Did you ever fight physically with your siblings?

Henry County police are investigating if a 14-year-old girl stabbed and killed her 13-year-old brother in self defense.

Here is the latest on the story from the AJC:

“Malachi Andrews’ older sister told police she was protecting herself when she fatally stabbed him in the leg, police say.”

” ‘She told investigators it was in self defense,’ Henry County Police spokesman Maj. Jason Bolton said.”

“Andrews, 13,  and his 14-year-old sister were at  home alone on March 14, when a dispute between them turned deadly, police said.”

“The older sibling grabbed a knife and stabbed her brother, then called 9-1-1, Bolton said.”

“The wounded teen, a student at Union Grove Middle School, was taken to DeKalb Medical Center where he died two days later.”

“Authorities still have not determined whether to press charges against the sister, whom police are not identifying.”

” ‘We’re just gathering all the information that we can,’ Bolton said. ‘The [Henry County] district attorney will decide whether to file charges.’ ”

Henry County District Attorney Tommy Floyd said until his office receives the case from investigators, it’s too soon to say whether the teen will be charged.”

” ‘We’ll look at the facts and apply them as the law indicates,’ Floyd said. ‘Just as we do with all cases.’”

The investigation continues.”

I have to say that I totally buy this could be self defense. My brother and I were home alone after school as teenagers. He is three years older than me and we would often fight. And the fights would get physical.

He really knew how to push my buttons to make me mad – just as many siblings do. He would tease me about my big hair or being flat chested. I would get mad and try to hit him (sometimes getting a hit in) and then he would hit me back. (I took some big punches.) Often the disputes would end with him chasing me around the house and me running into a room and trying to lock a door behind me.  (Sometimes the chases were more in fun and sometimes they were more about self-preservation.)

And I do remember one time, my brother chasing me with a big kitchen knife and me running to my neighbor’s house telling her “My brother’s chasing me with a knife.”

I can totally see how this could be a possible scenario for this Henry County brother and sister as well. I hope the police work with the family to sort it out and don’t cause them more pain.

Did you have physical fights with your siblings? Did you hit, punch? Did you ever get chased around the house? Did you have to lock doors? Were knives ever involved?

What do you make of this case?

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March 21st, 2012
6:25 pm

@Bernie – Yes indeed. I’m so sick about that case. Every day I read something new about how that child was murdered and his killer is still not in jail and it breaks my heart…and frightens me.

K's Mom

March 21st, 2012
6:32 pm

@ Denise and Bernie, I am no attorney, but since the 911 operator told the shooter not to follow the victim, isn’t there something they can hold him on? The “stand your ground” law does not seem to apply since this guy followed the victim. Also, someone reported yesterday that this Zimmerman guy had 41 calls to police in the past year for similar stuff. He obviously was violent, looking for trouble and crazy on top of it.


March 21st, 2012
6:46 pm

honestly, me and my brother would get physical but never to the point where i ever thought about stabbing him . malachi andrews was a friend of mine and he never seemed like that violent of a person . did he have a knife or anything? i think she should be charged . there is no excuse for a 13 boy to die , and especially when the sister is older . the fight was about how malachi broke his sisters phone . i think he would have been the one who would have to defend himself . girls get pissed off when it comes down to there phone , and maybe she got so mad she just grabbed a knife because of rage . but he shouldnt have died because of her anger issues .

K's Mom

March 21st, 2012
7:01 pm

Re:Trayvon Martin

NBC just had the author of the “stand your ground” legislation on their nightly news program. The author said that the law in no way applied in an instance where the gunmen pursued the victim. This report also said cops in this town are saying that Zimmerman did not follow the victim and that Trayvon attacked zimmerman. Considering there are 911 calls refuting that, it seems there are some dirty cops on top of a nutjob rent a cop. It is so heartbreaking for this family.


March 21st, 2012
7:09 pm

Why would AJC open this subject up with almost no facts and dealing with minors!


March 21st, 2012
7:58 pm

“Only” child here. No fighting.

My three children never fought physically, and rarely had words. I would have beat them up if they had! They were cheerleaders for each other.

close friend

March 21st, 2012
8:18 pm

you all are parents right ???? so me being 14 my mother tells me if i dont have any thing nice to say dont say it all!!! and it hurts me to see that parents are talking about it the parents fault ??? noo.. and the question states have you ever been in a fight with a sibling not who do blame ! get it together !!!

Mulch 47401

March 22nd, 2012
2:51 am

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you are a disgrace!

March 22nd, 2012
5:38 am

How can you use the death of a young boy at the hands of his sister as a Mommy blog topic? hey guys, you ever, like, kill a sib or stuff like that? totally not me and stuff (twirling hair and smacking gum). You owe this family an apology, you should quit or AJC should fire you. You wont do either and AJC apparently doesn’t really give a damn.


March 22nd, 2012
6:21 am

I was the youngest of 3. Both my sisters could kick my butt, and they did, on a rotating basis. One would have my back, but the other would be mad at me. I can remember being totally p*ssed off at “the middle child” and throwing a knife at her. It missed, but it did break a window…..oops. As far as the issue that prompted this article- unless we were there in that house, we really can’t comment. No telling what really happened. We just know the outcome.


March 22nd, 2012
7:21 am

I am late to this one, but it brings such good memories of things I did to my brothers and sister. I was the youngest and could use that coin to get away with stuff, which I did whenever I got the chance.

1.) Brother 1 teasing me about my mom – wait till he wasn’t looking, pick up a length of chain laying there, and whack him across the back very hard with it. He had to go to the hospital, and since I was protecting mom, I had nothing to worry about. Hell, I was cute.
2.) Brother 2 wouldn’t let me hit the baseball…kept moving the ball away – wait till he wasn’t looking and bash him with the bat that he neglected to take away from me, after teasing me mercilessly. He was mad, surprised, but knew that it was his fault, so he teased me with more caution after that…more attention to possible weapons laying around, but teased mercilessly, nevertheless.
3.) Sister had kittens that looked pretty cool, but she nastily wouldn’t let me near them – wait till she is not around and feed them lighter fluid. (I have no memory of why I engaged in this act of animal cruelty, as at the time, I loved, had, and raised/protected animals…it must have been my Jeffrey Dahmer moment.)
4.) Brother 1 loved to hunt but wouldn’t let me handle the really cool shotgun he usually took – wait till he left the loaded shotgun laying on his bed, pull the trigger, and blow a 12 gauge hole in the wall that is probably still there in that house. He got in a boatload of trouble for that one, but he still continued to shoot the shotgun for little brother, whenever the parents left the house. It made what sounded like a stick of dynamite noise to a little kid…really cool.

There were many more of these events, but there was much more big sibling protecting little brother, sometimes from little brother himself. After all they were my big brothers and sister and appeared as Gods to me. They went and did stuff that I just knew that I had to do, once I got old enough…told me stories about amazing things and places, some that I am still searching for today. They were a huge/major part in the formation of my own character. When I tell them that now, and I do tell them just that, they just shrug it off, but I know the truth. Without them in my life torturing, teasing, and teaching me, I would not be the same person that I am today.
Thanks Bros and Sis. You did a good job.

Warrior Woman

March 22nd, 2012
9:54 am

@TechMom – If it was really self-defense, why would you require anger management counseling? If it was self-defense, the one that likely needed anger management counseling is dead.

As for TWG’s questions: No, my siblings and I never had physical fights, although we did argue. Maybe things were never physical because there are big age gaps between each of us, or maybe because my parents would NEVER have tolerated such behavior.


March 22nd, 2012
9:55 am

Re: Trayvon Martin – This is beyond heartbreaking…it is a disgrace. Now Zimmerman’s neighbor is coming up with “well, he was just on edge because of other robberies”. So what? Now you can go shooting people who are unarmed AND walking AWAY from you “in self defense” because of something that happened BEFORE? And he STILL hasn’t been arrested! There is a protest tonight or tomorrow with buses leaving Atlanta today. I wish I had known about it. I’m not a militant or a big protester but I may have considered going for this one. This man is NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH…I thought the key word was WATCH…not SHOOT.


March 22nd, 2012
11:05 am

My brother and I had the occassional fight, but we got along for the most part. When we did try and throw something, the whippings were enough to make us think twice about physically fighting again. He just mostly got on my nerves by touching my stuff and harassing me and my friends.

Oldest of 3 and now mother of 2

March 22nd, 2012
12:46 pm

My siblings and I were all 2 years apart and there was always an odd man out. It was usually me. The two younger ones loved to gang up on me…more to irritate me than to hurt me. I personally never resorted to weapons but as a teenager, my sister (middle child) threatened to cut me in my sleep. I installed extra locks on my bedroom door. My sister and brother were fighting once and my brother was chasing her w/ a hockey stick (we still use to lock the sliding glass door). I tried to break it up and he swung around and took out my kneecap. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but I know his punishment wasn’t nearly what he deserved. He was supposed to be my slave until I was off crutches…he got me ONE coke!!! My sister and I had knock down drag out physical fights and my mom gave up on trying to break us up…she just told us to take it outside and more often then not, it ended w/ me locked out of the house and my sister making faces at me through the window. We out grew it….mostly.


March 22nd, 2012
5:00 pm

I got in a fight with my brother…..once.

Soccer Milf

March 22nd, 2012
5:01 pm

I used to fight with my sisters over our fathers beamer. I curbed stomped her bro!


March 22nd, 2012
7:04 pm

i got to ugms and today we are having a memorial for him… so sad to see him go!

you are a disgrace!

March 22nd, 2012
10:39 pm

teresa, you want to explain to Jacey why you casually used the loss of his or her 8th grade classmate into a mom blog topic? Can you be anymore detached from reality? The tragic death of a Henry County(after all its south of 20 and OTP) minority means nothing more to you than a distant reason to chat about your innocuous, sheltered childhood.

Longtime Friend

March 23rd, 2012
1:16 am

I know this family very well.I knew these children as they were growing up..They are not from Ga. These siblings are truly great kids,church going as they grew up. The parents of these children are kind,loving,and has always been very much involved in all 3 of the children lives. Iam reading these comments and Iam more shocked by the judgemental views of some of you. I was married into the family and I have known this family for over 12 years. Iam a mother myself and I cant possibly imagine the heartache from such a tragedy.The Andrews siblings have always been well taken cared of and well loved. This could as well have happened to my own children or perhaps yours.Let us stand with this family and not against them during such a sorrowful time. Let us pray for this family and continue to keep them in our prayers.

A Friend

March 24th, 2012
7:48 pm

@ Voice

Apparently you have nothing else to do but try and provoke people on blogs, and that’s OK. Your right. But this situation is not a laughing matter, nor is any when a childs dies. We all go through trials and tribulations and I pray that when your time comes there is an overwhelming support for you that changes your insensitivity. Nothing Follows.


March 27th, 2012
4:35 pm

Okay, you people scare the heck out of me!! I think I may buy a gun now.
I had a younger sister (3 yrs) and we NEVER physically fought. Heck, we barely had any arguments. I thought that was normal. Apparently not.
I now have two boys (10 & 12) and they might hit the other one (the youngest usually does it) about twice a year, but then the “fight” is over. They have too much fun playing to fight anyway. Especially since they know we do not tolerate hitting at all, and the punishments are severe (no, not corporal punishment!), or at least to youngsters (no tv, computer, wii, etc). Maybe it’s because they’re home schooled?
Where are the parents during all these fights? Maybe you guys were left alone too much.