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Should dads help out more at school?

Right before the presidential election, my husband went to speak at Rose’s second grade class. He did a Power Point presentation about how the election process works and explained how his company, The Associated Press, covers the election. His photo ended up on the front page of the school’s Web site.

I was pretty shocked to see it. There are literally hundreds of moms helping at the school on a regular basis who never get their photos featured on the front page of the school’s Web site. I honestly wondered if the news wasn’t that this journalist came to talk to the kids, but that a dad came to talk to the kids.

When I attended the room mom meeting at the beginning of the school year I don’t remember seeing a single man in that packed cafeteria. We do have one dad that always helps in Walsh’s class. He is a chef and super creative, and the kids adore having him! But he’s the only one I see at the school on a regular basis.

The Chicago Tribune reports that there is a greater …

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I don’t want to be a 3G family

Have you seen the latest Sprint cell phone ad?

A family is visiting a natural history museum – all with their new Sprint phones connected to the 3G  network – whatever the heck that is. The ad tells us they are a 3G family – implying they are the family of the future. A family that is busy doing everything but being focused on each other and enjoying spending time together.

The opening line of the ad is that families can post their trip on You Tube before they even get home. Why? Why would they want to do that? Unless they have footage of a Woolly Mammoth coming back to life, they really don’t need to post their visit to the museum on You Tube and definitely not before they get home. Why can’t they just enjoy spending time together in the museum?

Meanwhile the commercial tells us that Dad is busy ordering tickets to the latest, greatest Broadway show. First off shouldn’t Dad be looking at the exhibit with his kids, not hiding off around a corner ordering things online. …

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Is Rihanna’s reconciliation a bad example for our teen girls?

According to news reports Rihanna has gotten back together with Chris Brown. According to other sites he has entered an anger management program and has showered her with diamonds to hopefully woo her back. It appears to be working – they are reportedly staying at a home on Miami Beach’s Star Island. Here is our wrap-up on the story.

Despite a report to the contrary, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has not ruled out pressing charges against Chris Brown for his alleged violent incident with Rihanna, NBC’s Access Hollywood is reporting.

“The case is still under investigation, a spokesperson said. “Absolutely nothing has changed. The LAPD still has an ongoing investigation and the case hasn’t been handed to the DA’s office yet.”

In the meantime, the New York Daily News is reporting that Chris Brown started anger management classes in Glendale, Calif. this week:

“According to a source, Brown opted for anger management at the behest of his spin doctor, Michael Sitrick. …

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