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Dating: Summer in the city

It may feel like Phoenix outside, but this is Atlanta – a place that offers many options in date destinations. We talked earlier this week about having solid date plans for date night and we are fortunate to take advantage of all Atlanta has to offer! We have activities and locations that are ideal for night dates, daytime dates, lazy dates, adventurous dates…you get the idea.

Our good friends at revealed that Atlanta daters have particular locations that we like to frequent on dates:

Top 10 Summer Date Spots:

1. Piedmont Park
2. High Museum of Art
3. The Tabernacle
4. Museum of Design Atlanta
5. Turner Field
6. Atlantic Station
7. SweetWater Brewing Company
8. Georgia Aquarium
9. Atlanta Symphony Hall
10. Fontaine’s Oyster House

I have only been to 1,2, 3 and 4 on a date. All really fun and memorable outings, and I plan to get to the remaining soon! The destinations helped, but I suspect that I was deeply …

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Dating: Faking it?

One of the many challenges of a new relationship is figuring out the other person’s quirks. You can only put your best foot forward so long before you have to let it all hang out. This can be a great thing, though! Well, until you start to wonder what was real and what was fake.

You know I always say that you meet the person’s “dating representative” in the first couple of weeks of dating them. The dating rep is supposed to reel you in, but what happens when the rep leaves?

A friend of mine is trying to determine how much was real and how much is fake in his new woman. Specifically, he is wondering if she was faking the Big O – early in the relationship, or is she faking it now. Apparently, there are stark differences and he doesn’t know what to make of it.

Would you want to know if someone was faking it in bed? Do you think you would come out and ask if they were?

When it comes to sex and dating, where does the real vs. fake come into play before you know the real …

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Date night: Solid plans required

There are few things more annoying than showing up to a date with absolutely no plans. Being spontaneous is fun, but you don’t want to spent a lot of date time “figuring out” what to do, where to go, how it will all go down.

So what is the best way to make solid plans so that you aren’t stuck doing something you both want to do? Research! It’s one of those cases where a little goes a long way. Asking important questions about what your date is into, finding out what events are happening in the city, can make things a bit easier.

I know the spontaneous ones like to “see how things unfold” and all the fun that comes with it. There are some perks to that, but there will come a time when spontaneous starts to resemble unorganized.

Do you plan out date nights in advance? Is it a good idea for women to let men know what activities they want to do? Would it be a turn off if a woman gave a list of things she likes to do for a date?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating …

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Best breakup advice?

I was getting my car checked for emissions the other day, and the technician randomly asked me for dating advice. He wanted to know what the best way to get over your ex.

Now I was surprised by a couple of things: How did emissions technician know I was a dating blogger? Men actually worry about this kind of thing too?

I have gone through a couple of break ups, so thankfully I have come a bit more resilient. I didn’t have many tips to offer the brokenhearted emissions guy. Time makes it a lot easier. Distractions are good. What is a good amount of time to get over a relationship that lasted years?

Some people think that men get over break ups faster, but I think they are just better at hiding their pain. What kind of things do you do when a relationship ends?

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Dating: Is it lust or love?

One of the reasons I am so irrationally cautious at times with dating is the fear of confusing lust with love. You meet someone so great, you just want to rip their clothes off every time you see them? That’s lust. Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely NOT love.

A lot of women make the mistake of confusing the two, and I suspect men do too. We are human, so it can be hard to determine when it is real or when it’s love. What do you think is the difference between lust and love?

When do you think you can know with certainty that it is more than lust?

Have you ever confused lust with love? What did you learn, in hindsight, and did it help you for the next time?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Sex on a first date?

If guys only knew how much women go back and forth in their head about whether or not to seal the deal on the first date. There is always worry about sending the wrong message or killing chances of anything serious from happening later on. There is no easy answer and a lot of times, we just want to not regret it afterwards!

One of our readers wants to know what she should do after hooking up on the first date. She does not regret it, but she does feel that the guy looks at her differently. Should she bring it up and let him know that she doesn’t want it to change things?

What do you do when you are in a new romance and things get physical? Should it change the dynamics of the relationship? Will your expectations change?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating dilemma: Is their/your job too sexy?

I was bypassing the TV One network and spotted a show called Love Addiction. This particular episode featured Dr. Tartt, who has guest blogged on our MIA blog before, talking to a couple in distress. I am not sure where the addiction came in, but the woman was dating a guy who is paid to rub on dangerously naked women all day.

I started to wonder which jobs, careers brought a slew of potential dangers if you were in a relationship. Obviously a massage therapist has to look at women all day as they moan in pleasure (if he’s doing it right!), is pretty close to most sexiest jobs. What about an OB/GYN? Or a bartender?

Do you think that certain jobs or careers would require a super secure, totally understanding partner, for things to work?

I can not imagine having to constantly explain about “clients” to a significant other. Then again, what is it really like having to deal with your mate, basically flirting and turning on charm for a living?

What do you think? Would it …

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Are prenups making us pro-marriage?

I have heard from many male friends that the idea of marriage could be more appealing to them if the risks were minimized. Apparently, things such as child support, alimony, and asset protection are valid concerns men have about picking the wrong mate.

It seems that prenuptial agreements are more commonplace than ever. Not only the wealthy utilize prenups, anyone who wants to protect their worth and their future earning potential can take steps to do so.

All this makes me wonder if more ways to “reduce the risks” involved with marrying, shouldn’t we more open to jumping the broom?

Do you think that prenups are helping us to become more pro marriage?

Is it a worthwhile effort to reduce risks associated with marrying the wrong person?

Why do you think so many people take that leap of faith and decide to ignore the divorce rates, infidelity statistics, etc.?

Would you sign a prenuptial agreement?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog.

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Relationships: Almost doesn’t count?

Single people catch a lot of flack about being too picky, having loads of items on their dating checklists, and being a little unreasonable about who would be a good match for us. Is it really mandatory to have all that in one person to make us happy with who we pick?

Often, I am inclined to agree that we focus too much on perfect matching, and less on authentic compatibility. How close do we need to be to get the most important things we want in a mate?

If we think we want a certain type of person, does it count if you meet someone with 80% of what you think is ideal?

If you rank the top traits of an ideal mate, what do you do when you meet someone with most, but not all of those traits? Do you hold out for the 100 %? Is it foolish to believe that the person actually exists?

When it comes to being with the someone you can build and share a life with, what is the one thing you believe could seal the deal for you? Is the one thing something you would keep waiting for if …

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Would you marry after 2 weeks?

I really was not going to get into the new HBO, show Girls. I am soo far from being a young girl (birthday is in 10 days!) and I don’t live in New York (not yet, that is.). Yet here I am, thinking about last night’s season finale.

One of the characters decides to up and marry a guy she met a whopping 14 days earlier. Now, I am all for spontaneity and living in the moment, but how does a two week relationship evolve into a marriage? Well, it’s fictional and on HBO, which isn’t just TV, so whatever.

The reality is though, there are people who believe in love at first sight. Some fall so hard and so fast, that they commit to a life together right away. Does that mean their love isn’t real, though?

I really want to know the marriage statistics on people who met and married in a short amount of time, compared to those that didn’t. What do you think those numbers would be?

Would you marry someone after two weeks of knowing them? Do you think love at first sight is …

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