Are you upset about Madonna trying to adopt again?

Many people around the world, and especially from Malawi, are outraged that Madonna is trying to adopt another child from Malawi, but why?

A Malawi judge postponed his ruling on the adoption until Friday. Here is the full story from the Associated Press.

Here are some key excerpts about the controversy:

“‘We feel Madonna is behaving like a bully,’ said Undule Mwakusungula, chairman of the Human Rights Consultative Committee. ‘She has the money and the status to use her profile to manipulate, to fast-track the process.’ ”

“Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg in New York did not immediately return a call seeking comment Monday.”

“The girl Madonna is hoping to adopt is about 4 years old, according to a Malawian welfare official and another person involved in the proceedings who both confirmed an adoption application was under way. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is considered sensitive.”

“The girl’s 18-year-old mother was unmarried and died soon after she was born, the uncle said. Her father is believed to be alive but has little contact with his daughter, he said.”

“The coalition’s Mwakusungula told reporters that adoption should be the last resort and that children need to be taken care of by their own family.”

On the flip side, another observer said:

“Standing outside the courthouse with a number of other curious onlookers, E. Ngulinga said he understood the criticism directed at the pop star but that it was hard to deny a child the kind of opportunities offered by Madonna.”

” ‘That baby is going to have the advantages of going to school and of becoming someone,’ he said. ‘Here it is very difficult.’ “

Should it matter whether she adopts from the U.S. or Africa or Europe as long as a kid gets a good home? Is it because she is white and adopting an African child? Is it an issue of privilege?  Do people worry she is doing it for publicity?

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April 2nd, 2009
8:56 am

Perhaps Madonna could show her true humanitarian spirit by adopting in The States or giving some of her $$ to help those less fortunate here in The States. But then again, she might not get nearly the publicity from that and publicity is what she wants.


April 2nd, 2009
9:16 am

No reason for her to adopt in the U.S. The Government pays for any child in the system so they have the things they need. The country she is adopting from they have nothing. There is so much red tape involved with adoption here in the U.S. that many many people go to other countries to adopt children.

I think it is great that she is adopting again. Good for her and Wonderful for that little girl.


April 2nd, 2009
10:01 am

I am so sick of Madonna. The only reason she wants this child is for publicity. Why not do something for the children of Appalachia, or the homeless?


April 2nd, 2009
10:20 am

What ever her reasons are… it does not matter. A little girl who would have no chance now will have one. I think it is great.


April 2nd, 2009
10:51 am

Madonna is a masochistic psycho who breaks rules and steps on people to get what she wants. She is a bully who romps around the world pilfering what she chooses and leaving a path of anger and confusion behind her. There is a mandatory two year waiting period for adoptions in Malawai, and she has already bypassed that once. It is unacceptable for her to be able to break rules because she was a pop star. Not to mention, who says that just because she’s rich means that she is a good mother or caretaker. As far as I know, shes a raving b*tch who thinks that she’s the most important person in the world, and she can do whatever she wants. I’m not down with Madge.


April 2nd, 2009
11:37 am

lol tell us how you really feel!


April 2nd, 2009
1:12 pm

Madonna will never adopt a child from the US. She hates the US, that’s why she moved to England.

As far as her adopting goes, all I care about is that the child she adopts is well cared for and loved. Say what you will about her (and I may even agree with you), there’s never been any reports that she doesn’t treat her children well. So I say, whatever. Let her adopt 20 if she wants.

Also, from what I understand, adoptions here in the US are horrendously long, expensive, and full of red tape. Most of the people that I know that have adopted their children have gone abroad. Do you think they did that for humanitarian reasons? Of course not; they did it because it’s next to impossible to adopt here. It’s such a shame.


April 2nd, 2009
2:30 pm

(Back to Opera — the IE browser isn’t working again *sigh*)

No one adopts a child as a fashion accessory. If Madonna wishes to adopt a child anywhere in the whole wide world, then more power to her — she is in the enviable position of having the resources to do so, and the child she chooses to adopt will be very lucky. I know nothing about her mothering skills, but I’m willing to give her credit that she’s probably a pretty good one. She’s worked for her money, and has earned the right to spend it where she wants, and all the second-guessing in the world is just wealth envy. Yes, the wealthy can cut corners. That, by the way, is one of the reason people WANT to be wealthy, to make life a little easier. Why make someone who is already well-known to the authorities wait two years to adopt a child? How is that good for the child? It’s not a question of “fairness”.

I will point out that it does not appear that she is the one looking for the publicity, here — this wasn’t a “hey, look at me, what a wonderful person I am”, it’s the papparazzi who have made this an issue. She just wanted to quietly adopt a child. It’s extremely difficult to adopt in the US, so who in their right mind would if they had any other options? She’s wealthy, she has other options. Hey, go for it. Lucky kid!


April 14th, 2009
11:34 am

ELIZ TAYLOR used to collect husbands for a hobby…Madonna collects foreign orphan babies as a hobby….. Do not really care.Really don’t……


April 14th, 2009
11:36 am

To answer your irrelevant question..That is a Noooooooo-!!Do not care one iota.


April 17th, 2009
5:32 am

nice, really nice!