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Archive for April, 2012

What makes them attractive?

Women can never predict who will be attracted to them. Sometimes I am so confused when a guy asks me out because I wonder how he decided I was his type?

Aside from looks, what makes a woman attractive to men? I think a lot of women believe that good looks are enough to keep a man interested. Obviously it keeps them interested for a period of time, but something else keeps them around.

What is it about women that makes women irresistible?

Ladies, what is it about men that you find irresistible besides looks?

What keeps you interested and willing to open up yourself to another person?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Do you argue too much?

I have a friend who tells me that he has noticed a disturbing trend in the last few months. A lot of the women he has met turn out to be rather argumentative. He is not opposed to debate and spirited conversations, but he flat out refuses to engage in an argument about politics, religion, etc.

I am somewhat surprised that he has managed to attract or be attracted to someone who is argumentative. He is laid back, extremely mellow, and is not one to be excitable. Is this a case of opposites attract?

Do you think that there is a difference between debating and arguing?

Have you ever dated the type of person who seems to enjoy fighting, or arguing? Has anyone ever told you that you argue way too much?

I have to ask, I’m sorry: Are you a lover of a fighter?!

Happy Friday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Is passion overrated?

Passion. Chemistry. Intense desire. Are these things that could actually be overrated? If you aren’t with someone and feel all these things, does it mean you two aren’t supposed to be together?

If everyone is waiting around for the person that they feel strong passion for, does that mean we are all naive and don’t know what real, true, long-lasting love is about?

When you consider the things that makes most couples last beyond six months, how important do you think passion and chemistry are?

I was watching New Girl and Zoe Daschanel’s character wants to end things with a man because he did not seem to have the same “passion” he felt for his ex-wife….a woman he “hates.” He tells New Girl, “Passion is overrated” and that kind of intensity burns out fast and is not enough to sustain a healthy relationship.

TV fiction aside, I had to think about which one I would pick if I had to pick one: passion-filled affair or long-lasting aka lukewarm, attraction. If you had to pick one, …

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Why are titles important?

If you have been seeing someone on a regular basis, met friends and family, do you really need to call it a relationship, with titles? Someone once told me he does not like calling women his girlfriend, lady, etc. This has often lead to a big argument about why titles are important to women.

Apparently women need the title and the action to back it up. It’s not enough to spend all the free time together, if the girlfriend title isn’t floating around after a few months, there will probably be a big discussion about it.

Is it insecurity? Is it about laying claim on someone? Is it important to have the title of a committed relationship or is it the actual commitment that counts?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Will you wait 90 Days?

I decided to see the film Think Like A Man, despite my deep annoyance of the book that it was based on. The film was entertaining and had its funny moments, I also rolled my eyes a bunch of times.

I don’t enjoy game playing and dishonesty in dating and this seems to be commonplace on the dating scene. I found it interesting how people reacted to the 90 day wait for sex advice, though.

What’s the biggest problem men have with waiting 90 days? Is it easier for women to wait?

If you are interested in a serious relationship, would 90 days be a barrier or hurdle? Or a building block to something long term?

Did you see the film this weekend?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Cooling off period or magic gone?

You know my favorite part of dating someone is the fun part of a new relationship when you are treating each other like a new toy. It is basically the honeymoon phase of a dating relationship. Everything they do is amaaazing and soooo impressive. You can’t keep your hands off of them, and can’t get enough of them.

That does not last forever, things eventually cool off and you start to see your mate as they really are – flaws and all. This is a key point in a relationship that can make or break it. Whether you reach the next level of committment can come down to how you handle the cooling off phase.

When things cool off, that doesn’t necessarily mean the magic is gone. It means things level off to a normal, real life relationship. Some people choose to bail out and go seek out the “magic” with someone else and repeat the process all over again!

How do you handle it when things get less exciting and the novelty has worn off? Does maturity play a role?

Have you ever ended …

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Difference between girlfriend and wife?

I was watching a panel of men discuss dating and marriage the other day. One of the men stated that to a lot of men, there is not much difference between a girlfriend and a wife. Obviously, this got my attention because I always believed that men had “limited” loyalty to a girlfriend.

Maybe I am being naive but do some men really think that a girlfriend is equal to a wife? Do you believe that dating boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are comparable to an actual marriage?

What do you think is the difference between a girlfriend and wife or boyfriend or husband?

Happy Friday!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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Engaged: What if you have doubts?

With wedding season in full swing, I have run into a few couples that are soon-to-be husband and wife. One couple I met recently seemed particularly unhappy about their pending nuptials. Perhaps it was the stress of the wedding plans, or the uncertainty of a future together. It seemed as if they were overwhelmed, and possibly having second thoughts.

I can’t imagine what it is like to be engaged and having doubts. It’s probably terrifying and stressful, but what do you do if you are realizing how unsure you are?

If you were engaged and your feelings started to change, how do you think you would manage?

Would the pressure of the financial obligations force you in to proceeding with the marriage that you may not want?

If you are in a dating relationship, how do you face the doubts you have about compatibility and future potential. Do you speak up right away or give it some time?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Blog

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Let’s talk about sex: Boundaries

Should a dating relationship that is casual have the same sexual boundaries as a committed relationship? I ask because there was a debate between a couple of friends who had their unique ideas about boundaries in the bedroom.

If I summarized their beliefs by gender, women thought that casual flings don’t get the full “bag of tricks” as boyfriends or husbands. They certainly don’t entertain the idea of special requests, threesomes, or anything closely resembling extra work.

The men, however, thought that if there was some physical contact, why not make it as good as it can be. Many them argued, “When you relax your boundaries, isn’t it win-win?”

Personally, I am a hopeless romantic, which means I want to actually be in love before I talk about boundaries and explore with someone. What do you think? Are your boundaries in the bedroom driven by the level of commitment you have or don’t have?

Keep the conversation clean and classy!

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta …

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Are women today too aggressive?

I know guys that are generally surprised whenever a woman approaches them. There are men that can appreciate the type of woman who takes the bull by the horn. Then there are others that think a woman loses her femininity when she flips the script.

Women are more apt to approach and even pursue guys these days but are women too aggressive? Alpha men are respected and admired, but women have to show that they can find a balance

When a woman is more aggressive, does it mean she can’t let a man take the lead?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Blog

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