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What would life be like if Dad stayed home?

I have often wondered what our household would be like if my husband were Mr. Mom.

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of this Bizarro World this year, and to my chagrin, I have to admit that many of the changes would be positive. In fact, it took me several months to figure out any downsides.

One thing is clear, that the differences would be extreme. On the leadership spectrum, I’m closer to Albus Dumbledore, encouraging self-discovery and creativity. I’m always around to give a child a shoulder to cry on or a pat on the back. Michael is closer to George S. Patton offering regimented leadership, high standards and a kick in the rear.

Michael respects discipline, order and, most of all, efficiency. Under his leadership, the house would operate more like Fort Bragg and much less like the than the Montessori environment I’m currently running.

Our rooms would be uncluttered, and dishes would be put away immediately instead of becoming the teetering mountains of pots and pans I leave for …

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Would you cover up a crime for a child? How much help should a parent give when a child is in trouble?

A “Reader” suggested an excellent topic yesterday on our blog: How much help do you give a child/teen/adult child in trouble?

“Reader” is referring to the big story about the Atlanta schoolteacher who was charged Wednesday with tampering with evidence that implicated her daughter, Aimee Michael, in a crash that killed five people.

The AJC story reports: “Fulton County police issued citations to Sheila Michael for obstruction and tampering with evidence, police said.”

“Police have indicated that Sheila Michael knew about the crash several days after the incident and helped arrange for the BMW to be repaired.”

The mother is a 52-year-old second-grade school teacher for the Atlanta Public School system.

So “Reader” asks:

“What should a parent’s role be when a child gets in trouble outside of the home? Do you stick up for your child no matter what? If you thought your teen or older child had done something wrong and no one knew, how would you approach it? If you knew they had done …

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