Are you freaking out about the Swine Flu?

You all know I am a major hypochondriac, as well as a germaphobe so I am REALLY trying hard not to panic over these Swine Flu outbreaks (maybe soon to be called pandemic – which is a super scary word!) I kind of want to keep my kids out of school, but I’m sure Michael wouldn’t allow it.

Things aren’t looking good though. The Associated Press reports:

“World health officials raised a global alert to an unprecedented level as swine flu was blamed for more deaths in Mexico and the epidemic crossed new borders, with the first cases confirmed Tuesday in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions.”

“With the swine flu having already spread to at least six other countries, authorities around the globe are like firefighters battling a blaze without knowing how far it extends.”

” ‘At this time, containment is not a feasible option,’ said Keiji Fukuda, assistant director-general of the World Health Organization, which raised its alert level on Monday.”

“With the virus spreading, the U.S. prepared for the worst even as President Barack Obama tried to reassure Americans.”

“At the White House, a swine flu update was added to Obama’s daily intelligence briefing. Obama said the outbreak is ‘not a cause for alarm,’ even as the U.S. stepped up checks of people entering the country and warned U.S. citizens to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico.”

” ‘We are proceeding as if we are preparatory to a full pandemic,’ said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.”

Meanwhile, like many mothers, I’ve got friends adding fuel to the fire. I stopped by to take my girlfriend a baby present yesterday and she says “You know Dr. Oz was on “The View” today, and he says you might want to stock up on groceries because we might be told we shouldn’t go to work or school on Friday.”

Whaat??  I watched a clip of Dr. Oz on “The View” online and he DIDN’T SAY that at least not in the clip, and in fact was pretty encouraging. Here’s the clip. (I do have “The View” from yesterday on my DVR so I’m going to watch that whole segment later to see if he said anything similar.)

So how much are you worrying about the Swine Flu – only concerned if you’ve been to Mexico or worried it’s spreading rapidly person-to-person? Have you thought about keeping your kids out of school or staying home from work?

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April 29th, 2009
5:29 pm

First of all, well said HB and DB regarding setting the record straight on the mouthwash issue and “germs” in general.

jbm, just ask your coworkers (the chemist, biologist and environmental engineer) if an antibiotic will kill a virus. If they answer yes, then, don’t buy anything they try to sell you. I suspect, however that you truly don’t know the difference in a virus and bacteria. I’m not saying that the mouthwash has not helped you, I am merely saying that a antibiotic will NOT kill a virus. Please educate yourself or you will lose credibility.


April 29th, 2009
5:30 pm

Long-term, regular use of alcohol-based mouthwash has been linked in some studies to oral cancer (as has excessive drinking). Based on that and the fact there there’s no shown health benefit to using it long-term, some doctors and researchers recommend it be used only as necessary for specific ailments (such as gum disease) for limited periods of time, and rely on brushing and flossing to naturally lower levels of bacteria. So seeing as I have healthy teeth and gums from daily brushing and flossing and there is no health benefit to using mouthwash on a regular basis, I will forego a twice daily rinse of harsh chemicals — just seems like common sense to me, but hey, to each his own.

kristian souther

May 12th, 2009
5:54 pm

i am worried that my brother might have it cause we went to six flags in Atlanta and i don’t no
what to do
i don’t no if you’re suppose to be red or what
i need help to find out
if hes got it

kristian souther

May 12th, 2009
5:55 pm

plus hes got lots of red spots all over him could some1 help me find out

chris souther

May 12th, 2009
5:59 pm

yea my mom said that i might have it but i don’t know