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Should women help pay for engagement ring?

There was a recent poll conducted on that shows women are willing, able, and happy to contribute to the purchase of their own engagement rings. Seriously, why is this a real trend now?

Maybe it’s just me but this doesn’t seem fair. Is the marriage about the love or about the ring? What does it really matter if your partner doesn’t pick out the ring you would have picked out for yourself? What do you think this trend says about how we view money and relationships?

The whole point of getting engaged is that your future partner took a huge step and got a ring that they wanted you to have. Should you really make them feel like their choice wasn’t good enough?

Would you ever consider splitting the cost of an engagement ring?? Do men feel pressure to go out and buy a crazy expensive ring they can’t afford?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta

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Parents ruin marriage for you?

I had a date with a guy recently that was going pretty well. Somehow we got on the subject of family and he asked me if my parents ever married and if so, were they still married. I told him yes, they just celebrated 47 years of marriage! He told me that I should have a really great perspective on married life because of them.

Unfortunately, he did not have the same experience. He said that his Father never married his mother and could never commit to one woman. He wondered all the time if he was just like his Dad since he has not married yet. He also seemed to worry that his view on marriage would always be distorted. His mother married a couple of times but he never got to see a healthy marriage.

Do you believe that our parents impact our views on relationships and marriage? If you never got to grow up in a home with your parents together, how do you think that shapes your view about marriage?

What if you did grow up in a house with parents who were married but they …

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Tempted by the forbidden?

I wish I could tell you that being attracted to wildly inappropriate people is something that goes away.  The reality is that we can’t always help who we are attracted to. The real test comes when you decide what you are going to do about it. We all get tempted but do we give in and wait for the fallout or do we figure out how to make better choices?

A reader wrote in saying that she is tired of being single and is considering “dating” a man who she know is married. Now, he has pursued her relentlessly for months and she has said no, not interested. However, when she feels lonely, rejected by men she is interested in, married guy becomes more appealing!

Dating married people is obviously an exercise in futility, yet many single people do it. Why do you think that is? Personally, I believe it is similar to dating bad boys or crazy chicks, because you think they offer excitement.

Have you ever been tempted to date someone inappropriate like your boss or someone …

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