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Relationships: Snooping necessary?

You know that saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, right? It’s pretty much the mantra snoopers use to go digging up dirt on their partners. It’s a clear sign that trust has left the relationship, but some people actually think that snooping is necessary.

If you sense something is amiss in your relationship, is it necessary to go checking phones, emails, or text message logs? How do you know that you won’t get the truth if you just ask?

Have you ever had someone snoop around on you because they suspected something you were doing wrong?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Sex versus friendship

If you had to make a choice between a relationship with great sex or great friendship, which would you pick? Of course, in a perfect world, we would want both, right?

When you consider the idea of a relationship with someone who is also your best friend, does it seem possible to have the same connection and chemistry in the bedroom?

Have you ever had a relationship that went from friends to lovers? Does the dynamic change when the relationship begins?

Is it possible to have the friendship and the sex without one or the other suffering in a relationship?

P.S. For the sake of discussion, let’s presume that the sex is really good sex. Just sayin’

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Lucky in love?

There are some people who seem to have it so easy in their love lives. They always seem to have a date and they are pretty resilient to dating disappointments. So are some people lucky in love while others are unlucky?

Why do you think some individuals have better results at dating? Listen, I am the first to admit that dating can often be weird, awkward, and frustrating. It’s not that way for everyone, though!

Is there such a thing as lucky or unlucky in love?

Do you believe that you have been lucky? Have you managed to avoid major injury on the dating scene?

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How do you handle temptation?

When you are in a relationship and you happen to hit a rough patch, it suddenly becomes easier to get distracted by other people. That harmless flirting starts to become a little more than flirting. The next thing you know, you are being tempted to get attention from someone other than you significant other.

It’s natural and normal to be attracted to other people when you are unavailable. It is how you handle it that makes or breaks a relationship. Some people use it as an excuse to get more attention they are missing. I think a lot of people are not prepared to deal with temptation because they didn’t expect to be tempted.

What do you do when you are involved with someone but you find yourself attracted to someone else? Does it mean you should break up and explore things with the new object of your desire?

When you are in a dating relationship, is it tough to stay focused on one person and build a relationship when you are tempted by other options?

P.S. Happy Mother’s …

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Is their fantasy your nightmare?

When you are in a committed relationship, making your partner happy should be important to you. Most people want to please their mate and make sure their needs are being met. What happens when what they want freaks you out? Or is beyond your personal boundaries?

How do you make someone’s fantasy come true if what they really want is your own version of hell?

When you are in a relationship, how much are you willing to compromise?

Do you think a good partner should push you beyond your limits and encourage you to explore new things?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Single life: Was that a date?

I have a friend who can be completely oblivious to when someone is flirting with her. She is a beautiful girl with a really big heart, but sometimes a guy has to go to great lengths before she actually notices. Men lose interest with her because she is slow connecting the dots of their efforts.

I don’t know the root cause of her dating blind spot, but I can’t count the times I’ve heard her say, “Wait, was that a date? Or my personal favorite “I think he is just being nice to me”.

Of course men can be kind without an ulterior motive, but most single people have some kind of agenda on the dating scene. Which brings me to the part of dating I do not enjoy: figuring out what the dating agenda is when there are so many signals. I try not to give up out of sheer frustration or laziness but who has time to figure out motives?

If you are unsure about whether or not you are on a romantic date, or if you are unclear about someone’s intentions, what do you do? I tend to be …

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Dating in Atlanta: Is it too competitive?

The dating scene in Atlanta has its pros and cons. There are a lot of sexy people in the city, plenty to do, and many places to be seen. The drawback? There are a LOT of sexy people, A LOT to do, and TOO many places to be seen.

In other words, it gets rather competitive at times. Women become ruthless and pull out all the stops to get the attention of men they deem most valuable. Men go through great lengths to project an image of wealth, upward mobility, and begin to compete with each other to land the “hottest chick” they can find.

With all this competition going on, it’s hard to tell if anyone actually wants to date or just enjoy the hunt and sport of dating in this city. Am I being too critical? Do you believe dating in Atlanta is competitive? Is it a problem or a great thing?

Happy Tuesday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: Projecting the right image?

We can never truly be sure of what people see when they look at us. Single people often make all sorts of assumptions about each other based on appearance and the image people project. What kind of image are you projecting, though?

Interesting enough, I think a lot of times, people are projecting the wrong image and end up attracting the wrong types. If you were to see yourself, would you approach you? Do you appear welcoming and approachable?

Have you ever wondered how other people see you? Do you think the image you are projecting is getting you the results you really want?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Dating: Should you switch your style?

Everyone likes the idea of meeting someone great, liking them, and them liking you back. The thought of having to make compromises, concessions, or God forbid actual changes does not bode well for single people.

We all believe we are wonderful creatures and anyone who dates us should accept us as we are! Why would you change to please someone else, right?

Realistically speaking, how many people in a long lasting relationship can actually say they made it work by staying the exact same person? A friend of mine has a woman who is trying to give him a makeover. Simple stuff, really, nothing particular major. Personally, I think she has made his image a lot more polished. I noticed the changes almost immediately and I remarked how nice his new look was.

His boys are giving him a hard time, however, for switching up his style to appease his woman. Although, he tells them that he really likes her “suggestions”, they still believe that she just took the first step toward …

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Dating: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Today’s post is courtesy of a fellow dating blogger, Brittany Manson who writes Alone in Atlanta column:

Guys work hard for everything they feel is worth having: the best car, the best job, the nicest house, the cleanest image, etc. However there’s one aspect that it appears they’re not working as hard for anymore: The right woman.

Sure, they feel one (and in some guy’s cases more than one) is worth having, but how much effort is put in on the job of finding a good woman?

Phone calls turn into text messages, date nights out turn into late nights in…To the unsuspecting eye, it seems that guys are getting lazy when it comes to working for women. But are guys getting lazier or are we as women getting easier and so much work isn’t required for us anymore?

It’s no secret that the ratios aren’t necessarily in our favor. Meaning available guys are scarce. So to make our chances better, we make the job easier: we don’t stress “dating” as much, we continue to text even though we prefer …

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