Is Rihanna’s reconciliation a bad example for our teen girls?

According to news reports Rihanna has gotten back together with Chris Brown. According to other sites he has entered an anger management program and has showered her with diamonds to hopefully woo her back. It appears to be working – they are reportedly staying at a home on Miami Beach’s Star Island. Here is our wrap-up on the story.

Despite a report to the contrary, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has not ruled out pressing charges against Chris Brown for his alleged violent incident with Rihanna, NBC’s Access Hollywood is reporting.

“The case is still under investigation, a spokesperson said. “Absolutely nothing has changed. The LAPD still has an ongoing investigation and the case hasn’t been handed to the DA’s office yet.”

In the meantime, the New York Daily News is reporting that Chris Brown started anger management classes in Glendale, Calif. this week:

“According to a source, Brown opted for anger management at the behest of his spin doctor, Michael Sitrick. Chris doesn’t actually have to go by law; our insider tells us, but he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before March 5, his court date.”

The New York Daily News is also reporting that Brown is not wasting any time to win Rihanna back:

“Brown seems to think a few well-placed birthday gifts can salve his ex’s wounds. He has already sent the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer a diamond bracelet and necklace, an insider tells us, as well as an iPod Touch. Plus, Brown’s mom, Joyce, who is said to adore Rihanna, sent over a bouquet of flowers.”

So how is this drama relevant to your family?

Well, Entertainment Weekly threw out a statistic in a recent article that 1 in 5 teens reports abuse in their romantic relationships.

In the same story EW quoted public-health activist Barbara Glickstein as saying, ”There’s a lot of victim bashing on the blogs. When one in five teens report abuse in their romantic relationship, the message has to be strong. Every person, female and male, has the right to live free of violence.”

Has your daughter ever told you they were mentally or physically abused in a relationship?
Would they even recognize it? (I know one friend in particular who took years to understand that her boyfriend was mentally abusive.)

If it is proven that Chris Brown did hurt Rihanna (because it is still alleged — we don’t know exactly what happened) is she setting a bad example for young women getting back together with him? Is it sending the wrong message?

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