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Dating: The Persistent Ex

Before Lena Dunham scored two Golden Globes for her HBO Show Girls, I had an opportunity to watch a sneak peek of season 2. My good friends at Yelp Atlanta invited me to the private screening/party at King Plow Arts Center. After a minor glitch that brought out some of Atlanta’s hottest firemen (I counted at least 4 that qualified for some kind of hot fireman calendar) the fun and sexy Yelp Atlanta Elite crew settled in to watch the first two episodes of GIRLS.

I was thrilled to see Stone Mountain’s own Donald Glover guest starring this season. He added an…interesting dynamic to the show. His character was faced with a common problem single men go through all the time: dating someone who has a persistent ex boyfriend.

Have you ever started seeing someone new but quickly learned there was a third person still lingering around in the most unwanted threesome scenario? Yeah, that’s not fun..or sexy. The persistent ex is there for a reason, though. Either they can’t let go, …

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Would you relocate without a proposal?

If you were barely at the year mark of a new relationship, would you relocate to another city if they asked you to go with them? Allison is facing this exact situation. She did not hesitate to say yes and was excited at the idea of moving to a new city with her new man. It wasn’t until she started hearing opinions of friends and family that she second guessed her decision.

She says she is unhappy at her job, loves her new guy, and is not worried about moving with him without a marriage proposal. She has heard all the common reactions “why buy the cow” or “playing house” but it only makes her more confused. Should she require a ring in order to move with him? Does the fact that he asked her to go with him show commitment to their relationship?

Is it wrong to rearrange your life or consider the person you are dating when making a major life change?

Have you ever relocated for love? Did you regret it? Do you think we generally don’t take risks like this when it comes to …

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Defend her honor!

I completely missed all the brouhaha surrounding NBA basketball players Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett. Apparently Garnett lost his cool and made the ultimate low blow by making a disparaging remark about Anthony’s wife (side bar: honey nut cherrios? Seriously stop referring to women as food guys).

As any man would do, Anthony got angry and then confronted Garnett. It made me think about the many times I’ve been with a guy who sat by while I was being disrespected. Obviously I am not a wife, but when you are with a woman, is it wrong to expect the man to defend her?

What would you do if you found yourself faced with a situation that required you to speak up on behalf of your date? Would you do it without hesitation? Would it bother you if someone defended your honor?

I remember once I was on a date and this rude drunk kid said something insulting to my guy. Before I knew it, I was up in that kid’s face fully prepared for a smack down. I know, classy, right?! Anyway – my …

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Dating: Have a bad reputation?

I was hanging out solo at RuSan’s eating sushi when a group of gentleman sat at the next booth. I noticed one of the guys as a former coworker, Eric. We spent a few minutes catching up… and semi-flirting.

I couldn’t resist. Eric is extra, extra fine but he is also a well-known “playa” who has acquired quite a bad reputation as a heart breaker. Eric asked me to introduce him to one of my single friends. He could tell by the look of horror on my face that I was apprehensive. Why would I knowingly set up my girls for failure and disappointment?

Eric claimed that he is older and handles his dating relationships with more maturity. That’s great to hear, but what about all the grimy, no good, shady things he did in Atlanta alone!?

Trust me – Atlanta is not that big – people talk, ladies talk – and eventually your reputation precedes you. Not in the good way. If you have committed past romantic crimes, you have to understand when folks won’t take you seriously. Is that fair? …

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Dating: Not a fan of kissing?

I thought I had heard it all when it comes to men, but this is a first: Men who refuse to kiss. Yes, apparently they DO exist – unlike the Keebler elves. These anti-kissers usually provide a laundry list of reasons why they don’t want to smooch their honeys.

I received an email from a woman who says her guy is not a fan of kissing. He downplays this as a hangup that she may have to “get used to” which means “this won’t change.” The phobia of kissing is called Philemaphobia and it is a real issue for some people.

I am a big fan of kissing and I can’t imagine dating someone who was not. I mean, what else are you supposed to do with your lips when you want intimacy? (Actually – don’t answer that). I honestly don’t know what advice to give the young lady! What should she do?

She is unsure if the issue is that her man doesn’t like kissing – or does not like kissing her. Would it bother you if the person you were seeing had some quirky hang up about sex or intimacy?

Have you …

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Relationships: I don’t need saving

I was on the insanely popular Instagram and noticed that Rhianna posted a picture with the caption: “I’m not a princess. I don’t need saving. I’m a queen…”.

Irony aside, I find it rather interesting how some women (not just celebrity girls) often like to proclaim that they don’t need to be rescued. As if needing someone to save you is an absolute sign of weakness. Pardon me but have YOU ever tried being vulnerable and letting someone save you? THAT is scary. THAT is what takes courage. At least in my humble opinion.

I’d like to think that I can survive and be strong through whatever life tosses at me. The thought of actually having someone there so I don’t have to do it alone is rather comforting. I don’t think this takes away from my feminist views. Am I crazy and naive to think that it shouldn’t?

What do you think? Are men even in the business of saving us anymore? Not referring to chivalry, per se. Are men still interested in protecting, saving, and rescuing women? …

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Dating season!

New year, new relationship? This seems to be the logic of many singles who log on to dating websites during January with a renewed sense of focus. According to Mashable, it is high season for online dating. There is something about seeing all the happy couples getting engaged during the holidays that kind of makes you want something meaningful.

Even if you are not crazy about the idea of meeting someone online, it really makes a lot of sense in simple numbers. Think of it as increasing your connections with other people. Meeting new people, period can lead to other opportunities. More invites to social events, networking functions, and even introductions to relatives of people. After all, you know your new man or woman won’t just arrive on your doorstep, right?

What are you doing to prepare for dating season? Let’s share ideas on new and fun ways to connect with single people. Do you have a favorite new activity, bar, or event that is conducive to a successful dating …

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Having doubts?

Sometimes a new year bring can bring a new perspective about your relationship status. The time and effort that you have invested in someone helps you to figure out if you are compatible. What happens when you feel that isn’t happening, though? What do you do if you are having doubts about the person you are dating?

Should you bring it up to see if the other person is feeling the same way? Do you wait it out and hope that your doubts are unfounded?

I believe there are times that we overlook our doubts because we get all distracted. Typical things like attention, sex, and money can cause one to disregard doubts. Have you ever ignored your doubts and ended up regretting it later?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Why is size important? Seriously!

Welcome back to another year of Misadventures in Atlanta! I’d like to give a warm greeting to new readers and a great big church lady hug to all our regulars. I thought I would start things off with a bang (no pun, really!) and explore the topic of “package size.” To maintain the integrity of our search engine optimization, I will say package, alright?

Men and women have debated ad nauseam if size matters. Regardless of what side of the issue you stand, I have always wondered why it is actually important in the first place. I was watching an episode of Misfits (science fiction-esque show) and one of the characters had his package..stolen. He literally did not want to live any longer.

Science fiction aside, what would happen to a guy if he did not have his package to define his manhood? There are so many other things about men that make them wonderful, why is their size so important?

I think of how – in comparison – many women feel the same when they have their …

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