‘People’ names new hottest bachelors: Who’s your crush?

Chris Pine is on "People" magazine's list of hottest bachelors. He's one of my Top 5 Married Crushes, but he can't show up in this particular suit. (AP)

Chris Pine is on "People" magazine's Hottest Bachelor list. He's on my list of Top 5 Married Crushes, he just can't show up in that outfit. (AP)

“People” magazine named its HOTTEST Bachelors, and I love to take that as an opportunity for us to discuss our married crushes. We started this tradition a few years back and think it’s nice to update our lists of who we think are hot – other than our husbands.

I am clearly getting old because all of People’s hottest bachelors seem like babies.

Chace Crawford, from “Gossip Girls”, was name the No. 1 Hottest Bachelor.  Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Shia LaBeouf were also on the list. (Pattinson’s head it too big and Shia just seems like a kid!) Here is a gallery of some of People’s hottest bachelors.

People’s Sexiest Men alive seem to be more my age! Last fall they honored, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Blair Underwood and Jon Hamm. All of whom I could actually see myself dating – in theory!  I think I’d get arrested for even hanging out with Chace Crawford.

Robert Pattinson is on the "People" list but not on mine.

Robert Pattinson is on the "People" magazine's list but not mine.

So here is my list of my TOP 5 Married Crushes (in descending order of course!):

5. Jon Hamm - I love him on “Mad Men” but am disappointed in how he comes across in real life. I would want him in character as Don Draper of “Mad Men” not as Jon Hamm.

4. Chris Pine - The new Captain James T. Kirk is actually on People’s Hottest Bachelor list, but he seems a little older than the others. I loved him in “The Princess Diaries 2,” and he’s super hot in the new “Star Trek.” I thought it was him and Lt. Uhura making out in the trailer but it’s not – big bummer!

3. Hugh Jackman - He has a great personality on top of a hot body. He was adorable hosting the Oscars.  Plus he’s really devoted to his wife, which makes him all the more desirable.

2. Bobby Flay - I’m hoping to meet him one day at a Food Network event! I love his confidence and attitude. We’d fight constantly but it would be hot making up!

Talk about a no-brainer! Daniel Craig is No. 1 on my list!

Talk about a no-brainer! Daniel Craig is No. 1 on my list!

1. Daniel Craig – I have been watching his Bond movies at night while Michael has been out of town. Yowza he’s hot! (That’s right I just wrote Yowza!)

Eric Bana has been on my list in year’s past but his turn as a Romulan in the new “Star Trek” movie has ruined him for me. (That and the terrible poker movie he made with Drew Barrymore!! Ughh!)

So give us your TOP 5 Married Crushes. Also let us know what you think of the new crop of “People’s” Hottest Jailbait – oh I mean Bachelors!

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June 19th, 2009
11:29 am

Neither of these is in any particular order:


Megan Fox.
Olivia Wilde
Kelly Preston
Ashley Greene (played Alice in Twilight)
Miranda Lambert.
Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Guys I only WISH I could be:

Patrick Dempsey.
Hugh Jackman.
Laurence Fishburne.
Viggo Mortensen.
Brad Paisley.
Will Smith.


June 19th, 2009
11:29 am

Nobody’s mentioned Christian Bale.

Though after his temper tantrum some time back he’s at least temporarily off my list…


June 19th, 2009
11:29 am

Jessie’s Girl – You’re right about that! 8)

Speaking of Jessie’s Girl, Rick Springfield was my man when I was a teen! Loved him then, love him now.

Super Dad

June 19th, 2009
11:33 am

I think the only reason I ever watched an episode of According to Jim was to see Courtney Thorn Smith and Kimberly Williams Paisley.


June 19th, 2009
11:39 am

5. Denzel Washington 4. Borris Kodjoe 3. Rick Fox 2. Steve Burton (General Hospital) 1. Gary Dourdan (CSI)


June 19th, 2009
11:41 am

This is my first time posting but I read this all of time! I had to put my five gents in….ha ha
Mark Walhberg (a little short but I’d make an exception),
Josh Duhmel (words cannot say how hot this man is)
Colin Firth
Freddie Prinze Jr (don’t laugh, he is cute)
The guys from Brothers & Sisters (Rob Lowe, Balthazar Getty, and the guy who plays Justin, and also Kevin’s Boyfriend).

and by the way, Clark Howard? Seriously?


June 19th, 2009
11:57 am

James Belushi..Michael Wetherly (NCIS)..Damon Wayans..

YUKI, I think Freddie Prinze is very hot..


June 19th, 2009
11:58 am

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Tim McGraw or Keith Urban…ooh la la!!


June 19th, 2009
12:01 pm

TOBY KEITH……and honey, you can leave that hat ON…


June 19th, 2009
12:03 pm

Mmmmm mmmm -I love me some Taylor Kirsch! He’s 11 years younger, so at least I wouldn’t be arrested! The others do nothing for me and make me feel like I need to fix them a snack or check if their laundry is clean….

As for top 5 married crushes -here are my 5 -some married, some not but all HOT!

1. Josh Holloway (Sawyer on LOST) -yum, yum, DOUBLE YUM!!! He’s my “free pass” -as if that would ever happen.

2. Naveen Andrews (Sayid on LOST) -also REALLY yummy. I’ve been a big fan since “The English Patient” when he played the Sikh bomb disabler who has a fling with Juliet Binoche.

3. This is kind of disgusting seeing as how I wept for them as a grown woman when their mother died, but I think both Prince Harry and Prince William are sexy young fellows….

4. John Stewart-he’s cute, sexy and I do love a smarta**

5. Brad Pitt -OK -he’s gotten a bit larger than life, but sometimes he really still does it for me -and I could watch “Legends of the Fall” over and over and over….


June 19th, 2009
12:07 pm

OH -and a bonus -Anthony Bourdain. Not so much good-looking, but something very sexy there. I think traveling, eating and drinking with him would be a fabulous experience (and I like his smarta**y sense of humor too).


June 19th, 2009
12:21 pm

Mike Rowe…….something sexy about him…..


June 19th, 2009
12:22 pm

JJ, I’m with you on Toby Keith..
JATL, I agree with you on number 3, they are both adorable and I’m old enough to be Mom to both of them…Also, I think Brad Pitt has gotten much better looking as he has aged…

Jesse's Girl

June 19th, 2009
12:24 pm

I agree about Anthony Bourdain…he’s not much to look at given the fact that he looks just this side of crack-head…but to hang with him would be super cool!
And yes…Clark Howard…he’s my guilty pleasure. He makes saving money look even better!


June 19th, 2009
12:37 pm

Love Edward Norton. It helps that my husband a little more than resembles him.

And Steve Carrell, is that weird?

Jesse's Girl

June 19th, 2009
12:41 pm

I love lamp! (love me some steve carrell too…the funy ones are awesome)


June 19th, 2009
12:44 pm

jrabbit time!!!

Teacher, Too

June 19th, 2009
12:52 pm

Fun topic today! My top five in no particular order:

Andy Roddick
Tom Brady
George Strait
Harry Connick, Jr (something about that LA accent)

No one’s mentioned Jamie Foxx- he can sing me a George Strait song anytime. Did anyone see him on the Tribute show to George–yummy!


June 19th, 2009
1:00 pm

They guy who plays Bill on Still Standing. Something about him is just SO cute……


June 19th, 2009
1:20 pm

George Strait – most definately…
Tom Cruise (Top Gun time, not now)
Russ Spencer on Fox 5
Jesse Martin from Law and Order
Billy Ray Cyrus


June 19th, 2009
1:49 pm

Teresa, I don’t know ANY of the ones you listed!

In no special order: Robert Redford, Sam Watterson, Paul McCartney, Yul Brenner (yeah, I know he’s dead), Ryan O’Neal, Leonard Nimoy when younger, the odd-acting guy on Ally McBeal, Sean Connery.


June 19th, 2009
2:07 pm

There’s only one on my list. If you aren’t a scifi fan, you won’t know who he is, but Michael Shanks is the hottest man on the planet.


June 19th, 2009
2:25 pm

I know who Michael Shanks is and yes, he’s hot. He was on Burn Notice on USA last season. Good to see him on TV again. I miss Ben Browder too. Love Colin Ferguson on Eureka.

Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

June 19th, 2009
2:38 pm

JJ == I think your imposter should be gone now — I’ve been told he/she/it has been banned — let’s see it it’s taken effect.

Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

June 19th, 2009
2:40 pm

Guys — read this story — so sad — Little girl was dying and she just wanted to see UP! before she died. Pixar flew her out a DVD and let her watch it at home. She died within hours after — so sad!!!



June 19th, 2009
2:45 pm

OMG, I can not believe that no one has talked about Sam Worrington (Terminator Salvation). He is SO HOT!!!!! Everytime he as on the screen I could barely breath. The first thing I did when I got home from the theather was go to IMDB so that I could find every movie he has ever been in. I will watch ANYTHING that he is in. YUM!

Also, the guy who played George Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. Very goodlooking.


June 19th, 2009
2:46 pm

Oh, I forgot the guy who plays Eric on True Blood. I have yet to look up his name but he is also yummy!


June 19th, 2009
3:22 pm

I googled Michael Shanks and yep, he’s hot…

Theresa, what a wonderful heartbreaking story..


June 19th, 2009
3:45 pm

Thanks for blocking the imposter Theresa.

I can’t read stories about children dying, especially the young ones. It just breaks my heart. My mother used to work with children with cancer and she would come home and talk about these brave children, and just cry. I can’t just handle it.


June 19th, 2009
3:45 pm

Not fair, just shipped my man off and now we start talking about other men. #1 on my list is my hubby, just because he was my fantasy come true and I thank God every day for giving me a second chance with him. But the ooohh baby, if I could have one chance to make them squeal I’d go with Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert (Original Highlander), Matthew Macfadyen (as Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice), Will Smith (his ears), Toby Keith (Yum), John Wayne (he was a man), Robin Williams (his hairy body), Danial Craig. I guess accents, hairy and big ears…


June 19th, 2009
3:53 pm

What a wonderful story about the dying little girl. I teared up reading it. My daughter and I just saw it (paid extra for 3D too). I am so glad the child got to see it before she died.

[...] married crushes are quite common, check out Momania and her [...]

Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

June 19th, 2009
4:12 pm

Guys – here’s another angle on the crushes — Crushes on coworkers!! Check out this related blog:



June 19th, 2009
4:41 pm

My # 1 used to be Robert Urick but he died years ago.

Matt McCaughney, Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond on Lost), Dewayne Johnson, Ryan Kwantan (Jason on True Blood), Rob Pattz (for the record he is 23 and he digs the older woman vibe), David Tennant (the 10th Dr Who), Tyler Florence, Bobby Dean (Paula’s son), David DeLuise (Wizards of Waverly’s Jerry Russo), Hugh Jackman

Y’all can have Clooney UGH!


June 19th, 2009
4:56 pm

Theresa if they are over 21 they are fair game…not jail bait…..Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, Demi Moore and Ashton Cutcher.


June 19th, 2009
4:59 pm

OMG I forgot Christian Bale!!! OK Bobby Dean is out there…..Christian Bale instead.


June 19th, 2009
5:07 pm

My all time favorite…Sam Elliot…


June 19th, 2009
5:19 pm

Ok this is bad I have had to rethink my list because CHRIS NOTH can be my MISTER ANYTHING not just BIG.

So, I am thinking I just have to have 11 on my list but Chris Noth (who I see as BIG or Roarke)is absolutely my #1.

In order:

C. Noth
D. Johnson
T. Florence
C. Bale
H.I. Cusick
D. Jackman
D. DeLuise
H. Jackman
M. McCaughney (but only for fun because he interviews ODD)
R. Pattz
R. Kwantan


June 19th, 2009
7:08 pm

Love a slow smile and quick wit. I think my faves were all mentioned…including but not limited to: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Chris Noth, Denzel Washington, Tyler Florence. Did anyone mention Tom Selleck & Dennis Quaid? Sadly, I don’t recognize some names on a several lists…UGH…could it be age?!


June 19th, 2009
10:57 pm

Jenny – have you seen Season 3 of Robin Hood – BBC America will show it in September but you can watch on youtube. He makes it so hard to hate the bad Guy! :) Spooks season 7 as well is on youtube as well. I’ve only seen a little of Rupert Penry-Jones – but I definitely approve! And I forgot to list Gerard Butler.


Impervious Pearl

June 20th, 2009
6:15 am

5. Simon Baker (The Mentalist)
4. Brian Jordan (The former baseball and football player)
3. Denzel Washington (Did you see him in Mo’ Betta Blues?)
2. Adam Rodrigues
1. Morris Chestnut

Honorable Mention: Idis Elba, Richard T. Jones, Vince Vaughn (he is funny), Shamar Moore, Hugh Jackman,


June 20th, 2009
8:41 pm



June 21st, 2009
1:42 pm

Tiffany…thank you thank you thank you!!!! Someone finally gets it! JOHNNY DEPP is the MAN!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Particularly as Captain Jack Sparrow!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about! :)


June 21st, 2009
3:52 pm

And this has what to do with “raising healthy children without going insane”????


June 21st, 2009
4:09 pm

5. Josh Hartnett, Ashton Kutcher
4. Shia Lebouf
3. Matthew Mcconaughey
2. Patrick Dempsey
1.BRAD PITTT!!!!!(Love him, Love him)


June 21st, 2009
5:53 pm

Peter Buck. I have dreams about him. Some of the guys listed earlier are great too; some of them are not at all attractive to me. btw, 18 and over is fair game, not 21.


June 21st, 2009
6:14 pm

OMG…David Beckham….That’s my baby daddy….


June 21st, 2009
7:22 pm

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson can get it….


June 21st, 2009
7:57 pm

1. David Beckham
2. Hugh Jackman
3. Damian Lewis
4. Brad Pitt
5. Billy Crystal


June 21st, 2009
8:23 pm

pj — consent in GA is 16…they have to be old enough to have a drink at the bar with me (legally) to be fair game to me–so 21.