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More and more families choose cremation: Would you?

Time Magazine did an amazing video and report on the growth of cremation in America and why it is growing. The video tells us that in 1999 the rate of cremation in America was 25 percent. By 2017 it will be 50 percent.

Of course money can be a deciding factor for many families. The video said that the average cost of a burial is $7,755. The average cost of cremation is $2,570.

Watch the video and see what you think. It’s about 12 minutes long but I think it’s worth your time. There is a new method using water but I didn’t quite understand the process from the video.

I have a friend who lost her mother to cancer when they were both young. The daughter has her mother’s ashes in an urn in the family room. She talks to her mother sometimes. Not in a crazy way but just sort of checking in. I kind of like the idea of your family member being close by. The funeral directors in the video seem to suggest that keeping the ashes in your home is not letting go of the person but I think …

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