Nagging evolves: Are you nagging by text now?

The Washington Post reports that there’s a new trend in how parents are communicating with their kids – it’s called nagging via text messaging!

Parents are texting their kids the things they usually would say to them as they walked out the door in the morning or called them to say by phone such as: Don’t forget your homework!, Where are you? Who are you with?

From the Washington Post story:

“Some digitally inspired nagging is an evolution of necessity, parents say, because many teens do not answer phone calls from Mom or Dad, especially in the company of friends. Text allows nagging remotely — and discreetly.”

“Take Marcia Malloy. The 58-year-old Leesburg mom of five frequently sends her high school-age daughter texts of just one word:

Update. …”

“At Gaithersburg High School, Principal Christine Handy-Collins says so many parents text students during school hours that she made a point of discouraging the practice at a recent freshman orientation.”

“When students are caught receiving text messages in violation of school policies, an increasing number, she says, have offered the same defense: ‘Look, I swear to God — it was my mom.’ “

Are you nagging by text? What do your topics to nag about usually include? Does your teen take it better by text than on the phone or in person? Do you find it is more discreet? Do they catch your tone via text? Do you text during school hours? Has it been an effective way to communicate?

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September 9th, 2009
7:22 am

Guess I am a bit too picky as I was trying to figure out that if birthdays would be this week and next
( as I mentioned and not the last week of September) , the babies would be quite a bit early and not just a few weeks, if they were conceived in January. I counted it out 4 times to see if I was going crazy!

Wonder about this…since all areas do not get cold in the winter, are more babies born in September born to parents who live where it is colder then? I was born in Chicago….anyone?


September 9th, 2009
7:26 am

I think Sept. babies have a lot to do with New Year’s Eve celebrations.


September 9th, 2009
9:28 am

I think you’re right, fk. Isn’t 37 weeks considered full term and not preemie? 37 weeks after Jan 1 is Sept 17. I have so many birthday cards to send out starting early next week (the 13th) through about October 8.