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Who should rear Michael Jackson’s kids?

Michael Jackson’s memorial service will be held Tuesday but the fate of his children is far from settled.

Should Debbie Rowe get custody of the two oldest Jackson kids? (AP File Photo)

Should Debbie Rowe get custody of the two oldest Jackson kids? (AP File Photo)

Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe has not said that she intends to fight for custody of two of Jackson’s children, but she did win a court delay that would enable her to prepare for a custody battle. Rowe’s children with Jackson are: Michael Joseph “Prince” Jr., 12, and Paris Michael Katherine, 11.

Jackson has a third child Prince Michael Jackson II, 7, with an as yet unidentified woman.

Jackson’s will stated that his 79-year-old mother Katherine Jackson should raise the children if he died.

However, the Boston reports that Rowe has a good chance to win:

” ‘You cannot pass on your children like a stamp collection or a stock portfolio,’ said Suffolk University law professor Erik Pritchal. ‘While the parent’s choice carries some weight, the court makes the final decision based on what …

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Best July 4th celebrations for families?

Our guest blogger today is Michelle L. McCarthy. She emails me with her real name, so I’m not sure what name she uses on the blog. I’ve been so focused on my brother that I totally forgot this weekend was July 4th. I’m glad Michelle didn’t forget! I appreciate so much everyone pitching in to help this week. I have several blogs that I didn’t get to use but I will try to intersperse them in during the next few weeks. My brother is still critical and in ICU. They couldn’t take out the ventilator so now he’s on a feeding tube. On that cheerful note, here’s Michelle’s July 4th blog:

With the upcoming 4th of July holiday, do you have big plans?  Do you celebrate in a traditional way with family and friends or splurge and travel out of town to experience new things?

When I was growing up (ok, and into adulthood), every holiday was a reason for the family to get together and celebrate!  We would all bring food, drinks, games and movies to one person’s house and enjoy the …

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What children’s books do you hate to read to your kids?

Our guest host today is BeanMommy! She blogs at Here’s what she wrote:

Something just made me think about the book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.

I wanted to like it. I really did. The idea was so sweet. The ending was so touching. So many people love it.

But … this is a book where they have a woman drive in the middle of the night — repeatedly — to her adult son’s house with a LADDER strapped to the roof of her car. Then she climbs into his bedroom so she can hold him while he sleeps.


Imagine if this book was written with the genders reversed.

The other children’s book that irritates me, for completely different reasons, is “The Rainbow Fish.” I always refer to it as “The Socialist Fish.” I have never read it to my children, and probably never will.

And I know I’m in the minority, but don’t even get me started on Roald Dahl. Creepy, creepy, creepy … I used to have nightmares about “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate …

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What would you change if you had it to do all over again?

(Editor’s Note: My brother is doing better but is still critical and in ICU. They were able to take out the balloon pump in his heart and his new heart is pumping on its own! They are hoping to take out the ventilator soon — another major step! My throat is sore so I wasn’t able to see him last night. I can’t decide if I have a cold or if it’s from sleeping under a vent in the hospital waiting room for several nights. I’m hoping I can see him today! He should be more aware and less drugged up! I appreciate all our community pitching in during this time of crisis.)

Our guest blogger today is DB, and she sent in a great one! Here’s what she wrote:

Well, I’ve reached that stage of my life where my children are young adults.  I’m less of a “mom” and more of a “life coach on call.”  I am sending my youngest, my daughter, off to college in six weeks, and at that point, I will not have anyone to shake out of bed in the morning, no one to fix breakfast for, no laundry to sort, no …

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