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Are men powerless to women?

Yet another scandal involving a powerful, married man. The more details that emerge about Pertraeus and Broadwell, the more ridiculous all of this seems to become. You have two people who had a great deal to lose, deciding to risk it all to have an affair. I am sure it does not seem worth it now, to either of them. I wonder if the forbidden is so tempting that you don’t care what consequences you could face when you are caught up in it?

Whenever I hear discussions about why men and women cheat, I find it interesting how the reasons attributed to each gender can be so different. Women are trying to fill an emotional void, while men are seeking to feel a physical one.

Is is really about giving in to attraction and temptation? When you find yourself susceptible to being tempted, does it not all come down to making a choice?

I have seen a lot of judgment toward Broadwell, as many spin the sordid affair like it is some bad romance novel: Temptress targets her mark and lures …

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Should trust be proven?

You know things have become serious when you get access to someone’s home. I can remember the feeling of glee when a guy says, “Let yourself in, I will be home later.” Men don’t trust their homes, cars, or precious possessions with just anyone!

I know many people who wait a very long time before they feel comfortable with someone. One of my friends is dating a guy who is “really great, but has a hang up with trusting women.” I didn’t think it was anything abnormal until the dude asked for the passwords to her cellphone, email, and social media accounts.

Now, why would anyone think this is a good thing to ask for? Apparently, he believes that she needs to prove that she trusts him. The only way to do this is to give full access to him for “spot checks.” The most disturbing thing is that she is actually considering it.

Have you ever dated anyone who went a little overboard with their trust issues? How did you handle it? We all have our hang ups but is this something you …

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Bad money habits concern you?

I have a friend, Victor, who is wondering if he should be concerned about his girlfriend’s money habits. She never pays for anything – doesn’t even offer to. She buys extravagant things, spends a lot of money eating out, and he doubts she even knows what a savings account is.

They have not been an exclusive couple for long, so he has only been observing her spending habits in the last few weeks. He has not questioned her about it yet, but fiscal responsibility is really important to him. He grew up poor and has always been very smart about saving money, living within or below his means. I think he should immediately go and talk about this with her. If it bothers him that much, it is best to go ahead and have the conversation to see how she views money.

Do you think that a person’s money habits should be looked at when you are dating?

Have you ever dated someone whose poor money habits were a red flag for you?

If someone has a different idea about money and financial …

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Breaking up. Again.

Have you ever been in a relationship that went back and forth, on again, off again? It’s one of those frustrating roller coaster rides you end up on and don’t know how to get off. What causes us to keep going back to relationships that we already know we should not be in?

I know a lot women get hooked into the emotional drama that comes with these situations. Men convince themselves that they are happier with the person then without. Yet once you are reunited, all those same problems come barreling back. You end up right where you left off.

Do you think that a relationship with multiple break ups should be saved? It sounds so simple to say, cut ties and move on, but that seems to always get harder each time you reunite.

How do you know when you should break up for good or just take a break? If it is “mean to be” – should it be that difficult to work things out?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Love and Politics

Imagine how awkward a date can be when you realize you have polar opposite views on politics. It happens a lot more than you would think. A reader emailed about being hugely disappointed that her new beau has staunch conservative views. She is concerned that it is something that can’t really be reconciled in a relationship. She wonders if she should even try.

Do you think that in order for a relationship to have a shot at lasting, you have to have the exact same outlook on politics?

Have you ever dated someone who had vastly different political opinions than your own? How did you make it work?

Election night was probably the best night to meet someone with shared political views or interests. Did you meet anyone fascinating while you were waiting on election results?

How important is it to have aligned political beliefs? Would you consider it a deal breaker?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Smart Phones Killed Dating?

I read a pretty compelling argument on a blog recently that said smart phones killed dating. Wait, is dating dead!? I can agree that smart phones have given dating a nasty virus. To some, they may have even put dating in the ICU. I think it is self-inflicted and it can be corrected, though!

With technology, social networking, social media, how can we harness all that cool tech stuff to actually enhance our dating experiences? What are clearly defined challenges that smart phones and technology bring? What are ways we can creatively handle those challenges?

In your own experiences, would you say that your smart phone has added to your game? Taken away from it? No change at all?

Happy Monday everyone!

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Think outside the box?

I read somewhere that women should consider sending a thank you gift after a first date. I’ve never done this personally, but I imagine that is a surefire way to make a great impression. Maybe more women should think outside the box when it comes to dating?

Guys, what would you do if someone gave you a thank you gift because she really enjoyed the date you planned for her?

Ladies, have you ever felt compelled to send a note or thank you gift after a really fantastic date? Would you feel uncomfortable reciprocating a man’s effort that soon after your dating relationship began?

We all can get in dating ruts from time to time! What are some unique ways to think outside the box when it comes to dating?

Happy Friday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Can I date more than one person?

One of our readers, who is new to Atlanta, emailed me to get the MIA blog’s opinion about juggling dates. She has few friends in the city and has decided to do a little online dating. So far, she has met a few good men that have great potential. The trouble is, she doesn’t want to narrow it down right now.

They are all actively pursuing her and expressing interest in something serious. It’s a great problem to have, no! While she tries to figure out her best option, she is feeling a little guilty about dating so many guys at one time. She asks, “Can I date more than one guy? Should I let them know they aren’t the only one I am seeing?”

Personally, I like to go by the Golden Rule, do unto others. Would I want to know if there were multiple women jockeying for time with the same guy? (I would). What do you guys think?

Does it bother you when the person you are actively dating is seeing other people? At what point would you expect to be the only one?

If a guy finds out …

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