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Dating: Don’t become jaded!

We all go through dating misadventures because we are making the effort to put ourselves out there.  It can be fun but frustrating at the same time.  There really is no other way to find The One without dealing with the Wrong Ones.  So how do we deal with the disappointments of our dating misadventures?

Honestly, some days it is hard! Not slipping into Bitterville and Cynic City can be difficult.  The most important thing to always watch out for is becoming too jaded.  You know, that point where you have nothing but negative reactions to dating.  If you feel a total mistrust of people who are expressing interest in you.  That is when you know you’ve become jaded.   Time to sit on the sidelines for a while to regroup.

How do you deal with the threat of becoming jaded?  Do you ever take a break from dating?  Do you ever get stuck in a dating dry spell? What are good ways to get out of that rut and shake things up?

Happy Friday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta …

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How much should dates cost?

A friend of mine took a young lady out over the holiday weekend for the first time.  He thought that they had a great time, enjoying the weather and festivals in the city.  When he called to ask her out again, she commented that she hoped he planned to “spend more” than he did on the first date.  She was not joking.

First of all, what?  Is this something men deal with all the time?  Are women actually commenting on the amount of money that is spent on a date? If so, I am sorry.  I can’t imagine how dreadful it must be to take someone out and have them complain about money spent.

Second of all, I have to ask how men handle this kind of thing. Does it ever bother you when you are treated like a wallet?  Do you ever resent being judged  on your wealth or lack of wealth?  Women are judged on looks, which can also be harsh.  How do you handle having your “manhood” questioned if you don’t make loads of dough?

Ladies, have you ever been guilty of complaining to men when …

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Text message cheating?

A reader wrote in to ask whether or not inappropriate texts can be considered cheating.  She found her live-in boyfriend’s text messages to another woman.  (Ok, when I say found, I actually mean snooped!) He insisted that they have never hooked up but admitted to a few dirty text messages.

Do you think that sending texts to people who are not your significant other automatically classifies as cheating?  What if the nature of the text messages is harmless and simple flirting?

Would it bother you if you discovered that the person you are dating had a habit of sending texts to women from his past?  Would you ask them to stop or dump them?

What is the appeal of sending dirty texts to people you aren’t even dating?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dumbest dating mistakes

We have all done it.  It is embarrassing to admit it but we have all made a fool of ourselves to impress someone.  I firmly believe that going through these experiences can build character! At least, this is what my Father always says about painful growing lessons.

I can remember the time when I really wanted to impress a personal trainer.  I went out of my way to go to the gym where he was meeting clients.  I show up all decked out in brand new work out gear.  I start to “work up a sweat” and I trip over a set of weights and fall.  I fell hard and loud.  It was not pretty.  I got his attention, alright!

Have you done anything crazy or embarrassing to impress someone?  Do you remember the craziest thing you did for love?

What is the wildest thing someone has done to get your attention?

Why are so willing to make dumb mistakes in dating?  Are we all insane?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Moving in together?

A reader, “Vince” would like to get some advice from the Misadventures in Atlanta Blog community.  He has asked his girlfriend to move in with him after a year of dating.  He suggested that they live together out of concern for her safety, mainly.  She lives in a seedy part of town and he is constantly worried about her.

He wants to know if moving  in together has worked for other couples.  Are there any pitfalls to shacking up?

Vince thinks that since they already spend so much time together, the dynamics of their relationship won’t change.  Do you think that dating someone and living with them can alter the course of a relationship?

Have you ever moved in with your boyfriend or girlfriend?  How did it work? Do you regret the decision or was it the best option in retrospect?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Open to open relationships?

I once met a nice older couple who told me that the last 20 years of their marriage has been an open one. This basically means that they made the decision to let each other romantic interests outside the marriage.

I found it so fascinating that they both proclaimed that this was the best thing to happen to their marriage. They felt closer to one another and communication had improved tremendously.  Personally, I could not relate to the idea but I respect them for making a decision they felt was right for their marriage.

I can hardly bear sharing a remote control, I can not imagine sharing my man.  I just would not see the point of fidelity if we had all those options. Why not just be single?  What is the appeal of open marriages?

Would you be opposed to having an open marriage? What do you think would be the pros and cons of this kind of relationship?

By Wise Diva

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Relationships: Suspicious activity

There comes a point in every relationship when you have to decide trust your partner.  Of course, this is after trust has been earned by both people.  Your trust is what keeps you from snooping, questioning suspicious behavior, or inconsistencies.  What happens when you start to have doubts though? Should you go looking or address it with your partner?

I have been in a situation where I wanted to trust my guy but the evidence was mounting that things were off. As much as I wanted to trust him, he left me no other choice. I HAD to address it or pretend things were all good when I knew things were definitely not.

Someone used to tell me that if someone really cared about you, they would hide their dirt from you.  If they were blatantly disrespecting the relationship, you should take that as their cowardly way of ending things.

What do you when the person you are dating exhibits  suspicious behavior?  Once you decide to trust a person, do you trust them blindly?

By …

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Where do men like to date?

My friend Eric was asked out on a date recently, which kind of excited him a bit. The young lady kind of added to the excitement telling him that the details of the date was a surprise. Oh, he was surprised, alright.

The surprise date was at an art studio where they had to sketch and paint each other. I thought it was a cute date idea! Eric just could not understand how she thought he would enjoy something like that. I told him maybe he was being tested to see how open minded he could me. Men say they are open to new things, some mean open to new sexual things.

It can be tricky planning a date for a man.  I don’t know how guys do it all the time for us picky – sometimes hard to please people. Where do men go on dates to have fun?

Guys, how open are you to date activities that are a little unorthodox? Would you mind trying a new experience? Do you like it when the women you date introduce you to new things?

By Wise Diva

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Believe in love at first sight?

I consider myself a romantic and hardcore believer in true love.  That being said, I don’t know if I buy into the idea that you can fall in love at first sight.  Have I seen incredibly beautiful men and swooned?  Absolutely. Did I want to pledge eternal love forever, ever (ever? ever?) – not so much.

I have heard people say that they knew the moment they laid eyes on their love.  I just question what that really means?  Can you actually fall in love with someone after one meeting? Is it the kind of love that lasts?  What if you fall for the image or idea of that person? What happens when their actual personality is revealed?

Maybe I am cynical but is love at first sight really possible?  Have you ever experienced it?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Looks or personality?

For single people, attraction is important and it can be the driving force to how we interact with each other.  Personality is what keeps us interested. When you consider them both, which do you believe is really more important?

I ask this question because I believe so many of us are drawn to what appeals to us physically first (obviously), but we would overlook a person’s awful personality.  If personality is so important to us, why is it that so often we let their looks influence our interest?

Do you believe that a person’s personality can make them more physically attractive over time?  I have heard some women say that the more they got to know a guy, the less attractive he became.  This makes me wonder where do we really place the most value, in looks or personality.

Have you ever met someone and felt no attraction to initially? Did they become more attractive to you over time?  What do you think that says about us?  How does that impact our dating behavior?

By Wise …

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