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Are you anti-PDA?

Have you ever been out in public and noticed a really obnoxious couple who are taking “public displays of affection” too far? A lot of people don’t mind seeing a couple happy and in love. It’s the couples who are in lust, that annoy everyone!

Most days, when I am not all “down will love” I can appreciate seeing two people happy to be with one another. I just think there is a certain line you shouldn’t cross. At some point, you really should go get a room.

Oddly enough, I don’t require a lot of PDA from men I date but I don’t like it when they are completely anti-PDA. Why would you not want to publicly show me affection? Are you afraid of being secretly filmed by the show Cheaters? Then I get all paranoid and start acting irrationally with over the top PDA to prove a point (I know, I have issues).

What is your stance on PDA? Are you for or against it? Have you ever dated someone who was not affectionate enough or was into PDA too much?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in …

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Awful girlfriends make terrible wives?

I found out another test that men like to give the women they date, it’s called the Sick Test, i.e. does she take care of me when I am sick. My friend LC said he happened to catch a nasty cold last week. Ah, but he wasn’t too weak to observe how his new girlfriend was going to handle his illness. He wondered, would she pass or fail?

Unfortunately, she didn’t seem all that concerned about him. She even steered clear of him for a few days because she “could not risk picking up his bug” this week (Ouch?). She still has not come by, only sending him occasional text messages to make sure he is still breathing.

I found it rather funny because I don’t approve of giving people relationship tests. LB ended up getting his feelings hurt and now he is questioning what kind of wife his girlfriend would make!

I think he is being utterly ridiculous but maybe I’m just taking up for his lady friend because I think she’s great for him. Do you think someone who has shown bad …

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When a friend makes a pass

Some women are surprised when their guy friends admit feelings of attraction. This is especially true when she has placed him firmly in the Friend Zone aka “never gonna happen category.” When women make up their minds to be friends with a man, does he stand a chance at getting her to see him differently?

Once a friend makes a pass at you, it instantly changes the dynamic of the friendship. Some folks can get past it when the feelings are not reciprocated. What happens when they are, though? What would you say if a really close friend confessed that they had true – romantic feelings for you?

Do you think you could continue to keep them as a friend as long as they were pining for you? What if their admission made you realize you felt the same way?

Has that ever happened to you? Has anyone escaped the friend zone to get the romance with someone they know so well?

Happy Monday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: I’m NOT your ex!

Full disclosure: I just received the coolest book about men to review. I mean, it is literally chocked full of revealing things about the male mind – appropriately titled, “WTF are Men Thinking?”

Admittedly, the title alone won me over. I couldn’t wait to dig in to get a glimpse of what 250,000 men think on topics that women are curious about. One question that struck a nerve with me almost instantly: “Does he compare me to her?”.

Now, listen fellas. Here is my PSA: A lot of women have to deal with their own insecurities from time to time. If you constantly compare us to your last chick or bring up your first wife, there will be problems.

Have you ever had this issue? If someone compares you to their ex, does that mean they are still in love with them?

Is it natural to compare your last relationship? When do you think it is appropriate to do so, and in what context?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: What is cuffing season?!

Thank goodness for the internet! I am now fully aware of the official urban dictionary definition of cuffing season:

During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

Didn’t know there was a new term for this. Honestly, when I heard cuffing season my mind went straight to the gutter (I’m awful, I know). But I digress; this cuffing season is one of those double-edged swords. It can be good or it can be really bad. What happens in the spring? Will your cuffing boo suddenly start to look less appealing with the change in seasons?

This just proves how fickle dating can be. You could be excited about someone for a couple of months and things get hot and heavy. Then out of nowhere, you look up and find the person has …

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What makes a man attractive?

I am always astounded by the totally ridiculous reasons women dump guys. I’ve heard things like, “He breathed too loudly” or “He owned too many dogs.” You just can’t predict the random things that turn women off. We are complex creatures, what can I say!

While we may vary on what makes a man unattractive, most women can agree on what makes a man attractive and irresistible. When a man has “that thing” or that sex appeal oozing from his pores, we all take notice.

I think a lot of men believe it’s their money or power, or even their status that draws women to them. That’s not necessarily true. Although those things have been known to attract a certain type of woman, smart women know it’s about a man’s character.

I always like to poll my coupled up friends and find out what it was that made them fall for their partner. I’d say a lot of the answers surprised their significant other! They had no idea there was something so specific and small that got their mate’s …

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Dating: Unlearn bad habits!

There comes a time in every person’s romantic life when you have to stop and take self-inventory. You know those gut check moments when you start to realize that a lot of misadventures, drama, and disappointments all share something in common: YOU.

I know, it’s not sexy or fun, but it is definitely necessary. How many old attitudes and bad dating habits are we clinging to that run off potentially great matches? There is a lot to be said about self-awareness. Many of us lack it!

Some men think they are projecting some alpha male image and it attracts women to them. They may not realize that they go overboard sometimes and can appear cold and distant. Some women believe they have the hot body and great sex to offer and that is enough to get and keep a man (It’s not, by the way).

So maybe it is worthwhile to figure out what dating habits we need to drop. Determine those old attitudes about the opposite sex that are most likely making us bitter about love. Are you guilty …

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Dating: The one that got away

Most of us have someone from our past who we regret letting go. It’s probably something that nags you from time to time. Thinking about all the what ifs: What if I wasn’t such a crappy boyfriend/girlfriend? What if I had not been a selfish jerk with commitment issues? Perhaps you feel as if there is some unfinished business between the two of you.

Is it a good idea to try and go rekindle things with the one that got away? One of my friends recently connected with a guy who considered her the one that got away. It wasn’t long before he told her that he never stopped loving her and wanted to give their relationship another shot. However, with so much time since they were last together, what are the chances another try would stick this time? Would you be open and willing to the idea?

When you think about how much we grow and change over the time (hopefully for the better?), is it possible to actually reconnect with someone from your past and make it work?

Do you have …

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Do men notice all the glam?

If men ever got a glimpse of our pre-date rituals, they would see all the work that some women put into looking good. It’s shower, shave, hair, outfit preparation…listen, you best believe we are ready to impress!

The irony is that when the men actually see us for the first time, we aren’t all super fabulous! I always joke that society tells us that single chicks don’t get days off. We don’t get to leave the house in sweats and a ponytail because that would mean we’ve given up on finding love! Or something, equally annoying reason women can’t be dressed down. That is when some women get the most attention, though! Explain that?

I don’t know if men notice all the extra trimmings women add on to enhance their beauty. I am not even sure women are only doing it for male attention, either.

If a guy spots someone attractive and she is dressed down, no makeup, looking au naturel, is he disappointed to see all the make up and the glam on date night?

Ladies, are you approached …

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Temptation: Avoid or resist?

If you have a serious problem staying faithful to your significant other, how do you handle all the temptation that comes your way? I ask because my friend has a history of infidelity from his last marriage. He is just starting a new relationship and claims to have learned a lot from his divorce. Unfortunately, I see many of the same behaviors that led to his cheating in the past.

When it comes to temptation, is it better to avoid it all costs or find ways to resist it? I believe that a lot of people think they can handle flirting, number exchanges, or inappropriate conversations. The reality is, they don’t and it won’t be long before you are tempted…again.

If you are in a relationship, are you ever tempted to explore “extracurricular activities” with someone else? Have you ever been the person who tempted someone? What did/do you get out of it?

How do you handle temptation?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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