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Ex-files: Are all your exes insane?

I will never forget returning from a night out with a new guy, only to find my ex waiting in my driveway. Psycho cop was not open to the idea of “parting ways” so he actively tried to sabotage any new potential romances.

The young man I was trying to rebound with was patient as any good man could be, but when he asked me, “Are all your exes this insane?”, well I had to own up to my poor choices in men! Is it fair to judge someone by the last person they dated?

What do you do when your ex is not ready to move on but you are already gone? Do you let the new person know that the ex is lingering around, much to your chagrin?

P.S. Did you hear the one about two guys walk into a club and start taunting one another about their shared ex? No punchline. It happened. What would you do if you found out your exes were fighting about you?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Single life: The art of juggling dates

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Men love romance!

You don’t have to buy a Lamborghini for your man to show him romance. No disrespect to that Kardashian lady because buying a car for a man is quite a romantic surprise. Men dig (good!) surprises, though and women can take a cue from Kim K about showing a man he should be pampered too.

Quiet as its kept, a lot of women forget that they need to put in some work in the romance department. There are even women who are kind of clueless about wooing a man. Not the same as seducing – mind you.

When it comes to romance and pampering, what do men like?
Guys, what was the most romantic thing a woman has done for you?

What kind of romantic things do you like to do for your men, ladies?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: Do men enjoy humor?

Ask any woman what traits she would like in a man, and I can imagine a sense of humor is mentioned a lot. Women love to laugh, so the man who knows how to bring joy and laughter to a woman is a virtual chick whisperer!

Do men feel the same way we do about the importance of humor in a mate? Some would argue that they do not. In fact, many have said that wit and humor can actually count against a woman to some men.

What is it about funny women that is so off putting, though? I seriously thought that a happy, fun, jovial woman would be appealing to a man who loves to laugh.

Are funny women sexy? One of my twitter friends asked, “Do men like women with a sense of humor?” and further, is there such a thing as too much humor?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: Ready for the road test?

A reader sent me an article, Make or break? Travel tests your relationship and I immediately thought of the nightmarish trip that torpedoed a romance for me. Well, maybe not so much the road trip but the crazy trip personality my beau displayed did us in.

In hindsight, I am happy we traveled together when we did. Although we had only been seeing one another for a few months, the trip was eye opening, to say the least! Mr. Laid Back and mellow had another side to him. He pretty much behaved like a tyrant and I was starting to think he had an evil twin that showed up instead!

I agree with the author of the article, travel can be tricky when you are a new new couple. Unless you are feeling pretty confident with how things are going, putting your new relationship on the road could make or break the budding romance. Tread lightly!

When do you think it is appropriate to take a trip with someone you are dating? Is this more of a relationship thing or could it be a great …

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Single life: Summer is flirting season!

It is officially flirting season! I don’t know if it is due to the relief from the insane pollen count, the temperatures creeping up, or the fact that we are wearing less clothes. Summer time is the right time to get your flirt on.

I get approached more during the summer months, even when I am not even thinking about men! Guys see a little more skin and it’s like they are more compelled to make their moves. It doesn’t have to be at a bar or even at a social gathering.

According to the dating experts (umm not me, obviously) this is the best time of year to relax, paint on smile, and make yourself available for maximum flirting!

So, what are the best places in Atlanta to put your flirting muscles to work? I want location names and addresses, people!

What do you do if you have a small window of opportunity to flirt with someone and you want to get in and make a great first impression? Do you start with a joke? Ask for help? Do you recruit friends to be your wingman or …

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Creepy friend or girlfriend test?

Hello everyone! You are all becoming the go to crew for dating advice, apparently. I have received a few emails asking for your opinion. So here is a dilemma with which I am happy to say that I have no experience. Weigh in and give your best advice and share your experiences:

One of our readers has been seeing a guy who is pretty close to his boys. They are all like brothers, having grown up on the same block and are basically best friends. One of the friends made a play for her. A real, in your face, no ambiguity at all – kind of play. He sought her out at her gym, struck up a conversation, and basically said some wildly inappropriate things about her body. Then he asked for her phone number.

She thinks that her man has friends that are protective of him and want to test her character. A girlfriend test if you see how she would handle the situation. Obviously she turned him down flat, but she wonders if she should bring it up to her guy.

If it turns out that …

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Issues getting naked?

One of our readers wrote me asking how she should handle a dating dilemma. She has been dating a man who is a little “husky” and is extremely shy about his body. He was in a car accident last year, so his activity level has dropped dramatically, and he is not at all comfortable at this size.

While he is actively working on getting back in shape, he does not want her to see him without clothes. A lot of people have body issues that can impede intimacy with their partners. When you have this kind of hang up, it helps to be with someone who understands and is supportive.

How do you really show support to someone who isn’t comfortable with their own body?

If you are someone who has this image issue, do you talk about it openly? Would you want your partner to bring it up?

What happens to your dating relationships when you have an issue with your appearance?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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What counts more: Actions or words?

There are some single people that have perfected the art of lip service. I am sure you have met this type! They make lofty promises, lead people on, and generally talk a good game. If you ever discover that you are dating this type, beware. They may talk a big game but they have little to no action to back it up.

Dating does not have to be such a game of cat and mouse. Saying what you mean, meaning what you say, and being consistent goes a very, very long way. Men enjoy seeing a woman who is true to her word. Women love it when a guy is willing and able to prove he is who he says he is.

Of course it is great to hear beautiful words, but do they matter more when they are not reinforced with actions?

If a guy is telling a woman she is his girlfriend but when she isn’t around he behaves like a totally free, unattached guy – does it matter? What is really interesting is that a lot of people get away with a lot of bad dating behavior because they can always talk their way …

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Dating: Manners matter

Atlanta is considered the south. Us “traditional” southerners were mostly raised to behave properly so that people knew you were civilized and socially graceful.

Regardless of where you were born, raised, or learned how to act in a social setting, when you show a serious lack of manners, your dating life can be challenging – as it should.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beautiful woman or a really hot guy, anyone who is rude to a waiter or extremely nasty to someone , it says a lot about their character. A lack of manners could be a symptom of a deeper flaw that would not work well in a dating situation or dating relationship.

Imagine how thoughtless they could possibly be when they have proven how inconsiderate and rude they are to strangers? I think a lot of bad dating behavior stems from a lack of manners. It gets excused and overlooked but if things bug you when you first meet someone, it only worsens when you become involved. This is especially true if you don’t …

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