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What do you do when you hate your BFF’s husband?

Our guest blogger today is Jesse’s Girl! And she sent in a doozy! Here’s what she wrote:

I don’t like him….I can’t help it. Lord knows I have tried. I have turned the other cheek. I have vented to Mr. Jesse. I have vented to other friends. I have journaled and prayed. Nothing….and I do mean nothing…changes the fact that every time I see him, I want to thwop him upside the head.

Who has earned such eye-rolling ire you ask? Its my friend’s husband. The man has actually been known to cause hives…serioulsy. Now I must say…I love my friend. I love her like my sister…and if I thought for a hot-second that she read anything other than pre and post planning, I’d never post this. There are only 3 people in the world who know my true identity….and they all know I would hunt them down and slice them like a filet if they ever snitched:) And my friend’s husband doesn’t read anything longer than a tweet. So I feel pretty safe asking for the sage wisdom and advice of …

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Should Baby No. 2 get a shower?

New Mom, a regular on our blog, is hosting today!

She is the ONLY one that sent in a blog! She did a great job on it, and it helps me completely because I am not thinking straight! My brother is still in critical condition in the ICU. He is expected to be in ICU for probably two more weeks. He’s still on a heart pump and a ventilator, but he is making baby steps! We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

Please email me your blog topics!! This is your chance to write your opinions! This is your chance to ask the community questions or concerns you have about your own families. This is your chance to respond back and be in charge! Jeff buddy, where are you? Jesse’s Girl, I know you have it in you! You can email me your blogs at Keith is out of town and cannot fill in for me. We may have to call in my college roommate Lori, who is a professional journalist and mom also!

Here is New Mom’s blog:

As many of you might know, we are expecting our second (and …

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JJ’s in charge for the day! Your chance could be next week!

I’m home after 24 hours at the hospital. I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers! My brother will be in the ICU for more than a week. He had to be operated on a second time yesterday morning. His new heart needed more support to work. We’re hoping for more progress Friday.

Originally you guys asked to talk about family cruising today, but you also voted yesterday to let JJ be in charge. So JJ you can use family cruising or another topic.

I’m going to be at the hospital a lot for the next week. I would love to use this as a chance for you guys to write the blogs for MOMania! Write them up, submit them and then we will choose the best ones to run next week. If you’ve had a burning topic you’ve been dying to throw out to the community, here is your big chance!

Try to limit your blogs to around 600 words. Try to look back to make sure we haven’t talked about it recently. Also I find a question headline helps get the conversation going. You can email your written blogs to

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My brother is having his heart transplant!

I just wanted to let you all know my brother is having his heart transplant surgery tonight!! The doctors called at noon saying they thought they had a match for him. We all went to the hospital. At 3:30 p.m. they said it was a match and were flying the heart to him. His transplant surgery is tonight. The doctors were very positive and thought it would be successful! We brought his kids home with ours. I’ll go back to the hospital later tonight. Please pray for my brother and his family.

I think a good topic is how do you support your family (kids, parents, siblings) in medical crisis. My friend emailed me today that her mother had passed away in hospice. I know she will miss her mother terribly but being a caregiver is very stressful!

Have you had parents, siblings, children in medical crisis? How has your family handled the pressured and shared the responsibility?

I’ll keep you guys posted on my brother! We may not having a topic for Friday depending on how things go.

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Can boys play in girls’ bedrooms?

My girlfriend found herself in a tween dilemma last week.

Some of the neighborhood kids who regularly play at her house were coming over. The kids raced past the mom and headed upstairs to her three daughters’ rooms to play. They normally did this and usually she didn’t think a thing about it.

However, her oldest daughter will be entering the sixth grade in the fall and the mom had recently become aware that the oldest daughter has a little crush on one of the neighborhood boys who was heading up to her bedroom. (And the little boy likes her daughter too.)

The mom didn’t think they were going to do anything that particular visit, but at some point she worried if left alone in her bedroom upstairs inappropriate things might happen.

She didn’t want to make a big deal about it barging in and announcing that mixed company wouldn’t be allowed in bedrooms anymore, and she wasn’t completely sure if that rule was necessary. She talked it over with her husband and some friends, and I …

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Is it ever OK to leave kids alone in the car?

Lately, there has been a rash of women arrested for leaving their kids in their cars while they go shopping.

The AJC reports: A mother of 4-month-old twins was arrested on charges of child cruelty on Saturday night after another shopper heard the babies’ cries through the cracked windows at about 10 p.m..

“Firefighters forced their way into Janesia Williams’ Toyota Scion and rescued the babies, according to a Clayton County Police report. Paramedics were checking out the children when Williams walked out of the Ellenwood store.”

“Paramedics said the babies were in good health, but still transported them to Southern Regional Medical Center for observation.”

“Williams told police she was only in the store for five minutes, according to a police report. However, Darlene Marshall, who was parked next to Scion, told police the twins were unattended for at least 20 minutes.”

Earlier this month, the AJC reported “a woman left two children, ages 1 and 3, alone in an unlocked car while …

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Jon & Kate’s announcement: Will it be divorce?

Jon and Kate: Will they stay together or divorce? (AP Photo/TLC, Karen Alquist, File)

Jon and Kate: Will they stay together or divorce? (AP Photo/TLC, Karen Alquist, File)

Jon and Kate have been promoting a big announcement on tonight’s show.

Most believe the couple will announce at 9 p.m. on TLC that they will divorce, or at the least separate.

I am still hoping, probably naively so, that they will announce they are going to give up their TV show and go through counseling to try to save their marriage. (I said naively!)

Things don’t look good for the couple. Here are two video promos that TLC released about tonight’s show:

This is the first promo TLC released.

This is the second one.

To further dash my hopes, People magazine reports that Jon was seen apartment hunting in New York City. It would be tough to be married and live in a separate apartment in New York City.

People also reports that Jon spent Father’s Day with the kids at their house in Pennsylvania but he said he had no idea where Kate was. (Also doesn’t look good.)

Here’s another general story …

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‘People’ names new hottest bachelors: Who’s your crush?

Chris Pine is on "People" magazine's list of hottest bachelors. He's one of my Top 5 Married Crushes, but he can't show up in this particular suit. (AP)

Chris Pine is on "People" magazine's Hottest Bachelor list. He's on my list of Top 5 Married Crushes, he just can't show up in that outfit. (AP)

“People” magazine named its HOTTEST Bachelors, and I love to take that as an opportunity for us to discuss our married crushes. We started this tradition a few years back and think it’s nice to update our lists of who we think are hot – other than our husbands.

I am clearly getting old because all of People’s hottest bachelors seem like babies.

Chace Crawford, from “Gossip Girls”, was name the No. 1 Hottest Bachelor.  Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Shia LaBeouf were also on the list. (Pattinson’s head it too big and Shia just seems like a kid!) Here is a gallery of some of People’s hottest bachelors.

People’s Sexiest Men alive seem to be more my age! Last fall they honored, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Blair Underwood and Jon Hamm. All of whom I could actually see myself dating – in theory!  I think I’d get arrested for even hanging …

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Want Dad more involved with kids? Then Mom has to back off

I would suspect that many mothers would say that they would like their husbands to more involved in the day-to-day rearing of their children. And a new article in The Wall Street Journal suggests that often it’s the mother’s own fault if the father isn’t more engaged in that process.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Of course, fathers are free to choose their level of involvement. But negative gatekeeping by mothers — grimaces or criticism when men try to change a diaper or feed or play with a baby — can block out even fathers who believe they should be involved, says a 2008 study in the Journal of Family Psychology, led by Dr. Schoppe-Sullivan. Gatekeeping can be positive, too: When mothers encourage dads, the men tend to shoulder more child care.”

“It’s usually moms who do the gatekeeping, but they’re not always to blame. Some fathers invite interference by hanging back or being irritable or anxious. ‘Moms may think, ‘He’s not well suited to have positive interactions …

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Can your complaining at school actually hurt your kids?

A mom from Atlanta is raising cane at her children’s school in New York City about the junk food they are being served.

What do you want to talk about tomorrow?

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  • 1. How mothers can keep fathers from being good dads by “gatekeeping.” (40%, 2 Votes)

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MeMe Roth, an Upper West Side mother of two who runs the group National Action Against Obesity, doesn’t have a problem with the lunches the school is serving. Instead she’s upset about all the sugary treats being given to her children on a fairly regular basis at school – doughnuts in gym class, cupcakes for birthdays, and candy for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the full story from The New York Times.

The debate of whether schools should allow parents to send in cupcakes and other treats for birthdays and holidays isn’t a new one to this blog. We have talked about it many times. (December of 2006 — Cupcake Controversy: Tasty treat or Evil?) And we can talk …

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