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In love and don’t know it?

Do you think it is possible to be in love, or in the process of falling hard for someone, but you know really know it yet? I ask because someone once told me that he didn’t recognize the signs when he first fell for his wife. Looking back, he sees that his behavior was changing. He was changing (for the better!) and it was a gradual, subtle change.

If we start feeling things for someone we are dating (uh, not those things), like really strong feelings, do we recognize it right away? I think some people freak out when they notice it and others just ignore the scary feeling.

Do you think it is better to fall blindly in love? Would that mean we won’t get the chance to mess things up?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: Dealing with rejection?

Did you hear the one about guy that approached a girl, then urinated on her when she brushed him off? If only this was just a bad joke! This. Really. Happened. In real life. Granted, the guy was drunk, but that is no excuse for his behavior.

Single people have to deal with rejection. It’s just a fact of dating life that you can’t get away from. How you handle the rejection shows your character and perhaps your sanity (or lack thereof). The really tough part of rejection is that our egos are bruised. We like to think that we can get who we want, when we want them. That is not reality, though.

I have had run-ins with dudes who did not handle my polite way of turning them down. It’s never a pretty scene but I try to remember that people tend to act out when they are rejected. It’s not personal.

Do you think you handle rejection well when it comes to dating? Why can’t it be a simple shoulder shrug, and then on to the next?

Why do people take rejection in dating so hard? …

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Do we need sexual labels?

Apparently, some young hip hop artist related to Billy Ocean (I think?), decided to reveal to the world his past relationship with another man. Mind you, he had an upcoming album that was about to be released, so who knows if this was a brilliant PR move or not.

At any rate, this caused all sorts of buzz and talk about homophobia in hip hop. I also watched people talk about what it means to be straight, gay, bi-sexual or any other sexual labels people have.

I started to wonder why it is important to have these “sexual identities” and does it really matter in the end? Are we attracted to people or to gender?

The same week that Frank Ocean talked about his relationship with another man, Anderson Cooper decided it was time to publicly acknowledge that he was homosexual. I don’t know if it was a shock to many and I even wonder why he felt compelled to talk about it at all. Does it change his image in the public eye as a journalist/talk-show host?

Why do you believe we need …

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