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Are you dating a shape shifter?

Why yes, you read the title right: Shape Shifters! I know, I have been watching way too many vampire, walking dead, sci-fi sorts of things but bare with me here: Have you ever met someone who seemed to “me too” you too many times? You know, the people who want so badly to find common ground with you. They start to make it seem as if you were practically switched at birth or something! It can be quite odd and a little creepy, to be honest.

Imagine how it feels to find out the person you are dating is a lot like that. I call them shape shifters. They bend, contort, and distort their actual lives, personality, and behavior so that the person they are dating thinks they are soul mates. Listen to this PSA people: Never, ever, ever stay in a relationship with a shape shifter.

The minute their actual personality starts to seep through, will freak you out. You start to recall blatant lies they told you. You find out they are the polar opposite of what they represented. Even if …

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Relationships: We’ve got to break up

Check out this video of a couple who ended their 5 year relationship with a song and video: If only every break up could be this creative!

They decided to part ways because he wanted children and she did not. I love how they are honest enough with one another about the kind of life they really want. They basically can now release each other to go find the right person for them. Do you think you would be able to do that?

I am wondering how they managed to stay in a long-term relationship for five years without being clear on having kids. When you are dating and things are new, do you bring up the topic of babies? Guys can easily get spooked if a woman so much as mentions her ovaries!

Most women I know who want children are not overly eager to talk about children too soon. What is the appropriate time to talk about having children? What do you do if you don’t want the same thing?

Happy Friday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Online Deception: Catfish: The TV Show

Against my better judgment, I found myself sucked in to reality tv’s latest offering on MTV:
Catfish: The TV Show. The show originated from the documentary film, Catfish, about a guy who meets a woman online and falls for her, only to discover it was a all a hoax.

You would think with all of our daily use of technology, smart phones, video chats, etc. that it would be challenging to pretend to be somebody else. Sadly, the show seems to feature people who are really trusting, a little technologically challenging, and maybe a little gullible.

I couldn’t help but feel bad for the people who were faced with the revelation that the person who they grew to care for was either non-existent or misrepresenting themselves. How do you get past that kind of deception?

Have you ever experienced any Catfish situations online? Has anyone ever pretended to be someone else? If we continue to meet and interact online, what are tips we can use to navigate the shady and untrustworthy …

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Do women prefer to be dominated?

I once heard a woman say that dating a man that allows her to walk all over him can be a major turn off. While she wants a nice guy, she does not want a doormat. She prefers a man that can exert some dominance over her and won’t let her get away with anything.

I can see her point when she refers to not dating a doormat, but wanting a man to dominate you seems like a slippery slope. What kind of boundaries would you want to have? How do you know when the man’s dominance goes beyond a “healthy” dominance and gets eerily close to the scary kind?

I am not referring to the sexy Christian Grey/Anastasia kind of arrangement, here. (I am sorry for making a Fifty Shades of Gray reference, forgive me?) I am talking about having an adult relationship with one dominating partner – the man, having most of the power in a relationship.

Ladies, do you think that you prefer some degree of dominance over you? Would you get bored by a man that “let’s you walk all over him?”

Men – in …

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Substance over superficial?

My friend Panama participated in a relationship panel that listed “substance over superficial” as part of a man’s wish list. I won’t come out and call shenanigans on this title completely, because women are known to be superficial creatures too. However, I want to know how many men can truly say they value substance more than superficial things?

I have seen a lot of men who get blinded by the beauty and completely overlook glaring red flags. When they learn the woman’s character is horrendous, do they take their lesson and choose better the next time? If so, what age do you think men become more enlightened?

When we tout all the things that are meaningful traits that would contribute to a lasting, long relationship, are we putting all that above the physical? Obviously we want the both of best worlds: personality and looks, but what is more important?

How many people have you asked out or dated strictly on their looks? If you had prior knowledge someone that you were …

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Dating: Will ONLY cook for love

The joys of having male friends knows no bounds. They say the most enlightening things to get me really thinking. For instance, my friends tell me it is easier to get sex from a “modern woman” than a home-cooked meal. Not that they are complaining, mind you.

Apparently, the women they meet consider cooking the last frontier in a new relationship. These women will ONLY cook for love. There really is something to be said about a woman taking the time to cook a man a home cooked meal. Cooking for and feeding a man is a very intimate thing, but so is sex.

I am curious to know if men remember the women who cooked a great meal for them more than the woman who rocked his world in the bedroom. What would you think if a woman offered to cook you dinner for a first or second date? Have you ever cooked a meal for a woman you just started dating?

Ladies, when do you decide to cook a meal for a guy? Is it usually after the two of you have become physical? When was the last time you …

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