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What are good shows for ‘family movie nights?’

I grew up watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Jaques Cousteau explore the oceans. I also loved those Disney nature movies we would get to watch at school when it was raining outside.

It’s tough these days to come up with shows like these classics that the whole family can enjoy together. When we choose a show for a family movie night it invariably pleases one sex (ie princess or super hero) more than another.

We have missed having options like Wild Kingdom to watch with our kids so we have been thrilled by the new Discovery Channel series “Life,” narrated by Oprah Winfrey.

While Oprah’s voice is pleasing and serene, it’s really the amazing, never-before-seen footage of animals in their natural habitats that we find so compelling. We’ve watched pelicans fly and steal other baby birds to eat because overfishing has depleted their natural prey. We have watched birds decorate their nests with colorful flowers to attract mates and we’ve also seen cheetahs …

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Oversharing on Facebook?

I have become one of THOSE people.

I am officially oversharing on Facebook. Not so much words (although I know that’s hard to believe) but photos!

With my new phone I can shoot photos (it’s always with me wherever I am with the kids) and upload them to Facebook in two clicks. It’s just too easy.

Before if I wanted to upload a photo I would have to plug in my camera, download to my desktop and then upload to an album on Facebook. Friends got to see the big stuff but not the mundane.

Now they’re getting every spill my kids make (I literally posted the salt and pepper shakers that Lilina dumped out on my carpet), every science experiment they are making and dishes that I am cooking. God forbid we should actually go someplace interesting with my phone.

Are you one of THOSE people oversharing (words or photos) on Facebook? Is it because your mobile phone uploads so easy?

How much is too much from your friends? How many photos of their kids or their activities do you want …

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Can 90 % of moms breastfeed without workplace reform?

The journal Pediatrics reported yesterday that the lives of nearly 900 babies would be saved each year, along with billions of dollars, if 90 percent of U.S. women fed their babies breast milk only for the first six months of life.

I’ve shared before that I breastfed each of my kids about 18 months each. I feel very strongly about the importance of nursing, but I also never went back to work outside of the home.

Neither of my first two children would even take a bottle they were so used to being fed on the breast. (My mother would call me home from dates with my husband because Rose absolutely refused to eat anything from a bottle.)

What if I had gone back to work? What would I have done?

I know multiple women who developed breast infections when they did go back to work because their employer did not give them adequate time to pump. And even when they did get to pump some of the babies turned up their noses at the breastmilk from bottles and the mothers had to use formula …

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It’s Spring Break!!

Here they are all ready for church Easter morning.

Here they are all ready for church Easter morning.

It’s our 4th Spring Break together here on the blog and I think we’ve just about covered all the Spring Break topics — your teens going to party, whether to take a family trip or stay home, how late to let them stay up, how late to let them sleep. So I think we’re going to have to talk about news events this week. I’ll work on that today. But for right now I’m quickly posting a few photos from our Easter and giving you a couple of updates on past topics. I hope you guys had a great holiday weekend.

Couple of quick updates: The kids did awesome at all three church services. They listened and followed along and could answer questions about what was happening after the services.

Unrelated to Easter, my cell phone died last week, (I was holding in my teeth to wash my hands and it dropped into the sink. It only got a little bit wet but alas it was dead.) and so I did actually buy a new phone this weekend!! We’re calling it a …

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How does the Easter Bunny bounce at your house?

I am wondering how you guys play Easter Bunny? What do you put in their baskets? What candy is a must? Do they like the Peeps? (They’re so cute but nobody really wants to eat them at our house! Check out this blog with creative Peeps.) Do you do the Cadbury eggs? What about jellybeans? How big are the chocolate bunnies you buy?

Do you hide actual hard boiled eggs around the house to hunt? We always did that as children, and I can remember my mom leaving them in the center of the kitchen table for days and we would all be EATING them! Can you imagine?

Michael put his foot down about hiding real eggs. He’s too afraid we’ll forget one and it will stink up the house. If it were up to him we wouldn’t even dye the eggs. He hates any process that is messy like that. (Don’t even get him started on the cellophane grass in the Easter baskets. Holy cow does he hate that stuff!)

We usually hide plastic eggs filled with candy. We have to hide the eggs in the basement though …

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How much church can kids take in a week?

It’s Holy Thursday for the Christians out there and my kids don’t know it yet, but we’re heading to church tonight for services.

And they’re off from school tomorrow for Good Friday but instead of heading out to the zoo or the park for the day, we’ll be heading over to the church in the afternoon.

They do get Saturday off, but as soon as they check out their Easter baskets, they’ll be heading back to church Sunday morning.

Before we had kids I would go  multiple services throughout Holy Week and, I finally feel like my kids are finally old enough to really take part in these worship experiences. (The 3-year-old isn’t old enough, but she usually does pretty well in church with an Elmo book and some Cheerios.)

I can remember taking Rose when she was 2 to the Good Friday services, and it was miserable. She was so disruptive I finally got up and left. I didn’t attempt Good Friday services again until last year.

The teens in the parish act out the Stations of the …

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