Does your child have a toxic little buddy?

I’ve heard from two moms recently about little friends that are bad news for their kids.

One mom was telling me that the little friend was very jealous and didn’t want to share her daughter. She would call to find out where her daughter was and who she was with and would leave repeated messages if her daughter wasn’t at home.  We’re talking about an 8-year-old.

Another mom shared that her daughter had a similar friend. When they played together the friend didn’t want anyone else involved. She even told her that if she played with other kids on the playground she wasn’t her friend.

Both moms are trying to intervene. The first mom is trying to nicely let the girl’s mom know that her daughter is calling. She’s also not letting them hang out when possible. The second mom is not letting the girls have any more alone time and reminding her daughter frequently not to leave friends out.

I don’t remember my mother getting involved with my childhood friendships but as an adult she did. I had made friends with a new woman, and she just kept telling me that she didn’t think this woman was nice to me and wasn’t really a friend.

What do you think: Does your child have any toxic friends? Have you intervened to separate them? Do you point out when it’s not a healthy relationship? What do you do with teen friendships where it’s much harder to control their interactions?

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March 8th, 2009
5:15 pm

Toxic friends are not tolerated. They are not allowed to remain “friends”. It is a good opportunity to teach your child, even if you cannot help the other child.