Awesome preschool ideas to raise money and have fun

The big event at Transporation Day is the medivac helicopter that lands. The kids get to climb in and explore.

The big event at Transporation Day is the medivac helicopter that lands. The kids get to climb in and explore.

I wanted to share a couple of awesome ideas that our preschool has done lately. One is a fundraiser for the school and the other was just a super fun and educational day for the kids.

Every year our preschool does Transportation Day, and it has become a huge community event. They ask businesses to bring in different types of transportation to the school parking lot for the community families to explore. So they had basic things like a school bus, ambulance and fire truck. But they also had a cable truck with the bucket lift, a boat, jet skis, a moving van and crazy collectible cars.

The highlight of Transportation Day is a medivac helicopter that lands at the school in the morning. The kids all get there early to see it land. Then they get to sit in it and have their pictures taken wearing the flight helmet. (Let’s hope no one had lice.)

So all of that part is free to bring the people in but then they have carnival type games, a petting zoo, cake walk and really fantastic raffle baskets to bid on. The parents in the preschool provide all the stuff for the baskets and cake walk. There also are food trucks and the entertainment provided by local dance groups and musicians.

The local newspaper reported that 4,000 people showed up on that Saturday morning. I haven’t asked how much they made on it but I bet it was a lot.

The kids thought it was so much fun. The community really looks forward to it, and the school made a boatload of money.

The second event was Bike Safety Day. All the kids brought their helmets and bikes or scooters to school. The school had a bunch of policemen come in and talk to the kids all about bike safety. Then they went out and rode a course to practice their new skills and have fun. The kids just loved it. They adored bringing their bikes to the preschool and showing all their friends they could ride. My 5-year-old told us all about practicing looking both ways and riding with her friends.

What are some favorite events or fundraisers at your schools or preschools?

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March 15th, 2012
9:25 am

This sounds like so much fun! Most kids have never seen a helicopter up close, I bet they loved it!

The biggest funraiser at my kids’ school was a bi-annual auction/dinner. Tickets were pricey, but since it was only once every two years, it wasn’t too bad. The auction had cool stuff like a round of golf for three people with Jack Nicklaus, etc., etc. They usually made around $100,000 or so. Other events were a fall carnival. They did the usual Sally Foster sale, and one of the committees was in charge of the bulk purchasing of school supplies for the elementary school, so that parents who wanted to could just send in a check and have all the supplies ready and waiting on their child’s desk on the first day of school. Most parents did that, it fell in the sweet spot of being cheaper than going out to get it yourself, and it was priced high enough to make a nice little profit after buying the supplies in bulk.


March 15th, 2012
10:01 am

That’s awesome – the kids at our school would love it! Nothing that interesting here, though. They did just have a local officer come in and talk about stranger danger and have a book fair. We are lame by comparison!

K's Mom

March 15th, 2012
11:25 am

Those are great ideas. K is starting preschool in the fall and I will keep these in mind if ideas are solicited….


March 15th, 2012
11:45 am

LOVE the school auctions. I dropped $750.00 at the elementary school, when my daughter was there 10 years ago and got lots of wonderful things! I wish I could go more often but am typically out of town.


March 16th, 2012
8:47 am

Our elementary school did the “pre-purchase” of school supplies, but when we got to school at the pre-school meet-and-greet we found out that the teachers:
1) Decided they didn’t like the pens that were picked out
2) They wanted a different style of notebook
3) Could we also send in a different type of pencil

etc etc

Committee-made decisions bite!