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Teach kids what Fourth of July really means

Dad Days of Summer: While Momania’s Theresa Walsh Giarrusso takes a vacation, local dad and sportswriter Andy Johnston will be filling in. You can e-mail him

When kids are 4 or 5, you’re never sure what their minds grasp. I’m happy if Ty’s is focused on something other than Lego, candy, cartoons or digging in the dirt for more than 10 minutes.

Andy and his son Ty.

Andy and his son Ty.

He grasps things quickly – when he wants to – and one of the things I’m glad he’s learned what the American flag looks like.

We bought one for our front porch more than a year ago. He wanted to know what it was and why we were putting it on our house.

I told him that we lived in America and that the flag was a symbol of our country. I’m sure I said a lot of other wise things about freedom and patriotism and George Washington and the Declaration of Independence and stuff like that, all of which led to his response of something like: “That’s red. That’s white. That’s blue. It has stars on …

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