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The ideal marriage?

I am not one to go around quoting divorce statistics and the depressing notion that any marriage will probably be a miserable existence. I consider myself a realist, some marriages are great, some are miserable, and some are a hybrid of both – depending on whatever is going on with the couple.

I have noticed that a lot of single people have a slightly skewed perspective on marriage. People who have been there and gone through a divorce often come away with deeper insight about love and relationships.

One of my guy friends grew up in a home where his parents were in a loving relationship. His ideal marriage is borderline fairy tale. Another friend of mine saw her parents in a rocky marriage, fought all the time, and rampant infidelity. It’s no surprise that she is not optimistic about finding a mate and having a healthy marriage.

How much did your upbringing and background impact your outlook on marriage? Do you think that it’s something that makes a difference in how we …

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Atlanta dating scene too superficial?

Forget the fact that we aren’t considered the best dressed city – today’s question is: Are we too superficial?

Truth be told, many of us can be superficial in dating. Women don’t always want to date men shorter then they are. Men like to have the supermodel, video vixen next to them. Who is to say that either is wrong or right?

Superficial single people is pretty common in Atlanta. It isn’t likely to change, but when does it hinder us too much?

If we were less superficial, do you think it would impact our dating choices at all?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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