What type of husband/wife is most likely to cheat?

A new unscientific survey from AshleyMadison.com – a dating site for married people – describes what type of husband and wife are most likely to cheat.

From The Huffington Post:

“…he’s likely in his 40s, been married for over 10 years and has two children over 10 years old.”

“Of the 11,453 fathers surveyed (all of whom have accounts on the website), the largest percentage of would-be cheaters work in the IT/Engineering field, a career that’s moved up on the list since placing fifth in 2010’s survey.…”

“What about cheating wives? In May, the site polled 2,865 of their married female members and found that the typical cheating married woman was in her 30s, married for five years or less and had a daughter under three years old. She is also likely to be a teacher, a stay-at-home mom or work in the medical industry, according to a representative from Ashleymadison.com”

What do think of their character sketches? It’s interesting that the man is more likely to be married longer and the woman a shorter time. It sounds like he gets bored and maybe she wasn’t committed to begin with. I wonder what having a daughter has to do with it? What impact do you think the profession has on their likelihood to cheat?

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Just a guess, but...

June 15th, 2012
6:02 pm

Oh, I don’t know, a guy who’s married to a neurotic, control freak, overly competitive girl. I bet your dad is proud of the subject matter 2 days before Fathers day! Classy!

Is it really cheating?

June 15th, 2012
7:39 pm

Is it really cheating, or is it that humans are just too hot to resist? We’re hot. Face it. And there’s nuthin’ that no one can do to stop us no how, no way.

Regular poster remaining anonymous

June 15th, 2012
8:31 pm

@pj, his wife has it great, wish I had it so well with my ex (who cheated on me). Stay at home mom, homeschools the child, new car every few years, fat house in Gwinnett with all the trimmings. I’ve heard the nastiness in her voice, critical of every move he makes. Some people (my ex was one) want the marriage to end but don’t have the guts to end it themselves…so they are as miserable as humanly possible to their spouse in the hopes that HE/SHE I’ll say enough. Worked like that for me, but he is hanging on for the child. Feel sorry for both of them.

It's not so Hard!

June 15th, 2012
9:43 pm

As a private investigator, I’ve seen it all and heard it all…women and men are equally guilty, especially in this day and age..I recently even had a case where a MARRIED man hired me to “watch” his mistress as he suspected she was sleeping with others….

My advice to men and women who travel for a living….don’t go to places where trouble can occur (like bars or someone’s home) and just stay in your hotel room when work is over…or go alone to a movie (if safe to do so, especially women)…whatever to avoid sexual temptations…they can come from anywhors, etc.)ere, everywhere at anytime!

If you’re married, don’t even consider cheating if you have a family because you don’t have a CLUE what effect you are about to have on so many lives (children, spouse, in-laws, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc)…it just isn’t worth it…

Otherwise, you’ll see me get involved….well….actually you won’t until I’m done!


June 16th, 2012
9:37 am

Women because of some unrealistic idea of what marriage and romance should be! Men because of a nagging woman!

Single Man

June 16th, 2012
10:23 am

When a husband falsely accuses his wife of cheating with me, usually within a month, it becomes reality. By the way, since I’m single, it’s not cheating for me, the contract of marriage was between them.

Single Man

June 16th, 2012
10:28 am

Theresa Giarrusso, nice family, where’s the husband? He must have needed a wife with a trace of CLASS!


June 16th, 2012
12:54 pm

Geez. nice topic for Father’s Day!!

What’s next? On Mother’s Day…are you gonna post a topic about menstrual cycles??


June 16th, 2012
2:40 pm

People cheat because marriage has become obsolete,


June 16th, 2012
3:04 pm

My ex- husband cheated with someone at church. They both sit in church and act like they are saints. They are both in their 50’s. His excuse was he was tired of doing the same thing. Two sinners in the church.


June 16th, 2012
4:06 pm

Eatin’ ain’t cheatin’.

southern opinion

June 16th, 2012
5:26 pm

WOW! My marriage ended almost like the poll! 13 years – 2 kids (4 and 8), husband was 38 years old and an engineer, stay-at-home mom (also a teacher). In reality the marriage should never have happened. Being divorced not so great either.


June 16th, 2012
5:36 pm

The most likely type of person to cheat on his wife is a man[they are polygmous by nature.] The second most likely in the new frontier marriage is the other man in the relationship.
The third most likely type is a woman that has seen an irresistible person[myself]. It is a curse I have learned to live with.


June 16th, 2012
6:13 pm

Zeke said, “Women because of some unrealistic idea of what marriage and romance should be! Men because of a nagging woman!” Apparently, men promised to do something at some point and the woman has to remind him of all of the unrealistic expectations placed upon him.


June 16th, 2012
6:38 pm

Men aren’t meant to be with 1 vagina forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 16th, 2012
6:58 pm

all of this self-righteousness is tickling. can we not just agree that the monogamy experiment has been a complete failure for human beings, and just go with what is obviously natural? if it’s expected, then no one gets hurt!


June 16th, 2012
7:05 pm

I think the people that do cheat, do it because they can. The opportunity presents itself. If there is chemistry and they find each other attractive, they will seize that opportunity. Simple as that. There is no complicated formula.

Butter Pecan

June 16th, 2012
7:54 pm

My husband and I are happily married and have chosen not to have children. Children and porn are the end of every happy marriage. People are happy until kids come along. A lot of you will deny this, but see how many couples are actually having sex once kids are in the picture. The husband stops getting broken off cause the wife is tired and hormonal and then he starts getting his kicks online. Y’all can have that!


June 16th, 2012
9:03 pm

Sometimes people cheat when they are unhappy with the marriage and want to escape it, but don’t want to be alone. In other words, they go look for someone else before leaving the marriage. This is the most selfish act I can think of because the cheater moves on seamlessly from one person to the next, while the spouse is broad-sided and in shock that the marriage is over. Infidelity is a coward’s way of dealing with things.


June 16th, 2012
9:08 pm

I forgot to mention my opinion on the the comment by Single Man above which says,
“By the way, since I’m single, it’s not cheating for me, the contract of marriage was between them.”

The definition of adultery is sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse. If you have an affair with a married woman, you are committing adultery. Her husband can also sue you in court for it.

My Two Cents

June 17th, 2012
12:00 am

One of my divorced male friends talks about his ex being so controlling and negative. She might be that
way because he is a traveling salesman and obviously has had many on the road affairs with co-workers and women he meets in other cities. I don’t see how this guy can live with himself but to each his own. Somehow, he find his way to the church pew every Sunday morning…imagine that!!!


June 17th, 2012
11:18 am

Wow, “…a dating site for married people.” So, tell me again how my 10+ year monogamous relationship with my same-gender partner is destroying the sanctity of your marriage?


June 17th, 2012
9:23 pm

The selfish, short sighted ones that don’t care about their own integrity, or anyone else’s well being.

Short answer

June 18th, 2012
1:04 am

Here is the answer question as to why women cheat. They have expectations, and if those are not met, it’s certainly not their fault. Somebody else must be accountable. If you are making enough money to satisfy them, then you don’t spend enough time with them or communicate. There is always something that doesnt suit them. The whole “for better and for worse” vow is a complete crock. Women can hardly keep a straight face at a wedding when those words are spoken. Look around the room at the next wedding you attend and check the eye roles at that point in the ceremony.

☺☻Have A Smile!

June 18th, 2012
9:04 am

People are happy until kids come along. A lot of you will deny this, but see how many couples are actually having sex once kids are in the picture.

Hello, exactly!!

hey have expectations, and if those are not met, it’s certainly not their fault.

Yep! Because we all “know”, as society teaches us, women are angelic, innocent beings who, if they cheat, “have needs that are unfulfilled” or “it must be the man’s fault” somehow.


June 18th, 2012
10:50 am

one theory from my DAD:

Men marry thinking she will never change. Women marry thinking he will change.

Blame it on Rio

June 18th, 2012
11:09 am

If a single woman knowingly cheats with a married man, than she deserves whatever happens next. Either she ends up empty-handed because he has too much to lose (custody, assets, career), or he does divorce and she is now in a honest relationship with a dishonest/untrustworthy/selfish man. Nobody should feel sorry for her.

If a married woman cheats, particularly with kids at home, than she is dishonest/untrustworthy/selfish and nobody should feel sorry for her either. Period. No excuses. If she cheats because her husband is cheating, that is no excuse. Tell him to leave and then change the door locks. She will have her dignity and self-respect, which will also teach her children a valuable lesson about how adults should handle setbacks in their life.

Cheating is selfish behavior. It’s a me-first attitude. The betrayal lasts a lifetime for the injured party, whereas the participant simply sees it as an exciting cure for boredom. The only response should be “no excuses, your out of the house. Pack and leave.”

non committal mind reader

June 18th, 2012
12:03 pm

On the other hand, I got accused of cheating when I didn’t and had enough finally. It works both ways I guess.

Bingo. During my first wifes 2nd pregnancy, I got blamed for cheating. I did not cheat. I don’t think anyone realizes what a no win situation that is. Everyone treats you like you cheated, yet you cannot prove you didn’t cheat.

I stuck out the marriage for an astounding 10 additional sexless years. My ex-wife was absolutely astounded when I asked for a divorce… like I wanted to spend my remaining years in a sexless marriage with her. We no longer even slept in the same bedroom together. At the divorce, she comes up with this: ” I thought he was cheating, so I cut him off. I couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t bring home a disease so I cut him off.


cleared mind

June 18th, 2012
4:27 pm

Thanks to everyone for your posts! I will not to cheat my wife! I was having a crisis!
We both have 35 years old, I do work and she takes care of our daughter (2 years), we are not any religion followers (just legally married), and we have a verbal agreement… cheating is simply wrong and is the end of the marriage, nobody can trust anyone who cheat (even once), cheated can choose to forgive, but cannot forget.
Obviously the sex is not the same as we began (14 years ago), and with a child at home there is not the same intimacy, not having regular sex always make me irritable (regular for us is every two days), I have been thinking cheat on her but there is not valid reason for doing it (this was my crisis). She doesn’t deserve that and I love her.


June 19th, 2012
10:34 am

Don’t know about the other stats, but in all the books about how to choose the sex of your child, a girl baby is more likely if the woman does NOT orgasm. So it’s my take that is if she has a girl baby, she is not getting satisfied at home… just my two cents…