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When love comes calling – from another city?

We know Atlanta has the cool dating scene. There are a lot of places to go see and be seen. We have the great looking people and the hottest parties.  What happens when you are ready to get off the dating scene and fall in love? Do you think Atlanta is a city conducive to that happening?

While we rank pretty high on any given best city for singles list, it looks as if the best city for love (you know, grown up, make it work  kind?) is not Atlanta. It’s San Antonio, Texas.  I know! I’m shocked too.  I go there once a year on my trek to do volunteer work in Mexico.  I had no idea I was in the city of matrimony and love. Maybe I should stay in the city a little longer this year!

This list that The Daily Beast compiled pulled the most telling statistics of each city. They looked at which cities had  “a high prevalence of marriage, a low incidence of divorce, a relatively happy population and a wealth of bars and restaurants to meet and woo a significant other”.  Sounds fair right?

Here is how Atlanta scored:

  • Attracting singles: C
  • Social life: C
  • Emotional Health: A
  • Marriage: A
  • Divorce: F

What do you think? Do you think Atlanta is prime location to be in love and happy?

Would you ever consider leaving Atlanta if you met someone great in a different city that is more marriage friendly?

A city of love has the best romantic dining, they named Atlanta’s Wisteria. What are your top romantic places to venture?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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