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Male myths

I consider it part of my blog mission to learn more about men and the psychology of why they do what they do.  I know, good luck with that, right?  This is why I absolutely loved reading Ask Men’s Great Male Survey 2010.  A lot of interesting questions were on the survey.  I was pleased and relieved to see that 67% of men who took the survey still believe  in the institution of marriage and would like to actually marry!

I could tell that a lot of male myths were being addressed by the questions that were posed in the survey.   This made me consider how so many women have stereotypes and myths about men.  It’s not always fair to broadstroke men with one brush, and men shouldn’t lump all women into one category either.

Even when we have our own experiences to draw from, we tend to hold on to myths and carry them around with us as we mingle and mix on the dating scene.  Let’s try to dispel a few male myths today!

Guys do you think there are myths about you that have to …

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Afraid of getting older?

Hello everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I spent my weekend at a family reunion and I had the best time ever! I come from an awesomely amazing family and I was so excited to connect with so many relatives from across the country.

I noticed that my mother’s side of the family is practically ageless. The women are especially gorgeous and they certainly made me think about getting older … graciously.

When you get to be my age *cough*, you start to wonder how far down your stock plummets on the singles market as your looks start to fade. Is it just me who wonders about that from time to time?

I suppose that is one of the many things that appeal to the younger guys. I get an ego boost knowing that men younger than I am still see me as umm, prey? *shudder*. At any rate, do you believe that as our looks fade and we get more “seasoned” we have a less chance of attracting people our own age?

I know many men who want to date younger than my age bracket and that hasn’t …

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