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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Does your date party too much?

If you meet someone at a bar or a club, is it really fair to judge them for going out too much? I mean, it stands to reason, if they were not outgoing, you never would have met them in the first place, right?

It is interesting how the things we find appeasing and attractive in the beginning of a relationship can be the very same things that wrecks a romance. You love their sense of humor and quirky behavior until you don’t anymore. Great sense of humor becomes “never taking things seriously” and quirky behavior starts to look a lot like a weird freak with strange habits. Ahh, you have to love how familiarity breeds contempt, no?

But I digress. If someone goes out too much, is that a turn off? Do you prefer the type that sticks close to home and is low-key?

I once had a guy I was seeing complain that I was on the go way too much. He much preferred that I go home more and demonstrate my domestic duties for an imaginary family that I don’t have yet. Yes, this was an actual …

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How do you handle skeletons?

We all have done things we are not proud all. The romantic crimes we committed, those bad decisions, or the shady behavior can sometimes come back to haunt us later. Do you think it is better to cop to it and let the truth about your past come out?

When you are dating someone new, do you usually share the good and not so good – in order to give a true, honest assessment of your character?

Do you want to know as much as possible- skeletons included- or do you prefer to operate on a need to know basis?

Has someone shared their past with you and it led to a break up?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures In Atlanta Dating Blog

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