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If you liked “50 Shades of Grey,” then try these next …

I got an email a while back for us to discuss “50 Shades of Grey.” I thought I would get it read before I posted on it but I didn’t. But we’re moving forward anyway.

Try to keep it clean but tell me what you liked or didn’t like about he books? Was it worth continuing on through the trilogy? Were some particular better than others?

If you’ve finished all the “50 Shades” books then I found some suggestions for other mommy porn to try.

What other books have you read that scratch the mommy porn itch? What would you recommend?

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Will moms go to see ‘Magic Mike’ male stripper movie?

My question is will moms who run the PTA, help in the classrooms and teach in their church programs head to the theater to see a movie about men stripping or will they leave it to the younger ladies? (They don’t necessarily have to do those specific things. I was just elaborating with typical mom duties.)

I have to say that I am predicting they will head in droves to see the new Channing Tatum male stripper movie “Magic Mike.” (See the relatively clean trailer above. For the more explicit Red Band trailer click here.)

I don’t think many moms would go to the actual strip club so seeing it at the local AMC is a safe way to experience it.

I saw on Facebook friends forming their posses and already buying tickets for the midnight showing on Thursday night.

Now I don’t want to see it that badly but I do have a plan to see it with a friend. I had to choose wisely. I didn’t want to go with anyone from the school or the church. (I don’t need anybody judging me.) I am …

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Is Pinterest driving your purchases?

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

This is a Pottery Barn organization unit that I really want, but it’s very expensive. I found it searching for “home organization” on Pinterest. I used to see it in the catalog but now I look at it on Pinterest. Check out the last photo now. I found this from an independent craftsman on Pinterest but it isn’t quite right.

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

Source: via Theresa on Pinterest

Pinterest is quickly becoming a social media powerhouse where many participants actually end up purchasing things they see and “pin” on their boards.


“According to an infographic by Tamba, Pinterest will account for 40 percent of social media driven purchases by the end of this year. Facebook’s share of purchases will drop to 60 percent and Twitter’s portion will disappear.”

“Here are more stats on the rising power of Pinterest:”

“Buyers referred from Pinterest are 10 …

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Are you considering an ancient Roman name for your baby?

One parenting blogger on The Huffington Post is predicting that ancient Roman names are going to be the new chic trend in baby names.

Pamela Redmond Satran predicts their popularity based on increasing references in pop culture.

The Huffington Post:

“The first Big Read, which featured “To Kill A Mockingbird” and its hero Atticus Finch brought that name to contemporary consciousness. Then there was the HBO series “Rome.” But “The Hunger Games” which features ancient Roman names for most of its male characters has popularized the genre like nothing else.”

(I think that’s quite a leap in time from the publishing of “To Kill A Mockingbird” to the “Rome” series to support a “trend.”)

Some of the names she says will be on the radar:

AUGUSTUS: All Augustus-related names have recently been rediscovered, from August to Augustine to Augustus itself, which means “great” and was given to the first Roman emperor.

AURELIA: Aurelia, the name of the mother of Julius …

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Does Dottie Sandusky deserve a jail cell too?

Washington Post blogger Melinda Henneberger asks the question: Does Dottie Sandusky deserve a jail cell of her own?

Her husband, Jerry Sandusky, was convicted this week of 45 counts of violating 10 kids over 15 years sometimes in their home and yet she was unaware of any of it, according to Dottie Sandusky’s testimony. She didn’t hear any screams from the basement.

Henneberger points out in her Washington Post blog that “teachers, therapists, even priests have a legal duty to report attacks on children, but it’s murkier for spouses, because the “spousal privilege’’ that prevents a wife from ever having to testify against her husband in effect puts the protection of a marriage above the safety of a child. And what kind of message does that send others in Dottie’s situation?…”

From the Washington Post:

“In (Frederick County, Md. prosecutor Scott) Rolle 25 years as a prosecutor, he saw many a horrified, heartbroken wife call the cops on the predator she’d …

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Cereals getting healthier but companies pushing worst ones

While cereal companies are improving many of their products for kids by adding whole grain and cutting sugar, they are simultaneously marketing more heavily their less healthy products, according to a new Yale study.

The “Cereal Facts” study is from Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. Kelly Brownell is the director of the center.

From Fox News:

” ‘It’s not enough and the companies are still using all their marketing muscle to push their worst cereals on children,’ Brownell said.”

“Spending to promote child-targeted cereals totaled $264 million in 2011, up 33 percent from 2008, according to the study, which followed up a similar report from three years ago.”

“The report called out aggressive marketing of cereals like General Mills’ Reese’s Puffs, Kellogg’s Froot Loops and Post’s Fruity Pebbles to children. It said those brands rank among the lowest for nutrition and the highest for added sugar.”

Elaine Kolish, director of the Council of Better Business …

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Willow Smith’s fake piercing causes tongues to wag

Willow Smith released this weekend an Instagram photo of herself with what appeared to be her tongue pierced.  Despite her friend posting a similar photo with the hashtags “#fake #dontjudge #justhavingfun,” the judging did begin. (Here’s the original photo.)

From The Huffington Post:

“ ‘That awkward moment when you find out Willow Smith has a tongue piercing. She’s 11,” one person tweeted. “

“Let’s not forget the presumed lack of parental guidance in this situation. Another person chimed in on Twitter to point a finger at Will and Jada, tweeting: “Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring. WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?” “

As cool as Will and Jada may seem, it’s hard to believe they would green-light this venture — and they would have to under California state underage piercing laws. “

“Thankfully they didn’t. Just as the hoopla surrounding the pic reached a fever pitch, Willow admitted the piercing was just a hoax: “It’s fake… Sorry,” she added to the Instagram …

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Pixar’s ‘Brave’ is a hit, but will ‘Monsters University’ be one?

Pixar Animation’s “Brave” opened with $66.7 million domestically this weekend and is a hit, but I am wondering if “Monsters University” will be? (It comes out in 2013.)

Disney released the trailer last week for the new Monster’s Inc. movie and while it’s cute I am worried that it’s too derivative. (See the trailer above.) Is it “Animal House” with monsters like “Cars 2″ was James Bond but with cars?

“Monster Inc.” is one of our favorite movies because it wasn’t like anything else. The same with “Ratatouille” and the “The Incredibles.”

“Any movie 2” from Pixar makes me feel like they are being lazy and just re-dipping from a successful well.

I know that other movie companies do that all the time, but I expect more from Pixar.

Did you see “Brave” this weekend? (We are waiting until Rose feels better after her surgery.) What did you think of the “Monsters University” trailer? Did you like “Cars 2?” Is Pixar losing it’s magic or is …

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Should kids be allowed to use sunscreen at school?

A mom says two of her children were severely sunburned at school during field day. The school rules would not allow children to apply sunscreen to themselves without a doctor’s note.

From The Huffington Post:

“Two of my three children experienced significant sunburns. Like, hurts-to-look-at burns,” Jesse Michener from Washington wrote. It was raining that morning, so Michener didn’t apply sunscreen on her kids. But even if she had, the kids would have needed another coat once the sun came out (the AAP recommends applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 every two hours). The girls weren’t allowed to put any sunblock on though, and the reason cited was school policy.”

“Tacoma Public School district spokesman Dan Voelpel told Yahoo! Shine that, according to statewide law, teachers are not allowed to apply sunscreen to students and students can only apply it to themselves if they have a doctor’s note… “

“Michener told The Huffington Post that adults made comments …

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What are the best foods/care for tonsillectomy?

My 11-year old is having her super gigantic tonsils out on Friday so I wanted to get all of your best care advice for her.

What are the best foods to serve? And for how long? (The doctor says it hurts like crazy about a week out because of the healing.)

When is it the most painful?

Did you keep them in bed or just not let them be active? (The doctor says no physical activity or traveling for two weeks.)

How can we make her the most comfortable?

What was the worst part of the surgery? Rose is worried about the IV. I am worried about the ventilator.

Tell me your tips to help her heal and keep her happy during and after the surgery.

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