Fresh news on ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′

We are still having tons of visitors and comments on our discussion from October about the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” As of last night we had 336 comments!

So I knew when I found this brand new dishy story on the family you guys would want to read and talk about it.

It’s from this month’s “Philadelphia.” The family refused to be interviewed by the reporter Jessica Remo, but she did talk to about 100 people that knew the family.

It talks about them breaking speaking engagements, what really happened to Aunt Jodi and best friend Beth and why Jon got fired from his job.

There is also a sidebar about how the reporter got her story that I found pretty interesting as well.

The story is long, but I think it is well worth the read. Here are few interesting nuggets from the story:

“Nielsen ranks the series eighth out of 149 cable shows for product placement.”

“All of this has left former friends of the Gosselins who have been shoved out of the family’s life both puzzled and concerned. One is worried because she claims Beth and Jodi often were the ones on set taking that role of looking out for the children’s well-being, telling the film crew, ‘Okay, they need lunch’ and ‘You’ll get your shot later.’ ”

“The latest episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 detail the Gosselins’ move to a new $1.13 million house on 24 acres in Lower Heidelberg Township, near Reading in Berks County.”

(I was just interested in how much the house cost and that it wasn’t in North Carolina as previously reported by other news agencies.)

So read the article and see what you think. Does it change your opinion of Jon or Kate? Does any of it surprise you? Does any of it upset you? Do you think it’s untrue?

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