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What do you want from your Parent-Teacher Conference?

Gwinnett County has its parent-teacher conferences this week so I’ve been thinking a lot about that experience.

I have a theory about parent-teacher conferences: I think they’re a lot like yearly job reviews for adults.  I don’t ever think what’s being said should be a surprise. I think employees and parents should be pretty much aware week-to-week of how they or their child is doing.

If there are surprises at a conference then clearly there’s been some break in communication with the teacher (fault could be on either side).

Even thought I pretty well know how my kids are doing grade wise and conduct wise from the Friday weekly folders and from looking through their work, I am often more interested to learn at conferences about how they are working and interacting with their peers and teachers. I want to know how they are doing socially, how they are developing. Are they excited to be there? Are they vocal in class? Are they shy in class? What are their work habits – fast, …

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Funny parody of “Empire State of Mind”: Ga. gives you ‘Peach State of Mind’

A friend of mine on Facebook who I often swap parenting advice and check out baby photos (This is how I am justifying posting this on Momania) just posted a very funny parody of Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.” It’s called “Peach State of Mind.” It’s very funny and Coke will love all the free publicity. I like seeing all the shots from around Georgia, and enjoy the chorus about a humid town. The friend who posted this often posts very funny comments and photos about his kids. See Facebook is useful!

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Parenting via Facebook: Vomit reports and baby advice

I have been anxiously anticipating a round of stomach virus to hit our house based on what my friends from our school and other schools in the metro area are reporting on Facebook.

Much like the local weatherman, the status reports on Facebook tell parents what viruses are in the area and which ones of their friends’ kids they should be currently avoiding.

My neighbor told me this morning at the bus stop that her son had been throwing up all night. She’s not on Facebook so she didn’t know it’s been all the buzz.

I told her all my friends on Facebook have been reporting that their kids have it.

How long does it last she asked? Does it have a fever?

I told her no one had written anything about a fever, just that it lasts for days and was passing from child to child. Also told her to be careful with dehydration. One of our friends reported a hospital visit for IVs because her child had become so dehydrated.

I posted yesterday that Theresa Walsh Giarrusso “is baby with strep.”

And …

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