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Are you already working on Christmas?

It’s Nov. 3 ladies, how far along are you on Christmas?

About three weeks ago an old friend announced on Facebook that she had just finished her Christmas cards! It totally stressed me out!  About a week later, she announced that had finished a bunch of her Christmas shopping online.

Is this friend uber- organized or just plain crazy? (I think there’s a fine line.)

I was inspired (panicked?) by her getting a jump on things and decided to get a little ahead myself. After the kids went to bed on Halloween night,  I uploaded a bunch of photos and designed our Christmas cards on It is a relief to have that project done.

I also started working on another time-consuming holiday project – a calendar filled with photos of the kids and family for both sets of grandparents. (I even make two versions of the calendar so the Giarrussos aren’t looking at Walshes and vice versa.) I think I’ve got about five months done so far.

I also bought a few Christmas presents last …

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How often are you getting out?

(To avoid confusing my seafood man at the Publix I will clarify the blog schedule for this week and next. Theresa will be writing Monday and Tuesday of this week and then Keith will fill in Wednesday to the next Wednesday. I will have one blog during that time because we swapped out the Halloween one for a blog to be named later. If you get confused, just look at the byline to know which one of us is writing.)

My girlfriend in Buckhead goes out once a week for a girls’ night. It’s costing her a fortune because her friends don’t choose Waffle House, but her sanity seems intact.

I have another friend on Facebook who goes hiking with her girlfriends on her day off. Now you know I wouldn’t choose that particular activity but how luxurious to have an entire day with your friends. (She also has a nanny, which is how she can leave for an entire day and not worry about kids getting off the bus – also luxurious.)

I realized after my friend told me that she was getting out once a week …

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