RECALL: 2 more cribs recalled for danger!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled two more brands of cribs at the end of last week. (Sorry I didn’t get the notice up sooner!)

It recalled the Graco-branded Lajobi drop-sided cribs and Simplicity fixed and drop-sided cribs with tubular metal frames. Both have the same hazard – babies and toddlers can strangle and suffocate in them.

From the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web site:

“Graco-branded Lajobi drop-side cribs have now been added to the list of recalled cribs because the hardware can break or fail, allowing the drop side to detach from the crib.”

“CPSC and LaJobi have received 99 reports of drop-side incidents. In two of them, children became entrapped in the gap created by the detached drop side and were freed by their caregivers. Six other children fell through the gap, including one who sustained a mild concussion.”

Since 2007, CPSC has recalled more than 7 million drop-side cribs in which children have died or been injured. Parents and caregivers who own a drop-side crib should check the crib’s brand and label against CPSC crib recalls.”

Here is a blog from the Consumer Product Safety Commission with all the specifics on the problems with the cribs and the recalls.

Also see info about the medicine recall!!!

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