Kids don’t have to be hungry when school is out! Resources to find free breakfasts and lunches in your area

For literally millions of U.S. kids, summer break from school means hunger. More than 20 million children get free or reduced-price lunches on an average school day but only 6 out of 7 access free summer meals that they are qualified to receive, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Georgia, the federal government and many local charities offer summer food programs for kids so they don’t have to be hungry when they are not in school. I wanted to highlight some of the programs available to families in Georgia.

But first a few stats on hungry children in America.

From Share our Strength’s website:

  • “More than 16 million children in America are at risk of hunger. That’s more than 1 in 5.
  • 15.7 million children in America live in poverty.
  • 18.6 million children benefit from SNAP (food stamps).
  • Over 20 million children get a free or reduced-price school lunch on an average school day.
  • Only 10.5 million children get a free or reduced-price school breakfast on an average school day.
  • 6 out of 7 children who qualify for a free or reduced-price school lunch do not currently access free summer meals.
  • Sources: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; U.S. Census Bureau; Food Research and Action Center. For more statistics, please visit our Hunger Facts Page.”

There are multiple state, federal and privately-funded charities that help feed children during the summer. Below are links to many of the sites that can help you find food for your kids during the summer.

This is the link to USDA site about summer food programs

This is contact information about Georgia’s nutrition programs.

This is the a link to the Seamless Summer program in Georgia.

Georgia’s Department of Education participates in the Seamless Summer program where students are still able to get food from their schools even during the summer. If you are between 1 and 18 you can just walk up to listed locations to get a free meal. Some sites include breakfast as well. Here is more information on the program:

“An Opportunity for Schools

Kids still need good food, even when school is out. Now it’s easy to accommodate them! You can apply to operate the Seamless Summer Option through the National School Lunch (NSLP) or School Breakfast Programs (SBP). Continue the same meal service rules and claiming procedures used during the regular school year.  Although the traditional Summer Food Service Program is still available to schools, the Seamless Summer Option offers a streamlined approach to feeding hungry children in your community.

How it Works

School Food Authorities (SFAs) participating in the NSLP or SBP are eligible to apply for the Seamless Summer Option. Once approved through their governing state agency, SFAs serve meals free of charge to children, 18 years and under, from low-income areas.

The types of sites allowed to participate in this option include:

  • Open sites: all children eat free in communities where at least 50% of the children are eligible for free/reduced price school meals.
  • Restricted open sites: sites that meet the open site criteria, explained above, but are later restricted for safety, control, or security reasons.
  • Closed enrolled sites: may be in any community for an enrolled group of low-income children and meets the 50% criteria explained above. This excludes academic summer schools.
  • Migrant sites: serving children of migrant families.
  • Camps: residential or non-residential camps.

The same NSLP and SBP rules apply for meal service. Meals served are reimbursed at the NSLP and/or SBP “free” rates. For clarification on how the Seamless Summer Option differs from our other summer feeding options, we’ve created a comparison chart.

Review the Seamless Summer Option Question and Answer Guidance or contact your NSLP State Agency for more information on how to apply for the Seamless Summer Option.

Another program offered through Georgia is the Bright from the Start Summer Feed program. This is a link to their search engine where you can search via zip code for nutrition programs near you.

You can also text to find a location that is serving summer meals.  Text “Free Food” to 877-877 and you’ll receive a message telling you to reply back with your address. Currently, it directs you to the Hunger Hotline but they are planning by June that it will give you the sites in your vicinity.

You can call 211 locally or call or link to the national Hunger hotline:

Need help finding food?
Know someone who does?
Call the National Hunger Hotline at



1.877.8hambre (1.877.842.6273)

The National Hunger Clearinghouse collects and distributes information about programs that address the immediate and long-term needs of struggling families and individuals. The National Hunger Hotline (1-866-3 HUNGRY or 1-866-348-6479), refers people in need of emergency food assistance to food pantries, government programs, and model grassroots organizations that work to improve access to healthy, nutritious food, and build self-reliance.

This Share our Strength site offers more phone numbers and data banks for assistance.

As far as private charities go, Must Ministries is another group that I have heard a lot about from friends.

“MUST has sponsored the Summer Lunch Program since 1995 in Cobb and Cherokee Counties in an effort to answer that question. Last year, MUST Volunteers delivered 103,000 lunches to hungry children in Cobb and Cherokee Counties. This year, MUST is excited to expand this popular and impactful program to Douglas, Paulding, North Fulton and Gwinnett Communities, while continuing to grow the number of children served in Cobb and Cherokee, and plans to serve 180,000 nutritionally balanced summer lunches.”

Many of these groups are looking for volunteers as well. It would be a great way to teach kids how lucky they are to have food during the summer.

Please share these sites and phone numbers with your friends and neighbors. No child should go hungry just because school is out. Summer should be fun for everyone and not a time children dread because they know they won’t get breakfast or lunch!

What are other great ministries or programs that we can help people find around Georgia?

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May 22nd, 2012
7:44 am

I will step in and perhaps make a fool of myself. It will not be the first time. Here we go:





Anyone else with me?

Now the problem…in my eyes

We had two children as we can only properly afford two children, most days. We did not continue to have children we cannot provide for them. This man has:

When does it occur to anyone that children are expensive and thus you do not need to keep having children you cannot afford. I do realize that some VERY hard working parents have situations that are out of their control and they need help! I am willing to help!

TWG summer is not always fun for everyone. Some folks are working grueling jobs, in the heat, and paying taxes for items others will get for free. I worked on the farm during the day, in HS, and then went to work at my job at Wal Mart at night. Summer was not fun for me. My summer should be fun now, as I worked my fanny off all year and am not working much this summer. I can enjoy visiting with my family/friends, gardening, reading, traveling and going to the pool. Not everyone here can do this. Many are working to pay taxes that will support the food these children will receive. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is working to pay for this program and they have also paid for the things their own children need too! Some adults are working and paying for other people’s children and they will never have children of their own as they do not want to have children.

While I agree about volunteering being good for kids…most kids are not simply lucky to have food…they are lucky to have parents who understand their responsibility as a parent and provide for for their own offspring. These are the same parents who will send their kids to school with the appropriate school supplies, in a few months.

At some point, those who are working may be out numbered by those who are needing and what will we do then? I fear the day.

Again…I LOVE KIDS AND DO NOT WANT KIDS TO GO HUNGRY! How far do schools have to go to meet the needs of kids when some parents have never stepped up to the plate?


May 22nd, 2012
7:51 am

Ya know I’m kinda with you on that one MJG. I am pretty liberal and have definite socialist leanings, but sometimes reading in the newspaper about this so called sob stories is enough to make anyone a pull-yourself-up-from-your-dang-bootstraps republican.

I would have LOVED to have more children. I wanted maybe 2 more.But dang it I cannot afford 4 children!! Why am I paying for people that got what they wanted when I didn’t???

I read one time about this phenomenon in Walmart. It seems like the day before the WIC hits people’s accounts, people start shopping for food at walmart at around 11pm. That way, they are positioned at the cash register at midnight when the money hits. They interviewed this one guy who had SIX FREAKIN CHILDREN and was a WAITER!!! A waiter for pete’s sakes!!!!! What waiter can afford to have one child let alone six???? WHY did he have six children?????? It pissed me right off. He told the newspaper that they usually do this because by the end of the months they kids are hungry so they hit the walmart at 11pm and start eating and then pay for it with WIC money when it hits at midnight. [Expletive] dumb [expletive]


May 22nd, 2012
8:03 am

@ Denise…see my answer, this morning, to your question on the previous blog.


May 22nd, 2012
8:04 am

I saw the details behind a “children hungry in America” study a few years ago and here’s how it was manipulated:

The questionnaire was passed out at school and asked: “At any point in the last year were you hungry?” And: “At any point in the last year, were you not sure where you were going to be eating your next meal”.

The results trumpeted by the save the children crowd: Last year, millions of children were hungry and didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.

What a load of statistical BS. Sadly, reasons like this are why I no longer feel this slightest inclination to participate in the latest trend of who needs to be saved.


May 22nd, 2012
8:13 am

Amen Jeff!!!


May 22nd, 2012
8:23 am

@ Jeff…I am hungry right now. I have had two cups of coffee and would love for someone to stop by with some Eggs Benedict. Stink…I guess I will go downstairs and grab a bagel. Oh no, I forgot that I told me daughter ( who is home in bed now) that I would fix her some blueberry pancakes. It may be a while before I get to eat as she does not have to go to work until this afternoon.

mystery poster

May 22nd, 2012
8:25 am

I remember listening to an interview with George Foreman, who grew up very poor. I can’t remember if free lunch didn’t exist or they were just too proud to accept it, but he said that he would bring an empty paper bag to school (a fake lunch) so that no one would know he had no food to eat. Now he advocates for lunch programs so that no kids have to go through that.


May 22nd, 2012
8:29 am

I wonder, if you do the break down of minorities, is the number higher for hispanics?


May 22nd, 2012
8:39 am

My husband will tell you that he and his siblings ate free lunch, while his Dad visited the liquor store and smoked cigarettes too. He was determined to do better by his kids and he has!

☺☻Have A Smile!

May 22nd, 2012
8:44 am

Jeff you are the man!

Nominated for “post of the day” :)


May 22nd, 2012
8:57 am

MJG, I agree with what you say. I don’t want any child to go hungry either, but why do these irresponsible people keep having children they cannot afford? I was standing in line behind a man in Walmart using WIC to pay for two separate transactions, a bunch of fruit in one and other stuff in another. First of all, not sure how HE qualifies for WIC, is it not Women, Infants, Children or something like that? He was with another woman and a teenager (with braces). I’m thiking, if you can afford braces for your child why can you not buy your own fruit? Here I am, $175 later buying food for my family, diapers, formula, etc. No one is paying for my stuff, oh wait, I AM! It just annoys me to no end when I see people abusing the system.
I’d rather my taxes help pay for birth control if people cannot control themselves. It’s just sad because it’s the children that suffer, and they will most likely end up in the same situation as adults because they don’t know any better.


May 22nd, 2012
9:00 am

MJG, my question is, at what point do parents actually have to feed their own children? With WIC (which is a good program) started prenatally and after birth, to free/reduced lunch, to weekend snack packs, to seamles summer nutrition programs, to church outreach programs, not to mention SNAP (food stamps) and food banks, when, exactly is a parent “imposed upon” to go earn some money to take care of their child’s nutritional needs?


May 22nd, 2012
9:12 am

@catlady…I just sent you an e-mail.

Wow…amazing that I have made it over an hour and not been bashed. I am sure it will change at some point today.

Here is my two cents…you do not learn how to be responsible yourself when someone else is FOREVER responsible for you. Perhaps folks need to learn the PRIDE of working hard for something and actually achieving it.

I spoke at a workshop last week. A young teacher came to me and asked me what my actual job description was. I told her I was an Educational Consultant. She replied, “That is what I want to be!”

HOORAH…then, you have to KNOW YOUR TOPIC INSIDE AND OUT and then convince people that you have something to say that is worth paying for. Any topic will do: traffic, human resources, travel, training pets, finance etc. Mine just happens to be early literacy. Yes, I am proud that I have been able to develop my own expertise and market it to others who are willing to pay me for it.

THIS is what I think we are losing when people have never worked and simply rely on others to pay their way. They have never opened their own paycheck and said, “I did a good job this week and am being paid for my contribution!” Every person needs to have this experience. I know my two kids looked really cute when they got their first check at 16. They also wondered why so much $$$ was taken out of said check and I told them to get used to it.


May 22nd, 2012
9:15 am

@Yuki..these people already have access to free birth control. They.don’t. use. it.

I’ve worked in social services for 18 yrs. Directly in the projects. Directly in the trailer parks. I have NEVER not ONCE in 18 yrs seen a child who did not have some access to food. Now there are neglectful parents who don’t have food. Don’t get to the store and don’t care about eating themselves because they are too drunk. Sell their foodstamps for drugs so they don’t feed their kids. I’ve seen skeletal babies who have to be hospitalized and the mother says, well, “I haven’t had time to get to the WIC office.”

Even if people don’t qualify for foodstamps there are church programs and other places one can go for food.

Our government HAS to find a way to let Americans take care of other Americans through churches and other privately funded social programs. Most Americans like MJG and me would help anybody who needed it. But there are far too many people out there who are getting what they don’t deserve.

I’m the complete opposite of Mom2..I’m a die hard republican but I’m pretty damn liberal when it comes to helping people that I can personally help. I even give panhandlers money. (not the ones who sit on the side of the road with a sign but if I’m approached at a gas station) I just figure he/she needs that couple dollars more than I do. But I’ve seen the government’s “help” first hand and it is destroying the country.

Twice in two weeks I have met personally with families who have moved to GA (one from Chicago the other from New Jersey). Both wanted to “make a new start”. Both heard the South was the place to live. Both went straight to the nearest DFCS office and told them they were homeless and had kids, so, guess what. immediate foodstamps, temporary housing, free transportation from the schools, bus passes for the parents.
The first thing you learn at DFCS is you can’t take kids because their parents are homeless and you can’t take kids because their parents don’t have food. And you can’t let kids go hungry or without a roof over their head so…the only thing you can do is give, give give… probably would have been okay 40 yrs ago when people had pride and wouldn’t ask unless they were desperate but now, it is accepted, it is expected, it is what they know.

The 2nd lady who came to Georgia was so appreciative of everything she has (food stamps, WIC, disability, free rent, free lunch, free breakfast, free health care, free bus passes…) she thanked me every time I did something for her. I couldn’t help but like her, but, HELLO. It was like she was just thankful to live in America, the land of opportunity, uh, scratch that. the land of hand outs. Who wouldn’t be thankful? But what happens when there is no one working to pay for people like her?
Let me just add there was NOTHING wrong with her. The disability was for some sort of low IQ. She had been determined at some point to be “slow” but she was entirely functional and was a damn wiz at keeping her benefits straight. And she had 5 kids. 5! with two baby daddies, one in jail and the other who never paid child support. The support for her will not stop, even when that baby turns 18 because she is one of the lucky ones with the total package. Once you land that Section 8 housing and disability you are set for life. God Bless America.


May 22nd, 2012
9:17 am

catlady: they are NOT.

In a way I suppose that I am also a recipient of govt food. My children attend public schools and what I pay for their lunches (I am NOT on the reduced lunch plan) doesn’t seem to me like it would cover the cost. I think it is something like $1.60 for lunch. I am not sure I can prepare lunches that cheaply. And I have noticed over the years that I spend SO much more money at the grocery store in the summer. Maybe I should take a page from the “poor” people’s book and send my children to a govt sponsored summer camp and go to one of those programs so they can eat for free too.Maybe then I could afford my son’s braces too. *sigh*

Roberta Higginbotham

May 22nd, 2012
9:44 am

Typical red state comments. Always judging, mostly ignorant. 25% of Georgia’s children live in poverty, which ties for 9th nationally. With the exception of Texas and New Mexico, the other 7 states are all in the Southeast. We rank 5th in low birth-weight babies, 6th in infant mortality, 17th in child deaths.

But hey, the Dawgs are looking good this year, aren’t they?


May 22nd, 2012
9:49 am

@homeschooler, thanks for clearing up so many things. I meet teachers, all the time, who are so frustrated with what is going on but there is not much they can do!

I am going to be blunt here….if you have always been on the receiving end of the spectrum you will naturally vote for someone who will keep you in receiving mode. You perhaps will hate THE EVIL RICH PEOPLE as they have something you do not ( even though they probably worked hard for it) . I suppose I am considered to be the evil rich people…although I am not evil and certainly not rich: I have a house that I am paying for, 2 Chevy Malibus and 2 Honda Civics ( my kids cars when they are home) in my driveway, food in my pantry and I can even go on vacation. WHY? Because I have been working since I was 14.

Whenever there are more people on the receiving end and less on the giving end…we are in big trouble. YES there are wealthy people out there and they are the ones who can move money around so that others can have a job or benefits. The scale is tipping and I, for one, am getting anxious about it. When more people have more kids who want more of our money…where does that leave those of us who are simply trying to work hard enough to grill hamburgers on our back deck and enjoy dinner together after a long week at work?


May 22nd, 2012
9:52 am

@Roberta…if the comments are ignorant, how do we prevent 25% of the children from living in poverty. There is an old saying and I am pretty sure it is not southern…it is Chinese:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


May 22nd, 2012
9:52 am

Roberta: we all know the statistics. What is the solution? I’m all for safety nets. What I am also for is accountability. And what I REALLY like is s system in place where people CAN succeed with hard work. And don’t tell me this is America and anyone can do it. That is simply not true, Sure there are some success stories out there. Don’t make it the norm.


May 22nd, 2012
10:01 am

I refuse to give to panhandlers/beggers. I will not help anyone who will not help themselves. I work my butt off for me and my family.

I was “stung” by that once. ONCE. I had a woman come up to me in the parking lot, told me she was in town for a funeral, and was trying to get back to New Orleans. I gave her $5, and she immediately walked over and handed it to a man sitting in a car, and she went and harrassed another person for money. That was the first AND LAST time I gave money to a stranger.

Now, all my kids friends and most of the neighbor kids KNOW we have food and I am more than happy to feed them when they are at my home. We have a few who drop in for dinner, since their parents 1) don’t cook; 2) aren’t home, 3) are not structured enough to fix a meal for their families; and/or 4) dine out every meal. I’m telling ya, kids like a good home cooked meal as opposed to going out. They LOVE sitting with our family at the table and chatting. Lots of kids don’t get that at home…..and they need it!!!!


May 22nd, 2012
10:05 am

It’s just sad that there are so many abusers of the system, that those of us who want to help those less fortunate, feel like we can’t or we’re being taken advantage of. I don’t know what the answer is but I do know the government programs we have now are not it.


May 22nd, 2012
10:05 am

Homeschooler, thanks for the insight. This is what I’m talking about. People just wanting to be taken care of. Free everything. It’s one thing if a hard working family loses employment and needs temporary help. I have no problem with that. The problem I have is people having babies left and right, then expecting the government to take care of everything. Do people have no pride at all? Why do we continue to feed this habit? Why should I have to pay for other people’s life choices? My husband and I have two kids because we can afford two kids. Yes, it’s mostly choices. I understand some situations can’t be helped, but if people really wanted to, most of them could go out and make a better life for themselves. Why bother when someone else will do it for you?


May 22nd, 2012
10:09 am

Next door to me, is a family of Mom, her husband, Mom’s daughter, her husband and their two kids, the girl is 4 years old, the baby is 3 months old. The “daughter” cooks dinner every night. However, no one eats at the same time, or together. Daughter’s husband fixes himself a plate, and goes and sits in front of the TV. She fixes herself a plate and goes to sit next to him, she will not make a plate for the 4 year old. The 4 year old doesn’t get a plate, and usually doesn’t eat until 10:30 at night. She eats junk food all day long… cream for breakfast, candy, chips sodas, etc, whateve SHE wants, all day long. No nutrition at all….and if she does eat, it’s Grandma who cooks for her, however, Gramdma has been drinking all day long and she very rarely eats at all…just drinks beer all day long. So the 4 year old usually has ice cream for dinner.

Sadly, this is the norm for most families. Preparing a meal at home, and sitting down together (with NO distractions) is very old fashioned. But my kids love it. They crave it…..they save their daily events to talk about at the table…..

Voice of Reason

May 22nd, 2012
10:10 am

Is anyone else here in favor of a one comment per day limit on this blog?

Or perhaps just a one paragraph per comment limit?

Raise your hand.

/Raises hand.


May 22nd, 2012
10:16 am

@ Roberta “ignorant” means lack of knowledge. I have no lack or knowledge or experience in this area. No one is saying that there are not poor people out there. Just that too many people are getting things who don’t deserve them. The statistics you mention can not be fixed through social programs. What do you suggest be done? Eventually we are going to run out of money. I, for one, don’t want to be taxed 75 percent like the French are. What would keep people working?

And now we are giving people free cell phones. Someone PLEASE tell me how that happened? And the two people I have seen with state cell phones had personal phones that they didn’t tell the state about.

Shmi Skywalker

May 22nd, 2012
10:21 am

Watto feeds Anakin and I as long as we do our chores.

Bantha steaks are the best but Wamp Rat tastes way too gamey.

/Raises hand


May 22nd, 2012
10:30 am

@ Voice…I am not…perhaps others are. We will see. I treat this blog like a chat over the fence with neighbors. Interesting things are brought up that cause many to share other interesting things. I have enjoyed the comments today and learned things too! Sorry if you have not. I have also wondered if TWG gets paid by the comments posted. Of course, this is probably none of my business. If so, she is probably NOT going to limit each person to just one post. Just sayin.


May 22nd, 2012
10:32 am

BTW…it is not up to what we favor…it it up to TWG…I think she might like me, as I have been hanging out here for over 5 years and have not been kicked off or disciplined…LOL.

Van Jones

May 22nd, 2012
11:03 am

1-877-8-HAMBRE? Really? If I were hambre enough I might consider learning a little more about how to communicate and assimilate in the country where I am sponging off of the citizens. Maybe that’s just me.


May 22nd, 2012
11:13 am

Good dialogue here today.

@Augusta – Just can’t let this go…picturing my 4yo in that kind of environment, and it makes me ill. So she’s not in school, not getting any education at home, not eating right, and allowed to stay up late at night? Just wow.


May 22nd, 2012
11:24 am

I have mixed feelings regarding the free food programs.

1. I don’ t want any child to go hungry if there really isn’t anything for them to eat. Most adults (doesn’t matter what income bracket) don’t provide nutritional foods to the kids and the free food programs help at least offer that.

2. I don’t want to give to a family if the mother is getting her hair and nails done, spending money on expensive clothes and going out. etc. This statement crosses all racial lines. I believe that if you are receiving help from the government, you have free will to spend the money as you wish. However, it you choose not to feed and clothe your kids, then the rest of america should not help you any more.

I know my second statement is a subjective statement when tellling people how to dress, etc. I don’t expect anyone to wear holes in their clothes, etc. However, if you can spend $25 on a set of nails and toe’s vs. some meat, jar of sauce and noodles to have two days worth of food, there is something wrong. Don’t buy Prada and Gucci and coach….You can’t afford it. Shop economically with the government money (clothes, food, etc) and it can work and people may not mind helping out.


May 22nd, 2012
11:30 am

@JOD – I have no idea what is going to happen in a few short months when she goes to Pre-K. I think they are in for some serious trouble. That child definately wears the pants in the family. You should hear how this child talks to the adults in her world…..very disrespectful. She has no idea what Please and Thank You mean.


May 22nd, 2012
11:46 am

MJG————–you’re a horrible horrible human being who should die a painful death.


I don’t really mean it, just wanted you to feel balanced out for the day. :)


May 22nd, 2012
12:06 pm

@ Augusta, your description of the family next door to you is a perfect example of the fact that no amount of government assistance or personal money can make people make good choices. This child will get no better nutrition when she goes to school. She will eat the chicken nuggets off her plate in the cafeteria and throw everything else away. Or her mom or grandma will cater to her and buy her lunchables and she will eat nacho chips and cheese every day for lunch. She will be bouncing off the wall in school because of the crappy nutrition and lack of discipline and will be on adderal by the time she is 6. Touch base with me in 2 yrs and tell me if I’m right. :-)


May 22nd, 2012
12:13 pm

@homeschooler – you are already right….LOL

Van Jones

May 22nd, 2012
12:26 pm

Quote of the day: You can help someone out of a situation, but you can’t help someone out of a lifestyle.


May 22nd, 2012
12:36 pm

@Jeff…thanks I was getting a bit worried. Could you help me out with this one from yesterday:
May 21st, 2012
9:09 am

MJG you sound like a lot of fun……(sarcasm intended)


May 22nd, 2012
12:44 pm

Second quote of the day: For every person who works without reward, another is rewarded for not working.

@MJG – every time some one bashes you, you defend yourself. You should stop. They are trying to rile you up, and they are succeeding. Just let it go…if you respond, you lower yourself to their level. it’s like arguing with a 2 year old…..

Just Dianne

May 22nd, 2012
12:50 pm

I volunteered to help Must Ministries make and distribute lunches last summer and I never knew the circumstances of the children’s parents, only that the children themselves were hungry.


May 22nd, 2012
1:00 pm

As a child who sometimes did not have enough to eat, I hoard money now. It is hard for me even to pay for trival things like -wall hangings, paint, or etc. It is all about how much money I can save – just in case. I do my part in giving though. I would rather some kid get something to eat than my child have cable. I remember days of eating oatmeal and government cheese – from a neighbor. My parents either did not care to get help or too proud. So the poor neighbors provided. I really hope that all kids are able to get food in their bellies this summer. They didn’t ask to be born. Sadly, a lot of these kids will not get help because their parents will be too drunk or on drugs to get them help.. or even too proud. And some kids (like my family in the Applachian mountains) will not even know there is help out there for the summer. I don’t think some of my family has even seen a computer. Sometimes, religion will keep poorer parents having more kids. Catholics do not believe in birth control at all except natural family planning and only if you have circumstances to allow this. This is their faith just like some of us have our faith. And then you have uneducated parents. You will be shocked how many just don’t understand how to get out of their lot in life. My Aunts and Uncles in the mountains really don’t get that kool-aid is bad for you. They believe it is fruit juice and nothing I can say to them will get them to give their kids water and milk over it. They just don’t understand. It is really just sad.

And then there is mental illness. My husband’s father was a breadwinner and a hard worker before he snapped. He had Phd in Botany. He spent the last 8 years of his life running away from voices in his head before he died a very loney death. My husband was lucky to live in a great community that helped him and his family while his mother went on to get a teaching certificate so she could support her family.
Yes, there are those who abuse the system. They are not proud or happy people (I have found with working with soup kitchens). They do not live a life rich like the rest of us. I hope to help their children as much as I can. Kids do not deserve to be hungry. Please take time and see if you can break a cycle and teach these kids there are other options out there for them. Be a mentor, Big Brother, or Big Sister. Love these kids like they deserve to be loved. Don’t be too worried about what are they taking away from your children. They will never have the love, support, or security your children have. This I promise.


May 22nd, 2012
1:11 pm

@ Augusta…thanks for the tip. I grew up with a Mother who criticized us all week long. It is difficult for me to take criticism when I feel I do not deserve it. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, as I do not want people to complain about the things I do. I make plenty of mistakes but when I am offered undue criticism it is hard for me to take.

I mentioned the FUN comment to a friend of mine yesterday and she replied, “HAHA…they have no idea how much fun you are!” It IS hard for me to swallow comments about me that are simply ridiculous. I guess I get riled up because it reminds me of all the criticism I endured while living with my parents as a child. It is hard for me to change.
Just as those here have painful stories about not having food as children, I have painful stories about being criticized and nit picked all the time. Some children are abused physically and some are abused mentally. It all hurts.


May 22nd, 2012
1:58 pm

MJG hit the nail on the head w/ her first post!


May 22nd, 2012
2:13 pm

I am like a few others on here, I don’t mind helping anyone that is trying to help their self, but there is nothing worse than being in line to pay for your food, than seeing the person in front of you pay with an EBT card..As they are giving the cashier “coupons” downloaded from their smart phone, or tablet..Then they put their EBT card back into their Coach purse, being careful not to break the $75.00 nails they have on..

I have mentioned this before..I have a nephew that is in a wheelchair with a severed spinal cord..When he first moved to GA, he went to apply for food stamps..At the same time that he went, my sister (hepititis from drugs), he ex husband (just out of prison) and another brother went in and applied..Guess which one was turned down? The nephew, because he was told that he lived at home with his Mom and therefore didn’t need help..Really??

@gtmom..Yes, there are those that abuse the system adn that is another big beef with me..I have family in KY and wow is all I can say to some of the things they do there..They can order pizza to be delivered to their house and pay for it with EBT cards..There is also a sit down restaurant up there that you can go in, eat and pay with your EBT card..My neices ex sister in law gets an apartment, food stamps and help with utilities, all because she is to big to work..Yep, to big to work..She’s about a size 16-18..Things that make you go hmmmm..


May 22nd, 2012
2:14 pm


May 22nd, 2012
3:11 pm

I have a co-worker who went out on disability for hurting his back at work about a year and a half ago. He told me once he went out on disability he had absolutely NO intention of returning to work. I’ve seen him at Falcons games, I’ve seen him playing with his two boys, riding bikes, etc. I’ve seen him run up and down the stairs at his home. I informed our boss of this……however, because he was still under doctor’s care, our company could do nothing, i.e fire him. The doctor finally released him, but instead of coming back to work, he went to an attorney, and is now suing our company for being unable to find a job making what he was making here. So he’s suing for $100,000.

I know another lady who was on disability because of a bad back. However, she could go out dancing every Friday night, do her yard work, play with her kids…..but she couldn’t get a job…..

WOW….just WOW!!!!

K's Mom

May 22nd, 2012
3:58 pm

This is a great discussion. Here is my beef with government assistance. My SIL works with a woman who went through a bad divorce and never gets her court ordered child support and is struggling even though she works full time because of having 2 kids and childcare costs. She went to apply for food stamps to get on solid footing and intended to use them for 6 months to a year at most. She was denied because she has a High School diploma and a job. Obviously this goes along with the griped of most posters. Why could this woman who is truly struggling not get assistance when she is obviously doing the right things to help herself?

I clip coupons and keep our grocery bill to a minimum. We use generic formula and only buy it on sale (I cannot nurse due to medication I take). I do have a nice Coach bag that my husband got me when our first son was born (on sale). I do get a pedicure about ebery 4-6 weeks ( and got 2 gift certificates from a friend as a new mommy gify-great idea for a second baby). But I want to scream each week when I have my stack of coupons that I spent over an hour preparing and there are moms in the store with WIC and EBT buying name brand food with no coupons but with expensive bags, expensive nails, expensive hair, and kids in all name brand clothes.


May 22nd, 2012
4:18 pm

@Augusta: I would tend to disagree that the norm for most families is to eat their own dinner but fail to feed their child. Most parents I know would cut off their right leg if it meant the difference between their child eating and starving. I’m really trying to wrap my head around a world where people think this is normal.


May 22nd, 2012
4:54 pm

@K’sMom..Amen..I don’t have a problem with people getting help, but you are right, why can’t people that are trying get help versus the ones that aren’t trying..


May 22nd, 2012
11:44 pm

Free-Reduced lunches are a JOKE! 97% of the kids on the program are not in need. They all spend their lunch money on Ice Cream and Slushies. Kids eat, parents get rich, schools get rich. Tax payers lose!


May 23rd, 2012
12:08 am

I am so tired of going to the grocery store or farmer’s market and buying the few things I can afford, only to see the person in front of me buy a cartload of items on my dime and then hop into a car that costs 6 times what mine does. The food stamp rules need to be changed. If the requirements were similar to those for WIC (only certain healthy staples like eggs, cheese, milk, etc., no prepared foods), I suspect that fewer people would bother to apply for them. My tax dollars should not be buying Cokes and Oreos for people who have chosen to spend money on things (new cars and clothes) that I have denied myself. This makes me furious.