can’t stay with just one.

DB, I have to say the outlander series is wonderful. Got my mom to read the first two, but when she found out there were 7 (not including the Lord John series) she felt they would be too much of an investment and she has a bucket list of books she is working on.


July 2nd, 2012
5:05 pm

@LM: I just don’t understand that — so what if there are 7 books (and more to come?) You can stop at any time (but HOW could she stop after Dragonfly?!?!, with that jaw-dropping last line?!) If you like the story and the characters, why would you put a muzzle on your reading just because there’s a lot to the story? It’s not as if the other books are going to disappear! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-read the first three — classic story-telling, there. I have three copies of the first book — a paperback that I loan out, a hardback, and the 20th anniversary edition. I even buy the first one at second-hand stores when I see it to loan out, so I don’t care if it comes back. How can you put down a book where the heroine muses that, “male virginity might be a highly underrated commodity”? :-D

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July 3rd, 2012
11:07 am

DB, the best way to described why she wanted to stop after Dragonfly, is she is not in the best of health and there are a lot of other books on her bucket list she wants to get done before she can no longer read. I think it was Bob Hope who said something along the lines about feeeling depressed when he realized there were more books printed than he could ever read. She came to that conclusion about a year ago also. She had to make some choices about which books she wanted to read, the rest of the series is on the list, just not something she thinks she will be able to finish. And we know none of the series are short books, there is a time and emotional commiment with each book, which she feels she dose not have.

I can’t say how many Outlander books I have handed out to friends to read. I refused to finish the last of Echo in the Bones because I didn’t want the story to end, but since there is now a short wait until the next, I can finish and start from the begining before the next one is out. :)


July 3rd, 2012
6:58 pm

@LM: You read “The Scottish Prisoner”, right? :-) It was a nice tide-you-over until the next one! She just came out with a compendium of the Lord John Grey series, too, which collects all the short stories about him.

same boat

July 3rd, 2012
9:02 pm

DB, yep, and Exile the graphic novel. I can only guess you are also waiting for the next one?? Can you suggest any other books or series?


July 3rd, 2012
11:20 pm

Mommy porn? Really? I’m going to barf. I’m going to second (third?) the Outlander series as well written sexy fiction. Who doesn’t like a Scottish hunk in a kilt?


July 5th, 2012
6:52 am

A most enjoyable read! Now go listen to the perfect theme song! “Ana” by Nicky Rubin … amazing voice! http://www.nickyrubin.com


July 5th, 2012
1:24 pm

i read book 1 and 2 in two days.. the writing wasn’t the best but the book was good for a vacation. i didn’t have to stop and think about the book.. just read it. i think the book was really about a love story, how people who are “messed up” can find true love and the book examined how our past can really shape our future/outlook and no matter what, you can find love….. Fif
ty Shades of ____________ You will in your blank.